Acid-forming in the diet

Sugar and white flour products: acetic acid

Cola Drinks: Phosphoric Acid

Meat: Uric acid

Cheese and cured: nitric acid

Pork: Sulphuric acid

Nicotine: nicotinic acid

Aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid

Physical exertion: lactic acid

Wine: Wine and sulphuric acid

Coffee and black tea: tannic and chlorogenic acid

Coal acid water: carbonic acid

Stress, anxiety, worry, anger

and fatigue: hydrochloric acid

Acid-forming in everyday life:

  • Stress
  • too little sleep
  • too little relaxation
  • Overload
  • Overload
  • Worry
  • lack of movement in fresh air

The modern diet:

  • Processed food / ready meals
  • Fruit is harvested before it is naturally matured and is then stored and transported
  • Artificial ingredients that are not suitable for our bodies
  • Genetically modified fruit growing


A holistic approach to nutrition for your life

Good nutrition depends on natural supplements. Provide your body with nutrients that your body is naturally created for.

Take the best that nature has to offer – to promote your well-being.

Full food philosophy offers you, for example, barley grass:

  • full-fledged food, not just a vitamin
  • A natural recipe
  • Helps restore natural balance (e.g. balance in acid/base balance: basic diet)

What is Barley Grass Juice Powder?

  • Whole food, not just a vitamin
  • A unique plant-based food
  • Made from cold pressed young green barley sprouts
  • One of the richest food sources, contains a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants
  • Helps restore natural balance

How is it won?

  • Only young barley grass is harvested, at the time of the highest nutrient density.
  • Vital juice is obtained and the porridge is disposed of.
  • Drying at low temperature (cold processing) to preserve the enzymes.

Barley grass juice

The best “green fast food” in nature

It is our duty

While most fill their cars with toilet paper,
we focus on informing our fellow human beings.

In times of crisis as well as in these times, we have all the more the obligation to tell you what great possibilities the wellness home offers us.
The products and our business.

The current crisis presents us all with major challenges.
Many people are anxious and insecure at the moment. They don’t know what to do:
Health and professional.

In addition to the usual and well-known measures such as hygiene, fresh air and vitamin D, many people are also aware of finally taking responsibility for their own health again.
They want to PREVENT diseases and not treat them.


We want to inspire more people to take care of their immune system and their general life situation, so that we can be strengthened holistically. Not only today, but a lifetime.

What we do when there are challenges:
– First of all, live a healthy lifestyle. We have been doing this for many years. Living in a wellness home is a great advantage.
– Stay calm and destress: Anxiety is a stressor and stress exposes our immune system.
– Stay healthy:
Drink plenty of water, breathe clean air, sleep well and care for our immune system: Pimag water system/ Sportsbottle, Greenzymes (barley grass), lactoferrin and ciaga as well as our Kenkopad (sleeping in the magnetic cocoon) give us the necessary support. Meditations also help to relax.
positive thoughts, dealing with loving people

Nikken offers us great products with state-of-the-art technology that can be easily integrated into any home and everyday life:
We would like to support you and offer our know-how. We are sitting right at the source.

In times like these, we are all the more grateful that we have the opportunity to work from home and be there for our children. Without stress, everything can be easily reconciled.

The economic consequences will be obvious.

In crises like this, the economy suffers greatly and, unfortunately, many jobs are lost. This is an unpleasant truth that we must accept. But even this is not a cause for panic, but an incentive to overcome this crisis so quickly, calmly, effectively and above all TOGETHER.

We want to open the doors to you. A global wellness community is waiting to be discovered by you. With very little investment and an excellent support system, there is a good opportunity to survive these times of change.

It is a time to learn, grow and discover.
Every crisis is an opportunity. An opportunity for something new and for change.

Let us therefore be responsible and relaxed.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.

If you need input on a wide variety of topics, please browse our blog. Here we write about all topics around the 5 pillars of health.

A guide to how to gradually build and maintain their immune system.

A healthy immune system does not require much – but regularity.

