Nowadays, it is nothing special to attend a Fernuni or to take language courses online. Our shopping in the supermarket, everything around shopping, even playing the lottery and much more, is almost everything possible from home and thus also earn the money.

Nikken offers us the opportunity to live and work independently of the location.
This gives us the chance to increase time for what is important to us at the moment.
There are endless situations where you don’t want to miss being at home:
Be it because of the sick child, birthdays, “only” discomfort; to decide for yourself when to get up and sleep, no days of vacation, no overtime.

We work as it comes. For us personally, however, our working day is very structured, because we like it that way. We also work sometimes on weekends when it comes to it and I have time in the afternoon for our children to go on excursions and just to bake a cake. Sometimes we work a lot and sometimes we don’t.

If I feel uncomfortable, there is no need for sick leave. I recover until my body gives me the green light again that it can go on. Even if the children have holidays or simply school-free: we are together, we can do our job and are there when someone needs us.

We have time for shared meals. If the children need to be taken to the hobby, we can decide to look at or be in contact with customers by email or phone. This self-management is very relaxing for us and therefore we can work much more effectively.
Making money from home is a real blessing for us

We don’t spend an unproductive time in an office. If my head is empty or too full, I walk, breathe and experience the world. After that, I can think clearly and go back to where I want to be. We need our laptops and a phone. Nothing more. And we are grateful for that.

Are you more of the type of person who absolutely needs an office to be there and work? Of course, this is also possible. Since you are an independent Nikken consultant, you can also claim your office in the house or outside for tax (as of 2019 – provide information to tax advisors).

Social contacts result from our job on our own. We talk to many interesting people every day. We visit events and also on the (Nikken) trips we meet new people who accompany us for a while on our life path.

Of course, in addition to the “job”, we also have a private life, so that social contacts do not fall by the wayside. Apart from that, I am also the type of person who doesn’t need many people around me during work and I enjoy the peace that I have during my morning.

“Job” I write consciously in “”. For us, our daily activities are so much part of our lives and it brings us a lot of fun to support other people. And that’s why it doesn’t really feel like a classic job for us.

For us, it is not the time spent in certain premises that is decisive, but the result. We have chosen to have a balance between work, family and well-being.

We live the 5 pillars of health. We don’t exchange time for money.

Working from home is a huge luxury for us.
What about you? Do you work to live or do you live to work?

We are also happy to support you in finding your life in balance and walking.


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