For more than 40 years, the Japanese wellness company NIKKEN has been researching and developing easy-to-handle, unique, patented products for sleep, water, air, light, nutrition and skin care, combining these solutions in a holistic approach A wellness home.

For a healthy life in balance.

NIKKENs Philosophy

Nikken is based its philosophy of holistic well-being on its “five Pillars of Health”-healthy body, healthy mind, healthy family, healthy finances and healthy society. Nikkens offer of high quality products and services, including business opportunities in Network Marketing, is based on these five pillars and helps to facilitate, supplement and improve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. The life and application of this philosophy has made Nikken one of the largest and most respected wellness organizations in the world, which produces its vision in over 35 countries with thousands of clients and consultants.

Nikken products are characterized by innovations that distinguish them from all other products on the market. They combine traditional knowledge with modern technology and advanced technology. The result is a product line that represents practical and comfortable solutions to the daily challenges of life.

Since its inception, Nikken has developed means to use the energy that is present in our natural environment.

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