Our support tips on how to strengthen and keep your immune system strong:

1: Drink water:

  • drink alkaline water
  • We need a body that is basic.
  • If your body is acidified, it has many, many effects psychologically as well as physically.

Effects if your body is acidified:

  • Insomnia
  • Overweight
  • Skin
  • Joint pain
  • Infection-prone
  • Hypertension
  • Hair loss may occur

alkaline water will flush your acidification out of your stomach and intestines and clean you from the inside.

Drink enough water. It is important that your body is well hydrated. Dehydration starts enormously fast and has a big impact on all parts of the body.

Our liver, for example, consists of 90 water. The liver is, among other things, our detoxifying organ. If our liver is insufficiently hydrated, we cannot detoxify and acidify. When we acidify, it acts like a metabolic brake.

2: Lactoferrin:

Lactoferrin gives us incredible protection inside. Especially your intestine sbenefits and thus your body and mind again, because a healthy intestine also has positive effects on your phsyche.

Lactoferrin can kill bacteria by removing the iron from you. Since bacteria are essential to iron, iron impoverishment has an antibacterial effect. In this way, support can be provided to the body in order to protect itself from infections and inflammation.

3. Greenzymes

Greenzymes is a barley grass powder.

Bio-Jade-GreenZymes offers a combination of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and more. It helps to balance the pH as it is extremely basic and supports and strengthens the immune system

4. Ciaga

Ciaga is Organic superfruit juice concentrate made exclusively from organic fruits.

  • High ORAC values: The ORAC value is a parameter for indicating its antioxidant ability. Antioxidants can render free radicals harmless. Sometimes there can be a chain reaction and a multiplication of free radicals in our body. This process is also known as “oxidative stress”. However, free radicals or oxidative stress in large quantities can significantly restrict the function of our body cells and weaken our immune system. That is why it is important to supply our body with so-called antioxidants.
  • Provides the body with vital nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Highly concentrated fruits with natural anti-inflammatory properties.


With these 3 dietary supplements you are well supplied. So that they can be processed correctly by the body and transported to the place where they belong, it is important that you provide them with a reliable means of transport.

Silent water!

Other factors for a good immune system are besides the dietary supplements:

  • No stress
  • balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Movement
  • fresh air
  • good sleep
  • be in balance.

No stress:

this is easier said than implemented, but stress is the number one trigger when it comes to the development of diseases.

Through stress, we weaken our immune system and a weakened immune system inevitably leads to diseases.

If we have permanent stress, i.e. for months, recurrent diseases – such as increased susceptibility to respiratory infections – become more serious problems.

Those who are stressed need to water and supplements, especially a restful sleep.

Restful sleep is anything but comatose sleep: “somehow get the night around” and in the morning with coffee to some extent so that the day can start.

Restful sleep means it promotes your immune system and thus helps you stay healthy!

You need a sleep,

  • who takes you into the deep sleep phases and lets you linger there,
  • who gives you back the energy you used during the day
  • which makes you rest deeply, for only in deep sleep is learned and experienced processed processed.
  • Nikken offers you these energies. Nikken is aware of the enormous effects of healthy sleep on our health. Sleeping in a magnetic cocoon is an incredible soothing experience that you don’t want to miss when you learn the positive effects it has on you. Night for night.

The better you relax, the better you can provide for your immune system.

In summary, you can do the following for your immune system:

Night:sleep in the magnetic field cocoon

During the day, you’ll be using the water from the Pimag Waterfall at home and in the office, and on the go you’ll drink water from the sports bottle with a water filter – this even filters out microplastics.

In addition, in the morning or during the day and possibly in the evening, you take the dietary supplement: Lactoferrin,Greenzymes and Ciaga to optimally support your diet.

In order to be supplied with the important magnetic energies during the day, we recommend the insoles. The magnetic field is activated with each movement. Only the soles make a noticeable difference.

With these few products you are well supplied and can rebuild and stabilize your immune system step by step.

Your body is worth protecting and Nikken products offer us all the essential energies needed to do so.


