Natural solutions

Finally we can travel again and redeem the incentive from Nikken:
We love to discover the world and we were invited to a 14 day trip with our children. The joy is so great.

Our goal:

We chose the Costa Blanca and chose 3 wonderful 5 star resorts.
1. Destination: Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa in Finestrat
2. Destination: SH Villa Gardens in Altea
3. Destination: Las Arenas Balneario Resort i n Valencia
For me as a mother, being on the road with children for 14 days also means taking precautions in case you don’t feel so well.
Our natural holiday pharmacy is manageable and above all an all-rounder = can be used for a wide variety of aches and pains. :-)


Water supply:

It starts with the fact that we have our Pimag bottles with us for our excursions and the flight. The water bottle has an integrated water filter and thus we can always drink clean water no matter where we are. We don’t need to buy water anywhere – most importantly, we can avoid plastic waste. This is really great and the replenishment starts right after the security check at the airport.

Back meets airplane:

In Valencia we rented a rental car ( Sixt was very easy to reach, price-performance was right and it was uncomplicated).
The route to the Costa Blanca is picturesque. On the right the mountains, on the left the sea and in between the path is decorated with the most lush orange and lemon trees.
That was a gift for my eyes – but the ride not for my back.
Sitting in really uncomfortable places on the plane for a long time and then continuing your journey in the car is usually not pleasant.
I use the magnetic back plate, the Magflex, right from the start and can arrive at the holiday resort completely carefree. Perfect.

Are we in Bali?

The Asia Gardens Hotel is pure balm for the soul. We are there for 4 days. Kids and parents have their own rooms :-) and we are spoiled from the first minute. Wow… that’s what a holiday feels like after such a long time.
From morning to evening we can relax at the beautiful pool landscapes, walk for hours in the green garden and eat absolutely great. There is something to discover everywhere. Kois, banana trees, squirrels… Yes, we are in Spain and not in Bali… however, here we are in a certain microclimate that simply attracts wonderful flora and fauna. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a monkey had jumped through the palm trees ;-)

Nutrition on holiday:

On the subject of food: even on holiday I try to stick to the routine: i.e. barley grass juice ( natural green ;-) ) is available for the whole family. I then take this with me in the finished portion bags. This is super convenient.
At the latest in the SPA it completely blew me away. This peace, this beauty – a place to BE. This is exactly the place I wanted.

Feet conquer the mountain:

Continue to Altea and there you can walk and hike.
The mountain that starts behind the hotel is very tempting. In the daypack, of course, comes the filled water bottle,a snack to eat, plasters, a magnetic thaler, the rest is there anyway: we all always have the insoles in the shoes = our energy booster for the day and wear either a chain (relaxation for my shoulder) or magnetic bracelet.

Here we go:

A small tour becomes a big mountain hike that ends in 21000 steps. Certainly it is exhausting but our feet are doing well all the time. No burning or stinging. Juhuuuu… That’s a great experience with the soles.
After 5 hours uphill, downhill and through (yes exactly “through”) crawling a hole in the mountain and empty water bottles, was actually at the end of the mountain a fresh water source where we could all fill cool water again :-) . Oh, paradise can always be like that.

Sore muscles, that was clear, wasn’t it?

I, as a completely inexperienced hiker :-), of course had an animal muscle soreness in my calves the very next day, our oldest in the thigh.
I now had the choice between lying down and doing nothing ( and whining at every step ;-) ) or doing good for myself to be fit again quickly to discover the area further. We really had some great spots on our wish list.
So what else does our first-aid kit have to provide: We have the Magduo for a magnetic massage. So we rolled ourselves off again and again for a few minutes and then the sore muscles quickly disappeared again.

Sleep in foreign beds:

The hotel in Altea is beautifully located on the beach, but for my taste the beds are expandable and I always miss my mattress very much – maybe it is also some peace, because this time we share a family room. So I use my plan B ;-): the Back plate and the sleep mask. So my body center and my head gets complete relaxation and I am the closest fit and in a good mood.
The sleeping glasses darken everything and bring me to rest very quickly, as others can still be awake in the room. In addition, it does my sinuses good.
There are constant air conditioners running in the hotels and neither my head nor my nose likes that… is that also the case with you? With the eye mask I get energetic support right on the head, because there are also magnets inside. This is a real blessing.

