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Body and mind, which means the connection for our mental health

How can the development of mindfulness promote mental health?

Our mental health is influenced by many factors. We cannot control all aspects of our environment, but the development of mindfulness is a good step towards more happiness and positive awareness and positive well-being.

What is the case for eating healthy, high-frequency foods°?

As N. Tesla said, “If you want to understand the universe, think about the concepts of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

°high-frequency foods are the ones that have natural, living vital substances in them. They give humans vivid energy, light, chlorophyll,enzymes and antioxidants.

We are more than our bodies. From a scientific point of view, we are an energy source held together by an energy field. Energy has vibrations, and the greater the energy, the higher the frequency of these vibrations. High-frequency foods amplify our natural energy vibrations. This helps us to reconcile with ourselves and to shake off negative thoughts. Foods with high vibrational energy include fruits, herbs, vegetables and organic nuts. In contrast, excessive consumption of low-frequency foods such as meat, poultry, sugar and also ‘dead’ foods, as well as highly processed, chemically or genetically modified foods or chemical additives, can cause damage to health.

Why is it important to stay hydrated?

When we dehydrate we feel physically uncomfortable, and our mental health can also be affected quickly. About 75 of the human brain is made up of water. With insufficient fluid supply, the circulation and thus the blood and oxygen supply in the body slow down. Even minor dehydration affects how we feel. A loss of 2.5 means a drop in efficiency and energy by as much as 25. That’s 1/4!

If we can’t think clearly, it’s hard to be really mindful and to experience happiness consciously. So drink clean and lively water regularly.

Why is exercise so essential for mental health?

There is growing evidence that physical activity and exercise could alleviate symptoms associated with a negative state of mind. “Sport makes you happy” you say not without reason. Exercise can contribute to the improvement of self-image, social skills and cognitive functions as well as to the reduction of anxiety. Go out and take a walk in the fresh air, go swimming or ride a bike. You will quickly find that this makes your attitude more positive by itself.

  • how about going for the beginning every night before dinner or during your lunch break?

Why is sleep so important?

We all know that our brains don’t work 100 properly the day after a night out. Lack of sleep makes us feel mentally exhausted, overly emotional and simply not comfortable in our skin. Try to get eight hours of restful sleep every night. Introduce regular rest periods and go to bed at the same time every evening. Try to get up at the same time every morning (even on weekends!), and don’t look at your phone or other electronic devices before you fall asleep, as they keep your brain awake and prevent you from really relaxing. Sleep as dark as possible.

Why is positive thinking important?

The law of attraction says that we get back what we radiate. If you want to attract joy and happiness, you must make a targeted effort to spread these messages yourself. Focus not on what you don’t want in your life, but on what you want. Set meaningful goals and try to make every day the most wonderful.

  • Affirmations help you get motivating thoughts:
  • Every breath gives me new strength.
  • I am valuable.
  • I draw into my life the people who are good for me.

Why is selflessness beneficial for mental health?

Doing something good for othershelps not only others, but also yourself. When you build a relationship with others and invest your time to help them, a positive mood arises that strengthens your determination and well-being. By working for other people, stress can be reduced and both physical and mental health can be improved. This leads to a sense of balance and lightness and allows you to increase your confidence, happiness and optimism. By helping other people, you end up making your own life happier and more fulfilling.

  • offer your partner a massage
  • Help older people shop
  • support children with patience to learn new things.

The possibilities are endless.


In order to achieve mental and physical well-being, different aspects of our lifestyle should always play together.

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