If you want to read more about the products related to our immune system:

Lactoferrin/immune system

Why do I need lactofferrin

alkaline water

Sleeping in the magnetic field cocoon

Barley grass juice powder



As a matter of course, we take care that our car is cleaned from the inside and outside. It goes without saying that we should carry out the inspections and change the oil. We are doing all this because we are told that it is important to have a maintenance done. We also have our oil tanks cleaned. Some may say: “Of course we do this. There is no question about that. This is important – so that the heating runs well so that the machine in the car does not break, and so on.”

We would never come up with the idea of refueling the wrong petrol because it hurts the car.

We strain our intestines every day with every bite.
Everything we take to ourselves should be used. Have you ever dealt with yourself and your gut? How long does it take for a piece of meat to be digested (up to 60 hours), what happens when we take medication?
Even in our intestines, deposits settle like in an oil tank and yet an intestinal cleansing does not seem to be taken for granted.

Our body would appreciate it if we would also use this energy for it.
Our body is the real machine that supplies and drives us every day.
Our body would be so grateful for an “annual maintenance”, after all the “supposed pleasure” that we inflict year after year as sugar, (white) flour, medicine, alcohol, meat and additives as well as substitutes, finished products and preservatives.

Intestinal cleansing has long been a taboo subject and should find space in our lives.
To love our health.

The intestine is a huge issue.
It is now known that our gut is our 2nd brain. It is even claimed that the gut has a strong grip on our mental health.
70 of all immune cells are in the small and large intestine; Almost 80 of all defensive reactions take place here. This makes the intestine an enormously important part of our immune system.

In an extreme summary:
– In digestion, vitamins are produced by microbes, toxins are broken down and microbes are an important component of the immune system.
– Influence on your psyche: A disturbed intestinal flora can be related to anxiety, mental upset and depression.
– Intestinal, intestinal bacteria and psyche are therefore closely related.

Actually, you know it too:
Do you know the phrase “that makes me stomach pain” or “my gut feeling tells me…”

Stress hits the stomach or on the digestion. We notice an imbalance in the intestine because we are mentally worse off.
A healthy intestinal flora is therefore also good for our psyche.

It is clear that we should take good care of him.

Possible reasons for intestinal remediation are:
– chronic digestive problems (diarrhea, constipation, flatulence)
– Irritable bowel, irritable stomach
– Antibiotic therapy
– Overpopulation of the intestine with fungi (intestinal fungus Candida albicans)
– Acne, impure skin
– constant fatigue, exhaustion, depressive moods
– constant headache or migraine
– Rheumatism and joint discomfort
– recurrent infections (cold, bronchitis)
– allergies, food intolerances
– Overweight
Intestinal bacteria are influenced by: acidification of the body (nutrition), medications (e.g. antibiotics), vaccinations, excessive psychological and mental stress, alcohol consumption, low sleep, etc.

Gentle intestinal cleansing has nothing to do with enemas or disconduction. A gentle intestinal cleansing can be integrated very well in every everyday life.

What can this “maintenance” look like:
Intestinal cleansing and construction is the magic word.
During this time (about 4-8 weeks) your machine, your body, enjoys vegetables, fruits, legumes, light food and basic water.
Not at all or greatly reduced: sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, white flour.
Avoid: fast food, ready meals, dairy products, sitting for a long time.
Exercise : walking for 20 min every day is enough.
In addition, you need the useful means for internal cleaning.
The aim is to purify the intestine and eliminate old deposits and restore the good intestinal flora with good bacteria.

suitable means for cleaning:

  • Flea seed shells and concrete,
  • Healthy intestinal flora is obtained by healthy nutrition and probiotics, among other things.
  • Superfood: Barley grass (Greenzymes):
    Ingredients such as chlorophyll, carotenes, iron and also its base potential support the supply of vital substances and help with the detoxification and regeneration of the body.
    Greenzymes activates the intestinal flora and the existing toxins in the intestine are reduced.
    Its antioxidants protect against inflammatory processes and additionally help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • You will notice a difference in yourself relatively quickly.
    You feel relieved in the truest sense ;-)
    Cheerfulness, lightness, good skin, weight loss, you are healthier and not so prone to disease.
    Your body’s defenses work again.