Nature, Nature, Nature

Highly recommended are also the waterfalls in Altea. The sound of running water, the clear air, this beautiful nature makes us ground again and again and breathe deeply. Again, pure balm for the soul and fresh water for our bottles ;-)
The day was just to be happy :-)



Holiday blues:

After a week we continue to Valencia.
The hotel is an absolute dream. In front of us is a wide, long sandy beach. We again have 2 fantastic rooms and a wonderful view of the sea.
What do you do in such a great place.. correct: run, discover … and yet I’m not doing so well on the first day.
My stomach is getting in touch, I have a headache and I just don’t feel well. My 3 men then went out to eat alone the first evening and I made myself comfortable in my bed.
The Magflex the magnetic plate – now came on the stomach, the sleep mask on the eyes and the magnet taler on the middle of the chest ( KG17). On this point, it relaxes me within minutes and brings me back into balance.
The next day starts fresh and lively and we discover the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. Even parents are amazed.
Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences is a must. In the middle of the city and yet in the green nature and surrounded by a lot of water. Again a place to take a deep breath and relax.

Conclusion: Power gift

The connection to nature gives us strength, energy, lets us relax at the same time. Or how is it with you?

Why aren’t we always in these places?

Simply because we just can’t. But what we can do is bring this nature home.

holistic solutions:

NIKKEN offers solutions for exactly this. And that’s absolutely brilliant. This has brought us so much relief and reduced our “classic” medicine chest to ZERO.
We have simply turned our home into a wellness home where we can live healthy for 24 hours.
Our holiday pharmacy offers a natural solution for all occasions and that is very, very important to me.
We can connect holistically with nature, even if we are not directly on site.
How exactly does that work?
What is good for us in nature is the connection to the earth ( Earth’s magnetic field), the sun ( far infrared) and the good air (negative ions).
We need this to relax and to recharge our batteries. Simple but unfortunately not always feasible.
And that’s exactly why NIKKEN has integrated these elements into all its products, so that we can always have the feeling of “vacation”, so that everyone can always live in the best environment. A place to regenerate, a place to recharge, a place that preventively takes good care of us and reconnects us with nature.

When I became a mother, it was a matter of course for us that our son would also enjoy the sleeping system from the very beginning. We had a little cradle for him at the beginning. The Nikken sleep system is available in many sizes but in very mini there was not yet ;-) So we have a mattress that we had left, appropriately cut.

From his first day at home, he slept in the cradle or in our bed on the mattress of NIKKEN. From the beginning, it was surrounded by the magnetic products. Our son has always slept well and especially for a long time. We never had a topic with sleep, even with our 2nd child.


There was the filtered water in the vial.

When they both got their first shoes, other Nikken products moved into their lives and their first magnetic soles were added to Gr. 19-21 cropped :-) Mini small, totally sweet and 100 grounded.

My older son was a little older than 1 year when he started walking free and alone. In the spring, he scuritmed through our garden over our hill. He fell and fell very unhappy. Since he could no longer perform, we went to the hospital. According to the X-rays, no clear fracture was detected. However, the doctor wanted to gips the leg.

We were not particularly pleased about this. We had no clear result, a break was ruled out. Maybe a crack/a fracture.

His 2nd suggestion was that we could try to keep the leg calm, but with a 1-year-old child he did not see it as a success.

We know our son and everything in me resisted this plaster. That would mean that after weeks he could only run again when he had just started. We refused, put the Super Mini in our sock at home and occupied him for almost 3 days with a lot of reading, cuddling and walking in the buggy – all accompanied by the Super Mini in the stocking.

On the 3rd day it grabbed our son and he really wanted to move. He actually drove Bobbycar. We had an unbelievably bad conscience: we had to keep him quiet for weeks. But he drove without pain and rolled off his foot as normal. (as normal as it is for a beginner in the race). Nevertheless, we went to our friendly orthopedist, who confirmed to us that such young children would have a very natural feeling and if there was still any impairment there, he would not drive Bobbycar. He was quite amazed that his accident was only 3 days ago. We too, but from the day on I had had another beautiful experience with magnetic products.

Furthermore, the Magflex helped me wonderfully with my constant back pain during the pregnancy and she was my constant companion after the births.

I had 2 unplanned caesarean sections, each with a gr. Scar as a reminder. The MagFlex helped me to make the wound healing extremely fast and that I was able to go to the hospital again the next day.

