Barley grass juice

What is barley grass? Power food to drink

Barley grass is on everyone’s mouth and yet many do not know what lies behind the healthy food.

We provide clarity and inform you about the green power plant of nature.

Organic barley grass are the young leaves of barley. They are extracted from the barley.
Barley is a sweet grass.

Especially in Asia, barley grass juice has a high value in the daily diet and is appreciated here not least because of the valuable barley grass ingredients.
For the production of barley grass (SAFT) powder, the young grass is harvested before the stems and spikes form.
It only takes about 8-12 days until the barley grass is ready for harvest and is full of energy. The nutrient content is now highest.

Barley needs a lot of sunlight during its growth.
The green color of barley grass is due to chlorophyll. Chlorophyll causes plants to convert sunlight into energy (photosynthesis).

How to make barley grass juice:
Barley grass powder:

For organic barley grass powder, it is gently dried and then ground immediately after harvest, and thus has all plant components, including the easily digestible fiber cellulose, which promotes digestion.

Barley grass SAFT powder:

For barley grass juice powder, on the other hand, the barley grass is freed from the fiber in an elaborate but gentle process, then dried and ground, leaving the ingredients of the grass in concentrated form. As a result, the same amount of barley grassjuicepowder provides more health-promoting barley grass ingredients than just barley grass powder. NIKKENs Greenzymesis a barley grass juice powder.
The juice is processed in the process, because it is not only more digestible for the body, but also the majority of the nutrients are in it.
The result is a nutritious product with a pure, fresh taste that can be used by the whole family at any time and a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Organic barley grass juice:

The barley grass juice is obtained by direct pressing from the freshly harvested barley grass stalks. It is not as long-lasting as barley grass powder or barley grass SAFT powder.
In all processing processes, the barley grass is harvested “young” when the nutrient content is highest.

Some juice shops offer freshly squeezed barley grass juice.

The positive effect: It’s a“hello-wake” booster.

What vitamins and minerals does barley grass juice contain?

It contains a lot of valuable ingredients. Among other things,

– Vitamin A,

– high content of vitamin C,

– Vitamin D2

– Vitamin E

– Vitamin K

– various B vitamins (vitamin B12)

– Folic acid

– Zinc

– Sodium

– Iron

– Phosphorus

– Magnesium

– high amounts of calcium

– Potassium

– Copper

– Selenia

– Manganese

Since barley grass juice has a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, it is also considered a superfood.
This unusually high nutrient density hardly reaches any other food.

What other ingredients does the organic grass contain?

it is rich in:

  • Bitter substances
  • Chlorophyll
  • Enzymes
  • essential amino acids
  • vegetable proteins
  • in addition, it is rich in fiber

Plus point: the barley grass powder is also rich in antioxidants

Even the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Vikings are said to have used the green superfood because of its health-promoting effect. The benefits of barley grass powder have long been known to science.

For more than 40 years, Japanese scientist Dr. Hagiwara made it his life’s mission to find a natural substance that benefits the body’s nutritional needs and promotes health. Numerous scientific studies eventually led him to discover the positive effect of barley grass juice on the human body.

  • Barley grass powder is versatile and highly nutritious.
  • It nourishes your body with natural, pure and high bioavailable ingredients.
  • Barley grass powder can be used for many things in your everyday life and can help them lead a life in balance.

Which barley grass powder is the best?

We have had particularly good experience with Nikken’s organic barley grass juice powder. This organic barley juice consists of 95 barley grass sprouts from organic farming with an outstanding quality. It tastes fresh and natural. It can be dissolved very well and the good quality has convinced us for a long time.

We prefer to stir it in fresh water. It can also be taken in juice. In the morning, right after waking up, we take a green mix. It’s a wonderful start to the day. Even in the evening before bed we like to take it again. The barley grass powder is basic and very beneficial.

If you like variety and want something special:Sprinkle the barley grass powder over your salad or mix a wonderful green smoothie. :-)

We are very satisfied with the barley grass juice powderbecause this one product contains so many important nutrients.

How do I take the good product?

As a guideline, some manufacturers recommend stirring a teaspoon (3 g) or the contents of a bag in 100 to 150 ml of water or juice and drinking immediately. Nikken’s Bio-Jade GreenZymes should not be stirred in hot liquids. If desired and get more powder can be used or you can also consume it several times a day.

It is a food for the whole family.

Is Bio-Jade GreenZymes® suitable for children?

The manufacturer says yes – organic jade GreenZymes® is a food. However, parents can decide for themselves whether they want this type of diet for their children.

What is the price?

Depending on the quality and quantity of the organic product, the price also varies.

The organic barley grass juice powder we use costs us € 26.10 netper month. This is sufficient for approx. 50 portions ( 150gr) at a daily dosage of 1 tsp.

The organic barley grass is packaged at the peak of freshness and varies slightly in colour, taste, consistency or solubility, due to the different chlorophyll content between the different harvests. This reflects the authenticity of ingredients that are cold-pressed to maintain natural enzyme activity.


  • Kosher and vegan certified formula
  • USDA Organic, certified by QAI
  • Gluten-free
  • Natural pH regulation
  • Fresh, clean taste


Different factors determine the price:

  • Is it an organic product?
  • Does it come from an organic cultivation?
  • How pure is the organic quality?
  • Is it a barley grass powder or barley grass?
  • How is it harvested and how is the juicing process or is it obtained by spray drying?
  • Is the product available in a subscription at a lower price and with a regular delivery?
  • Does barley grass juice have a high bioavailability?

So there are so many things you can consider in terms of quality and price.


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