You vist Vital :-)

After all the knowledge, the question is basically no longer whether we are complying with our intestines for regular inspection.

The question is: when do you start?

Nutrition in today’s society

A good diet is one of the cornerstones of good health.
We need a variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health.
In our fast-paced times, however, it can often be difficult to eat fully, balanced and versatile. Instead, expediency and the supply of ready meals determine our diet, making it increasingly difficult to pay attention to low sugar, fat and salt content (not to mention the additives) if we don’t freshen our meals ourselves. Prepare. This affects our health, and the weight problems that have almost become the norm in our society are worrying. In addition, the nutrient content in our fresh foods has fallen due to “modern intensive agricultural management”.

Full-fledged support for our diet:

Dietary supplement from NIKKEN as adaptation and support to our modern everyday life

Undoubtedly, the best solution for a healthy diet is to eat three home-cooked full meals, ideally containing at least five or more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables ( raw). In addition to the multitude of their daily obligations, this is difficult for most people. Nikken therefore provides us with an assortment of basic and targeted food SUPPLEMENTS based on concentrated whole foods and providing support for our basic nutrient needs in our hectic everyday life. The word supplement is deliberately chosen, because the products are not used for support for the sole supply.

We offer the following products:

Bio-Jade GreenZymes®
Super Ciaga®
Lactoferrin 2.0®
Kasai® : (men, women, multi-vitamin, omega-3)
– Everyday Weight Management Pack
KVB® Natural Food- Michung
Kenzen™ Cleansedx
Kenzen™ Digestion 4-20

Proper nutrition is crucial for good health, but it is not always possible to eat properly and provide our body with the nutrients it needs. Nikken Kenzen Wellness is based on dietary supplements made from organic fruits, vegetables and extracts to bring your diet closer to nature. Our natural alternatives to chemically produced supplements provide your body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support good health and improved biological functions. It is a whole-body renewal system, as nature intended.

Organic diet means that all ingredients are carefully selected and the organic content is maximized. Nikken’s dietary supplement is based on a whole value philosophy. These solutions on a biological basis bring our daily diet closer to nature and are an essential part of a wellness house.

Here are two of our favorite products that are central to our dietary needs:
Jade GreenZymes – good start in your day.
Kenzen Super Ciaga® – Stress live well. Strengthened by the day.

Feel-good home and good nutrition

Six basic nutrients are required for good health.

These include:


– Carbohydrates are divided into two categories: simple and complex. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the brain. Without carbohydrates, the body could not function properly. Sources are fruit, bread and cereals as well as starchy vegetables.


broken down into amino acids by the digestive system. Protein is the main structural component of cells and is responsible for building and repairing body tissue. Lean protein such as low-fat meat, dairy products, beans or eggs. There are many other plant-based protein sources if you choose to do so.


– The fat in food contains a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fats. Fat is a source of energy that increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E and K, when consumed. Choose healthy options such as omega-3-rich foods such as fish, walnuts and vegetable oils. Omega-3 fatty acids help with development and growth. Limit the intake of saturated fats such as high-fat meat and high-fat milk. Other wise choices include nuts, seeds and avocado.


– both water- and fat-soluble. There may be slight differences in the amounts of specific vitamins for both men and women, but in general, the essential vitamins your body needs are:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
B vitamins
The best way to get these vitamins is to have a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. A multivitamin supplement can also be useful to fill in the gaps if you have a restrictive diet.


– These essential nutrients that your body needs but cannot produce include the inorganic substances contained in food such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride and trace elements.
Water – supposedly our most important nutrient. Water supports the maintenance of homeostasis in the body and transports nutrients to the cells. Water also helps to remove waste products from the body.