During my pregnancy I use the insoles every day and of course I still slept on the mattress. For me, it was a boon. (Nikken recommends that the products should not be used during pregnancy due to the magnets).

Another “favourite product” for my children is the scarf. Whenever a cold crept in with a cough, I wrapped my children’s neck and chest with it. A long-range infrared thread is spun in the scarf, reflecting the body’s warmth. This helped incredibly well that they recovered quickly.

Nikken’s wide range of products has been with my children for 14 years now. For them, they are “anyway” products. It is normal for them to lie on the requirement to have the soles in their shoes, to drink the water and also to use the MagFlex or the sleep mask on occasion. The powerchip always sticks to the refrigerator at hand, in case anyone has something. Especially due to sports-related injuries, which unfortunately now sometimes arise, the combination powerchip with a bandage has become a good support for them.

Our children are healthy almost all year round and sneak in a (sports) injury, we have natural remedies at hand that allow us to recover quickly.

What experience have you or your children had with NIKKEN products?

Nowadays, it is nothing special to attend a Fernuni or to take language courses online. Our shopping in the supermarket, everything around shopping, even playing the lottery and much more, is almost everything possible from home and thus also earn the money.

Nikken offers us the opportunity to live and work independently of the location.
This gives us the chance to increase time for what is important to us at the moment.
There are endless situations where you don’t want to miss being at home:
Be it because of the sick child, birthdays, “only” discomfort; to decide for yourself when to get up and sleep, no days of vacation, no overtime.

We work as it comes. For us personally, however, our working day is very structured, because we like it that way. We also work sometimes on weekends when it comes to it and I have time in the afternoon for our children to go on excursions and just to bake a cake. Sometimes we work a lot and sometimes we don’t.

If I feel uncomfortable, there is no need for sick leave. I recover until my body gives me the green light again that it can go on. Even if the children have holidays or simply school-free: we are together, we can do our job and are there when someone needs us.

We have time for shared meals. If the children need to be taken to the hobby, we can decide to look at or be in contact with customers by email or phone. This self-management is very relaxing for us and therefore we can work much more effectively.
Making money from home is a real blessing for us

We don’t spend an unproductive time in an office. If my head is empty or too full, I walk, breathe and experience the world. After that, I can think clearly and go back to where I want to be. We need our laptops and a phone. Nothing more. And we are grateful for that.

Are you more of the type of person who absolutely needs an office to be there and work? Of course, this is also possible. Since you are an independent Nikken consultant, you can also claim your office in the house or outside for tax (as of 2019 – provide information to tax advisors).

Social contacts result from our job on our own. We talk to many interesting people every day. We visit events and also on the (Nikken) trips we meet new people who accompany us for a while on our life path.

Of course, in addition to the “job”, we also have a private life, so that social contacts do not fall by the wayside. Apart from that, I am also the type of person who doesn’t need many people around me during work and I enjoy the peace that I have during my morning.

“Job” I write consciously in “”. For us, our daily activities are so much part of our lives and it brings us a lot of fun to support other people. And that’s why it doesn’t really feel like a classic job for us.

For us, it is not the time spent in certain premises that is decisive, but the result. We have chosen to have a balance between work, family and well-being.

We live the 5 pillars of health. We don’t exchange time for money.

Working from home is a huge luxury for us.
What about you? Do you work to live or do you live to work?

We are also happy to support you in finding your life in balance and walking.


The difference

Again and again, we are asked about the difference between the magduo and the magboy.
The magboy is the predecessor model of the magduo. The magduo is the same in handling. He is the much
improved successor.

The Magduo uses Dynaflux® magnetic technology. Dynaflux® magnetic technology ensures uniform, consistently intense magnetic coverage. Dynaflux® is based on a specific arrangement of several single magnets – that is, positive poles meet positive and negative poles meet negative ones. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field when the Kenko MagDuo is rolled over the body for the massage.


The magnetic roller consists of two rotating balls, which are provided with massage knobs.
The balls sit in a kind of box, which serves as a casing for the balls when massaging.
So you can massage body parts individually and selectively, or if both balls are anchored in the case, they can be rolled over the body together with ease.

A soothing roll massage that can be carried out quickly and always and everywhere.

In addition, you can close the case with a lid so that your massager remains clean and easy to transport.

Where do I use the magboy or the magduo?

