Barley grass juice

What is barley grass? Power food to drink

Barley grass is on everyone’s mouth and yet many do not know what lies behind the healthy food.

We provide clarity and inform you about the green power plant of nature.

Barley grass is the young leaves of barley. They are extracted from the barley.Barley grass juice
Barley is a sweet grass.

Especially in Asia, barley grass has a high value in the daily diet and is appreciated here not least because of the valuable barley grass ingredients.
For the production of barley grass (SAFT) powder, the barley grass is harvested before the stems and ears of corn form.
It only takes about 8-12 days until the barley grass is ready for harvest and is full of energy. The nutrient content is now highest.

Barley needs a lot of sunlight during its growth.
The green color of barley grass is due to chlorophyll. Chlorophyll causes plants to convert sunlight into energy (photosynthesis).

There are different types of production:
Barley grass powder:

For barley grass powder, the barley grass is gently dried immediately after harvesting and then ground and thus has all plant components including the easily digestible fiber cellulose, which promotes digestion.

Barley grass SAFT powder:

For barley grass, on the other hand, the barley grass Barley grass juiceis freed from the fibres in an elaborate but gentle process, then dried and ground, leaving the barley grass ingredients in concentrated form. As a result, the same amount of barley grass juice powder provides more health-promoting barley grass ingredients than barley grass powder. NIKKENs Greenzymesis a barley grass SAFT powder.
Only the juice is processed, because it is not only more digestible for the body, but also the majority of the nutrients are in it.
The result is a nutritious product with a pure, fresh taste that can be used by the whole family at any time.

Barley grass juiceBarley grass juice:

The barley grass juice is obtained by direct pressing from the freshly harvested barley grass stalks. It is not as long-lasting as barley grass powder or barley grass SAFT powder.
In all processing processes, the barley grass is harvested “young” when the nutrient content is highest.


Since the barley grass has a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, it is also considered a superfood.
This unusually high nutrient density hardly reaches any other food.

Even the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Vikings are said to have used barley grass because of its health-promoting effect. The benefits of barley grass have long been known to science.

For more than 40 years, the Japanese scientist Dr. Hagiwara made it his life’s task to find a natural substance that is good for the nutrient needs of the body and promotes health. Numerous scientific studies have led him to discover the positive effects of barley grass on the human body.

  • Barley grass is versatile and highly nutritious.
  • It nourishes your body with natural, pure and high bioavailable ingredients.
  • Barley grass can be used for many things in your everyday life and can help them live a life in balance.

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