If possible, choose fresh organic products. Eat as naturally as possible and try to avoid processed foods.

Effective nutrition strategy

An effective dietary strategy is more than just what we eat. It requires consideration of many self-care processes that can affect our well-being. Good sleep, proper fluid intake with healthy water, reducing the exposure of our body to toxic chemicals and managing stress are all important for improving and maintaining good health.
One of the most important decisions we make every day is what we eat and drink. It is everyone’s choice to eat healthily or not.


What is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein (sugar protein) that is naturally found in milk: lacto = milk, ferrin = iron. It belongs to the family of transferres that transport iron ions, and is a natural component of bodily fluids such as saliva, breast milk and tears.

Lactoferrin binds the iron already present in the body and helps the body to use and absorb it more efficiently. This eliminates the need to absorb additional non-body iron sources so that the body receives the right amount of iron without stomach and intestinal discomfort.

However, this is not the only role lactoferrin plays in the body. Its iron-binding properties give it several downstream functions:

  • A strengthened immune system. Lactoferrin is also indispensable for a stronger defense of your immune system. Lactoferrin deprives the unwanted bacteria in the body of the nutrients they need for further spread and can provide your body with beneficial antioxidants, improve tissue oxygenation and promote white blood cell health.
  • Pure skin. If you have trouble keeping your skin clean and healthy, lactoferrin also helps you reduce acne activity and prevent outbreaks.
  • A healthy gut. Our gut health has to do with the balance between the microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Maintaining gut health and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is crucial for physical and mental health, immune defence and much more. The totality of these bacteria, yeasts and viruses is also referred to as the “intestinal microbiome” or “intestinal flora”. Many microbes are beneficial to human health, some are even indispensable.

For a permanently healthy intestine you need to increase the fiber intake. Good examples of vegetables with high fiber content are artichokes, leeks, onions and garlic. All contain a high proportion of inulin (a prebiotic fiber). Some vegetables, such as leaf lettuce, contain only a few ballast or nutrients. Choose foods and beverages high in polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidantsn that act on microbes like fuel. Examples are nuts, seeds, berries, olive oil, cabbage, coffee and tea – and especially green tea.

You can also eat many fermented foods that contain living microbes. A good choice is unsweetened yoghurt; kefir, a sour milk drink with five times the amount of microbes compared to yoghurt; raw milk cheese; Sauerkraut; Kimchi, a Korean dish of garlic, cabbage and chilli; and soybean-based products such as soy sauce, tempeh and natto.

Also a dietary supplement is helpful. Lactoferrin can help the body absorb what is already present and thus build a bridge.

Often the iron warehouses are filled and the body cannot build the bridge for recovery.

Despite a healthy diet and “proven enough” iron in the blood, there is insufficient supply. Lactoferrin helps her body get iron where it should go.

And the most important thing: This is done in an absolutely stomach-friendly way. Clinical studies have shown that lactoferrin has better bioavailability compared to other iron sources and enables more efficient absorption of iron.

More information about lactoferrin and our immune system can be found here.

Here you read more “Why do I need Lactoferrin?”

Why KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0®?

Lactoferrin is a protein that occurs naturally in milk and also in the human body.

The name lactoferrin is sometimes misleading.

The name lactoferrin comes from milk “Lacto-” plus iron “-ferrin”.

• Lacto-ferrin occurs in many human bodily fluids and not only in milk: it is found in blood, tears, saliva; nasal cavity and other bodily fluids.

• Lactoferrin is lactose-free and in its pure form normally harmless to milk allergy sufferers.

• Lactoferrin binds and transports iron and other minerals.

• Lactoferrin helps to transport zinc and copper to where they are needed in the body.

It is an immune building block and has highly effective antimicrobial properties. Lactoferrin can kill bacteria by removing the iron. Since bacteria are essential to iron, iron impoverishment has an antibacterial effect. In this way, support can be provided to the body in order to protect itself from infections and inflammation.

