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A magnetic field …. NO: Our magnetic field

Our biological processes in the body are controlled by magnetic fields. People, animals and our earth have a magnetic field. Also the cells, molecules and atoms. Almost everything.

So why do we know so little about “our” magnetic field?

Who works with magnetic fields?

In many cultures, magnetic field therapy is widespread and ubiquitous. In India, Japan, China and also in the USA. Many, many case studies and testimonials show that treatment with magnetic fields takes many complaints and is very effective, even without side effects. As a matter of course, magnets are used as an alternative.

In Europe, the method of treatment is becoming more and more widespread, but it is still a rarity and often still a foreign word – after all, one is used to “healthy” or suppress the symptoms only by means of medicationand and to regard it as “healthy”. Magnetic field therapy is one of the alternative medical methods that does not belong to the classical training of a conventional physician.

There are too few meaningful clinical trials for European standards that “definitely” demonstrate a success in treatment.

What are the findings of the consumer in the antibiotic? Yes, the bacteria are killed, and all of them are killed. In the moment wanted and successfully achieved. The many good and the bad are destroyed. But there is no explanation of the doctors, which are the serious consequences, if one dissolves bacterial richness in the intestine and does not replenish with important good bacteria. Antibiotics are often prescribed far too lightly. And there are countless of such medical examples.

Chronic discomfort is on the rise. What solution does conventional medicine offer us? More medicines?

In the field of sport, however, the Image result for kenkotouchuse of magnets is also increasing in the Western world. Athletes cannot and do not want to treat themselves with medication for many reasons, as long as they have a good alternative. Among other things, it is extremely important for an athlete that he and his body regenerate in the shortest possible time, from competitions and injuries, in order to be ready for use again as quickly as possible. Your body should be able to retrieve 100 power again. All this offers him the magnetic field arpaie – side-effect-free.

Athletes know their bodies and immediately feel what is good for them. They are good ambassadors for the power of magnets.

Magnetic treatments for acupuncture, acupressure or massage

Magnets or magnetic patches,are preferably glued to certain acupuncture points, as these have been shown to influence the energy flow in the meridians (conductive or energy pathways) in the body.

In the area of the magnetic fields, ions (small electrically charged particles) are set in motion. As a result, the energy flow which then spreads further through the meridians or other tissue structures. Due to the increased energy flow, energy blockages can be dissolved.

Scientifically tested effects of magnetic field therapy

Magnets increase oxygen in the blood. This is health-promoting and vitalizing. This in turn has an effect on the stimulation of the Circuit. They support our immune system, help the body regenerate and help the cells to regenerate. The magnet has a relaxing effect, this has an effect on digestion, (binding) skin, muscles and sleep as well as a balancing effect on blood pressure.

Magnets or magnetic fields can be helpful in reducing stress. Far more than 60 of all illnesses are due to stress.

Chronic stress is the trigger for inflammation in the body. Therefore, magnetic field therapies can reduce chronic inflammatory processes in the body. Chronic inflammation always has a detrimental effect on the body and is the beginning of many diseases such as autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, ulcers, etc.

Many people have helped magnets,where our classical medicine only had a permanent solution with medicationors or operations were the way out.

Why do magnets have a positive effect on our cells?

Magnetic fields set ions (more) in motion. The movement also has an effect on our electrolytes (substances such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc.) that are in tissues or body fluids. The increased movements stimulate many small chemical processes. Electromagnetic activities take place in and between cells.

Due to the more intensive movement of the ions, the cell membranes become more permeable and important (nutrient) substances can thus be better absorbed by the cells and consumed substances can be transported better. These processes are not only good for our cells, but also have the effect on our entire body and organs!

What are magnets used for today?

  • Blood circulation promotion
  • Pain (e.g. back, head, etc.)
  • Wound healing
  • (Muscle) Relaxation
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Oxygenation
  • shortened healing processes (e.g. after fractures, surgeries)
  • Improving the immune system
  • against high blood pressure
  • Performance
  • Metabolism in cells is improved
  • Detoxification
  • improved nerve function
  • (chronic) Inflammation
  • and much more..

Which products can be supplied energetically?

During the day: insoles, water and depending on the

Office or car: seat pad

Body: Jewellery: sporty or classic

Massage scooter: small variant: magduo, for partner treatment: magcreator, sports massage with different massage levels: kenkotouch

At night: mattress topper, duvet, pillow, sleeping mask


What experience have you had with the use of magnets?

Or do you have any questions?


Write to us. We look forward to supporting you.

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