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Alkaline water …

What is alkaline water anyway?

Alkaline or basic is the same.
Basic water is alkaline and therefore not acidic. Whether a water is acidic or alkaline/basic is shown by the pH value. Under 7, acidic water is called. The higher the value, the more basic or alkaline the water. The pH is the measure of hydrogen ions.

What is the difference to tap water?

Normal tap water has a pH of approx. 7-8. It is neutral or very slightly alkaline/basic. Alkaline water is in the range between 8 and 9.5.

Is basic water better than tap water?

By drinking alkaline water, the acid-base balance can be restored. With alkaline water you can counteract acidification.

Why is acidification not good?

If your body is acidified,
you are tired: inner restlessness leads to sleep problems and sleep disturbances
if you are overweight: due to too much acidity in the cuse, this can no longer be broken down: Consequence: storage in your fat cells and this leads above all to an increase in the abdomen, legs, buttocks and face and to cellulite
skin problems occur: as a rule, toxins are broken down through the liver. In the event of acidification, this also happens through the skin. Your natural shield can be attacked and thus provides an excellent breeding ground for pimples and impurities.
Joint pain and infection-prone: the correct ph-value is a prerequisite for an optimal metabolism. If this is disturbed, an excess acid is created, which is reflected in many physical symptoms.
you’re more likely to have high blood pressure
hair loss may occur

Advantages of alkaline water:

– it has a basic pH: a lot of oxygen is released for metabolism
– through the filtering process it is clean: free of medicines, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine
– it is antioxidant: antioxidants can protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals attack our cells and can make them unfit. Antioxidant is like a fountain of youth.
– it has much smaller clusters. This makes it much easier and faster for the body to transport nutrients to the cells.
– it is alive.

Acid is basically a waste product of our metabolism. Our body has a base memory with which it can compensate for the acidification. He is constantly busy balancing so that our body is basic.

The base storage must be filled by our diet. So we should eat a lot more basic components. Unfortunately, in today’s diet, it is often the other way around. We eat too much “acid”: such as ready-made bread, sugar, lots of meat, coffee, alcohol. Things like stress due to pressure to perform, anxiety, anger also lead to acidification.

In addition to lots of fruits and vegetables, we should eat a lot of alkaline water.

How do we get alkaline water?

There are several different options.
One would be that we filter normal tap water with a very good water filterthat keeps the water alive.


Pimp your filtered water with lemons.
Lemons taste sour but are basic!
Pure water with untreated lemons tastes refreshing and helps fill your base stores.

Is it possible to buy basic water?

Yes, you can. In which you filter.


Production of alkaline water

Special devices can do a whole lot and do you incredibly good:
– Their minerals give the water an alkaline pH. This contributes to the balance of acid-base balance.
– Filtering frees the water from a lot of sheep matter etc.
– It is ionized: protection against oxidation
– There are also devices that have additionally installed a magnetic technology. The water molecules do not clump through the magnetic field. As a result, your body more easily removes pollutants and purifies them.
Often these devices come from Japan, among others. There, the effect of alkaline water has long been widespread.

Only when your acid-base balance is in balance can your metabolism function optimally – and that’s clear that this is the basic prerequisite for your health.

Drink alkaline water and your body will breathe and thank you.

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