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® of Nikken helps to meet the iron requirements of the body:

Iron deficiency is noticeable, among other things:

  • Anemia (anaemia),
  • Fatigue
  • poor blood flow as well as
  • numerous other physical ailments.
  • Women and very active people are most often affected by iron deficiency.

However, KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® offers an excellent solution to this problem.

Lactoferrin is a protein. Its main biological function is to bind and transport iron.

Iron is an essential mineral that allows the body to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Even if enough iron is supplied to the body, iron deficiency can still occur if your body cannot absorb and use this iron. You can still eat so much green leafy vegetables and lean red meat – both excellent natural sources of iron – but that doesn’t mean your body can absorb and process that iron.

Often the iron warehouses are filled and the body cannot build the bridge for recovery.

Despite dieting and “proven enough” iron in the blood, you can still feel like this:

  • sloppy and tired
  • Infection-prone
  • Nervous
  • coldmepfindlich
  • Lack of concentration
  • nocturnal restlessness despite fatigue

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® helps overcome this dilemma by supporting the body’s natural transport system, helping your body to better utilise iron and balance iron. Studies have shown that lactoferrin, due to its natural ability to bind iron, has a positive effect on iron uptake, which in turn increases the iron content in the blood.

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® is gentle to the digestive system and therefore supports the digestive tract in all its functions. Instead of inflicting elemental iron on the body – the type of iron contained in almost every commercially available supplement – which has been shown to cause inflammatory diseases of the intestines1,lactoferrin helps the body absorb the iron that is naturally fed to it without affecting the stomach. Clinical research shows that it is more bioavailable and therefore iron absorption is more efficient than with other iron sources.2

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® contains 200 mg of lactoferrin per capsule. It is also lactose, gluten and GMO-free and contains four other organic ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Organic inulin, organic rose root, organic ginger and organic turmeric

Lactoferrin 2.0™ not only helps the body with increased iron absorption, but is also gentle to the digestive system and supports the good bacteria in the digestive tract, which are crucial for overall well-being. Lactoferrin helps the body absorb what is present without straining the stomach.

1. Uchida, T. (2006) Availability of lactoferrin as a natural solubilizer of iron for food products. International Dairy Journal 16. 95-101.

2. (Rezk, Dawood, Abo-Elnasr, Halaby, & Marawan, 2015), (Rezk, Kandil, Dawood, Shaheen, & Allam, 2015), (Nappi, et al., 2009), (Paesano, et al., 2010), (Paesano, et al., 2014)

28 reasons why pure water is the only true drink:

Without water there is no life!

An effective way to provide yourself and his family with pure water is filtration.

Above all pure water, takes over the most diverse, important tasks in the body.

It brings nutrients and oxygen to the individual organs, transports pollutants, builds up cells in the body, regulates body temperature and is significantly involved in the digestive process. These are just a few of the tasks that water takes over in our bodies and that make it our most important food.

When is good water essential for our health:

To function properly, all cells and organs of the body need water.

If the human body does not get enough water, there are very quickly symptoms of deficiency with different symptoms.

Many diseases and slowed, biological processes in our body are due to too little water alone.

Pure water can perform the tasks even more efficiently, as it is completely free of any contamination and can thus dissolve, bind and transport more substances. This is why pure water still works best in our body, promotes and supports the biological processes in our body.


Water is not just a beverage selection, it is our most important nutrient!

28 reasons why pure water is essential for everyone:

Pure water is outstanding for:

