Barley Grass: Ingestion, Dosage & Use

Green plant power – for more well-being.

Barley grass is an all-round talent.


In Europe, everything around dietary supplements is regulated by law. However, the different EU Member States have different figures in the maximum quantities. Therefore, the maximum quantity information on the packaging may vary depending on which country you are taking the food supplement from.

Therefore, it is not possible to make flat-rate statements about the dosage quantity.

The good thing is that many regulations ensure the safety of food supplements. It goes without saying that dietary supplements must not be harmful to health or unsuitable for consumption.

It should be clearly mentioned here that dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

Dosage of barley grass:

Some companies that offer barley grass (juice) powder recommend taking up to three heaped teaspoons a day.

Everyone knows this: Your body always needs vital substances around the clock. You will find out if you need it 3 times a day or if you have the portion in the morning.

If you weigh the indicated amount, we come, with a slightly heaped teaspoon, about 3-4 grams: According to this, the daily intake would be about 9 to 12 grams.

Those who provide barley grass to their animals or children should always reduce the dose.

It is advisable to offer your body something new with a smaller amount to start to see how you can tolerate it and adjust the body.

Barley grass (juice) powder application:

Barley grass products work best when taken in the morning before breakfast.

Whoever buys barley grass (juice) powder , buys a fixed and finished product. It can be used immediately. A barley grass drink is made in seconds:

You stir the barley grass (juice) powder into a glass of cold or room-warm, still water. Some manufacturers recommend juice instead of water. That’s a matter of taste. The barley grass brings a fresh “green” own taste and in combination with juice, this is naturally distorted. Water is also healthier than juice.

Do not stir in hot or hot water.

There are also countless recipes with barley grass powder. This gives variety in the reception of barley grass. There are no limits from dips to green smoothies. We have many delicious recipes for you here.

We prefer to take barley grass in the morning. It gives us a fresh kick and power for the start of the day. That’s why our Greenzymes must not be missing there. We try to take it 3 times a day. At noon we refresh our batteries again and in the evening it brings the necessary relaxation and rest after the exciting day.

Others, on the other hand, consciously take it after exercise, because of the protein content, so that it can be well utilized in the muscles.

So it is with each different depending on what you intend.

We do not recommend stirring the powder to “stock” in the water. It should be drunk after a short time (approx. 15 minutes). After that, as with any freshly squeezed juice, the degradation of nutrients.

The barley grass (juice) powder should be stored dry and dark so that you can benefit from its ingredients for a long time. Heat and direct sunlight destroy the product.

With a normal intake, barley grass powder is a safe dietary supplement that almost anyone can consume without hesitation.

Caution should always be exercised if you suffer from celiac disease or an allergy. The barley grass from NIKKEN, Greenzymes, is organically grown, certified and gluten-free.

Self-cultivation of barley grass:

If you grow and grow the barley grass yourself, you cut off the grass at an early stage of growth. Use it fresh.

So that the seeds do not start to germinate again, it is good to store them dry (e.g. in a clean, empty jam jar with screw cap).

How long is barley grass durable?

There should always be an MHD on the packaging of the manufacturers. The packaging should also be sealed. Dark and cool storage you have long enjoyed the product.

Fresh, harvested grass does not last long, of course, and should be used quickly. You can also dry it to make it more durable.


Do I notice something when I take barley grass?

This question cannot be answered in general terms. What do you want to do by taking it? Everything we eat triggers something and it also depends on your initial state.

Do you suffer from an irritable bowel, stomach or skin problems, vitamin deficiency, etc. the challenge will not “disappear” from now on. Processes must first be set in motion so that your body can fully exploit the power of barley grass.

The barley grass should be taken regularlyto benefit from the desired changes.

As non-medical professionals, we must not make health statements. So we’re not telling you here that it can be taken for certain things and that many people have positive experiences with it. More on the subject of “Application Areas” can be found here.

Barley grass, the gloriouslifeenergy!

It is full of amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll as well as full of “feel-good hormones” serotonin and tryptophan and even more good is in barley grass. You can find out more about the ingredients here.

Barley grass, our green superfood.


Dr. H.E. Kirschner refers to barley grass as “Sunlight-Energy-Food”.

He is a renowned American naturopath and international expert on natural foods.

Here again it should be mentioned: Barley grass is not a drug but a dietary supplement. We explain the difference between barley grass powder and barley grassjuice powder here.

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