Your NIKKEN Specialist Advisors

About Ricarda and Alexander

Alexander and Ricarda have 21 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Local and global advice to customers and Advice and support for people who want to change their careers.

Through intensive cooperation with their partners and in-depth discussions with their customers, Ricarda and Alex gain valuable insights into what future team partners and customers need; Experience the holistic relationship between well-being and work.

Alex and Ricarda believe that we will find fulfillment professionally and privately when we realize that there are several areas that make up a healthy and happy lifestyle. Like the interplay between our health, relationships and our way of thinking.

Today they work as holistic health and wellness coaches.

With their broad knowledge of nutrition, coaching, wellness lifestyle and network marketing, Ricarda and Alexander can help their clients realize their professional and private dreams while helping to balance your 5 pillars of health.

Alex and Ricarda (left) with NIKKEN CEO Kurt Fulle and his wife on a joint trip to Japan.

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