  1. our immune system
  2. Increase in Performance and concentration. A reduction in the water content in the body by 2 can lead to a reduction in mental and physical performance by 20.
  3. Binding of toxins
  4. Detoxification
  5. Blood thinning = can thus work against the formation of blood clots and the bonding of platelets.
  6. Risk reduction of a disease such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, allergies and skin diseases.
  7. Prevention of hypertension: Dehydration causes vascular constriction, which increases blood pressure.
  8. Saliva and mucus formation. Saliva helps us digest our food and keeps our mouth, nose and eyes moist.
  9. Oxygen supplier throughout the body. Blood consists of more than 90 water, and blood transports oxygen to different parts of the body.
  10. digestive system. The intestine needs water to function properly. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems and constipation as well as acidification in the stomach. An acidic stomach can increase the risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers. Pure water is the main means of solution and transport for all nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ferments and trace elements.
  11. Getting rid of annoying water retention (edema): Drink plenty of water, because water retention can be a sign of dehydration.
  12. Lose weight – reduce body weight. Pure water allows the body to break down fats more efficiently. In addition, it increases vitality. Eating water before eating can help you not eat too much.
  13. Padding of the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. Dehydration can affect the structure and function of the brain. It is also involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Prolonged dehydration can lead to problems in thinking.
  14. Pure water is a shock absorber, lubricant and protective pad for parts of our body. It dampens the impacts in our intervertebral discs, is the main lubricant in the joint clefts and forms a protective cover around organs and the brain. It has a preventive effect against back pain, intervertebral disc scariness and arthritis.
  15. Constipation of arteries in the brain and heart. This can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  16. Rinsing out body waste. Water is needed when sweating and removing urine and faeces. Too little intake of water can cause constipation.
  17. Premature skin aging. Due to hydrogenation, the skin is firm and appears younger.
  18. Regulation of body temperature: Water stored in the middle layers of the skin occurs as sweat on the skinsurface when the body warms up. When it evaporates, it cools the body.
  19. easy accessibility of minerals and nutrients and other active ingredients. Pure water is an excellent means of transport to supply the body with all substances well. If you are dehydrated, substances cannot be transported sufficiently. This is often the case with older people who rely on medication.
  20. Prevention of kidney damage. The kidneys regulate the fluid in the body. Too little water can lead to kidney stones and other problems such as cystitis.
  21. a good night’s sleep.
  22. Vitality and energy: fatigue, headache, sluggishness, depression: all signs of dehydration.
  23. when we are exposed to oxidative stress.
  24. Women who enter the menopause: living water, among other things, can reduce the symptoms.
  25. Children growing
  26. makes you happy! Pure water is important for the Formation of neurotransmitters and happiness hormones such as dopamine or somatotropin. Living water makes you happy :-)
  27. Thinking: Memory loss in old age is often a sign of severe dehydration. Sufficient drinking of pure water increases the memory.
  28. Oxygen transport = power. Electrolytes reach the muscles. Sufficient good water is required for the supply of muscles and for muscle building.

For us, pure water is the most important life encyclopedia!

Can you afford to be dehydrated?

Nikken has launched the Nikken-Waterfall (for wherever you are: home, office, practice, law firm, boat, …) as well as the Sportbottle for on the go. These convert tap water into fresh spring water. Using a multi-stage process that filters the water, alkalis, mineralizes, ionizes, energizes and supplies oxygen. The Waterfall produces tasty water that is easy to use, affordable and offers a healthy selection of water. Water, as provided by nature.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

– Leonardo da Vinci-



Every form of life on Earth needs water to survive. But how much does a person have to drink in order to be healthy and practice the active wellness lifestyle? It really depends on the individual and there are different opinions from researchers and health authorities.

Everyone agrees that the human body is about 60 of water, and we are constantly losing water from sweat, urine and other body substances. We therefore drink water to replenish the water and prevent dehydration. Water is needed for virtually all bodily functions, including rinsing toxins from organs, transporting nutrients into cells, steaming joints and digesting food.

When the water content in the human body falls below a certain level, we feel thirsty. In general, we don’t have to think about it, just as we don’t have to think about breathing. It happens and we reach for water to rehydrate it. As simple as this process is, this automatic thirst mechanism loses accuracy with age. Therefore, older people should be more conscious and hydrated throughout the day, even if they do not seem thirsty.

