Basic water


One of the most overlooked remedies on our planet is water. In addition to air, water is the most important basis for life.

Acid ph-value of water

Since water plays a crucial role in our well-being, one should pay attention to a good drinking water quality. Many water sources – be it tap water or bottled water from the supermarket – supply water whose pH is in the acidic range. In daily life, it is hard enough to avoid acidic foods and drinks (such as sodas or coffee). Your drinking water should provide the right balance.

Basic balance

A basic balance in the body can be restored by a diet with the right acid/base content and drinking basic water helps to compensate for the loss of minerals. Acidosis, or acidification, can manifest itself in many ways: brittle bones, hormonal problems, osteoporosis, diabetes, energy lessness or inertia are just some of the signs that could indicate a possible imbalance.

This pH imbalance in the body means that the body must “borrow” the necessary minerals from its reserves. These are mainly minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, which are stored in vital organs and bones.

Basic water in the pH range

Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall® is based on a tested principle – it produces basic water in the pH range between 8.5 and 9.5, simultaneously removes a variety of chemicals and contaminants and enriches the water with numerous minerals. All of this is made possible by its natural gravity filtration system, which reheats the water that comes out of the pipe at your home. The operation of the PiMag Waterfall® requires neither a power source nor an expensive water connection, as is required by many water treatment equipment from the trade.

The PiMag Waterfall® has undergone numerous tests during its development by Nikken, which demonstrate the advantages of the device.

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