People’s water needs vary depending on age, weight, physical activity, general health status and the climate in which they live. If you live in a hot climate, you sweat more and need more water. If you have a job that requires strenuous work, you need more water than someone sitting at a desk in an air-conditioned office. For women, a total of 2.7 liters of liquid per day, including all drinks and water-rich foods (fruit, vegetables, etc.). For men, the recommendation is a total of 3.7 liters of liquid per day, including all drinks and water-rich foods. Pi-Water Nikken

That sounds a lot now – but with a fresh diet, they feed much of the fluid to their body through their diet.

For children and adolescents it is recommended: usually six to eight cups a day, in addition with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Again, the amount varies depending on the activity.

Signs of dehydration are often headaches and fatigue.

To make the body absorb even better, it is recommended to drink clean, filtered water.

Nikken’s water filter filters, mineralizes and magnetizes the water. For on-the-go, there is the eco-friendly PiMag® sports bottle from which you can benefit. By using Water filters protect the environment and you will save money in no time by avoiding the purchase of bottled water!

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What is alkaline water anyway?

Alkaline or basic is the same.
Basic water is alkaline and therefore not acidic. Whether a water is acidic or alkaline/basic is shown by the pH value. Under 7, acidic water is called. The higher the value, the more basic or alkaline the water. The pH is the measure of hydrogen ions.

What is the difference to tap water?

Normal tap water has a pH of approx. 7-8. It is neutral or very slightly alkaline/basic. Alkaline water is in the range between 8 and 9.5.

Is basic water better than tap water?

By drinking alkaline water, the acid-base balance can be restored. With alkaline water you can counteract acidification.

Why is acidification not good?

If your body is acidified,
you are tired: inner restlessness leads to sleep problems and sleep disturbances
if you are overweight: due to too much acidity in the cuse, this can no longer be broken down: Consequence: storage in your fat cells and this leads above all to an increase in the abdomen, legs, buttocks and face and to cellulite
skin problems occur: as a rule, toxins are broken down through the liver. In the event of acidification, this also happens through the skin. Your natural shield can be attacked and thus provides an excellent breeding ground for pimples and impurities.
Joint pain and infection-prone: the correct ph-value is a prerequisite for an optimal metabolism. If this is disturbed, an excess acid is created, which is reflected in many physical symptoms.
you’re more likely to have high blood pressure
hair loss may occur

Advantages of alkaline water:

– it has a basic pH: a lot of oxygen is released for metabolism
– through the filtering process it is clean: free of medicines, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine
– it is antioxidant: antioxidants can protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals attack our cells and can make them unfit. Antioxidant is like a fountain of youth.
– it has much smaller clusters. This makes it much easier and faster for the body to transport nutrients to the cells.
– it is alive.

Acid is basically a waste product of our metabolism. Our body has a base memory with which it can compensate for the acidification. He is constantly busy balancing so that our body is basic.

The base storage must be filled by our diet. So we should eat a lot more basic components. Unfortunately, in today’s diet, it is often the other way around. We eat too much “acid”: such as ready-made bread, sugar, lots of meat, coffee, alcohol. Things like stress due to pressure to perform, anxiety, anger also lead to acidification.

In addition to lots of fruits and vegetables, we should eat a lot of alkaline water.

How do we get alkaline water?

There are several different options.
One would be that we filter normal tap water with a very good water filterthat keeps the water alive.


Pimp your filtered water with lemons.
Lemons taste sour but are basic!
Pure water with untreated lemons tastes refreshing and helps fill your base stores.

Is it possible to buy basic water?

Yes, you can. In which you filter.


Production of alkaline water

Special devices can do a whole lot and do you incredibly good:
– Their minerals give the water an alkaline pH. This contributes to the balance of acid-base balance.
– Filtering frees the water from a lot of sheep matter etc.
– It is ionized: protection against oxidation
– There are also devices that have additionally installed a magnetic technology. The water molecules do not clump through the magnetic field. As a result, your body more easily removes pollutants and purifies them.
Often these devices come from Japan, among others. There, the effect of alkaline water has long been widespread.

Only when your acid-base balance is in balance can your metabolism function optimally – and that’s clear that this is the basic prerequisite for your health.

Drink alkaline water and your body will breathe and thank you.