  • Roll over the parts of the body affected by tension (neck, back, hands, wrists, feet, calves, etc.).
  • If you want to do a self-treatment with the massage roller and want to create relaxation with individual balls, you can massage your underside of the feet, for example. The bumps stimulate their skin and also stimulate blood circulation.
  • Because the magnetic roller is compact and lightweight, an application is suitable for every area of the body. With yourself or with a partner massage.
  • Nikken has found that the more complex it is, the more complex a magnetic field, the more effective a magnetic field is, and the MagDuo® is probably Nikken’s most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product. It supports to release muscle tension and relieve stress.

What is a massage good for?

It is common knowledge that a massage can provide relief if tense muscles and stress are created.

  • The Magduo helps you to relieve tension in stressed muscles and joints and relieve stress
  • Massage knobs are helpful for a relaxing and stimulating massage
  • by using Dynaflux® magnetic technology, the depth effect is improved.
  • thanks to its ease of use with today’s most sophisticated natural energy technologies, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

Where can I buy the magnet?

You get the magduo in the shop

There is no reason to stock up on water supplies, as in disasters:

Neither long queues in the supermarket, nor empty shelves, have to stress you. Not to mention the drag, pollution and waste of money.

You can relax and sit back, because we offer you a very simple, absolutely healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative!

Hamster purchases for water supplies become completely unnecessary.

Nikken’s state-of-the-art water filter offers us an intelligent option.

The Nikken PiMAG water system converts tap water into pure and vibrant drinking water. It costs a fraction of the cost of bottled water and it is additionally transformed into the healthiest alkaline mineral water!

What more do you want! Take care of you and your body with pure Pi water.

For on the go:

If you are on the road and want to make sure that you drink water without pathogens, give it the PiMag sports bottle for you.

This is not only a state-of-the-art water filter,but also a health product that is crucial for an active wellness lifestyle. With the unique filter, certain harmful pathogens in drinking water can be significantly reduced.

It is also a very environmentally friendly choice: this bottle does not pollute seawater with plastic.


  • The new PiMag sports bottle is the only water bottle that combines three technologies: nanofiber filtration, alkalizing and de-clustering.
  • The patented nanofiber filtration technology was originally developed for NASA and significantly improves the filter’s ability to significantly reduce potential contamination from drinking water, including pathogens, chlorine, drugs, and microplastics.
  • The patented filter with alkalizing media increases the pH from 7 to 8.5, in an alkaline area
  • Alkaline water reduces the oxidation-reduction potential and helps to compensate for the effects of harmful free radicals.
  • Magnets help divide water molecules into smaller clusters: bioavailability for the body’s cell structure
  • Environmentally friendly: Bottle and filter can be recycled.
  • FDA Food Contact Safe and BPA-, DEHA- and DEHP-free
  • Insensitive to light, heat or moisture.
  • The filter is interchangeable
  • Improves taste
  • Hygienic
  • easy handling.

Instead, you save a fortune by not paying for commercially bottled water. Drink communally treated water, but make sure it’s safe!

How our golf game has improved significantly with magnetic products

We are passionate golfers. Our whole family. Often we spend our time together on the golf course.

Our preparation for the game starts at home.

We pack everything important for the round of golf:

  • Healthy snacks such as muesli bars and bananas as well as glucose
  • the Sportsbottle , so that we always have filtered water with us
  • Sunscreen
  • Relaxation cream for the muscles
  • Tape tape
  • Patch – have you ever had a bubble under the glove?
  • our magduo / (magboy)
  • and of course our soles we shoes (whereby these are now permanent guests in the shoe ;-) )

Of course, there must also be plenty of golf balls, tea and maker as well as the glove. Golfcap, towel, sturdy golf shoes and rain or umbrella is a matter of course.

As you can read, this is a lot of equipment – for a golfer his “quite normal stuff”. Those who travel 4-6 hours on the golf course should be well prepared.

I would like to tell you why we attach so much importance to Nikken products when playing golf:

Our golf game is solid that game our kids outstanding (was clear or ;-) ). We have been using Nikken products for 21 years, but they have never consciously used them in sports. An acquaintance spoke to us and was horrified why we miss “the good results” when we forgo the Nikken products while playing golf.

We all tried it out on the next round and, although we have of course already had many personal experiences with the most diverse products from Nikken, we were amazed again on this day about the great effect of the products:

  • Neither the feet were noticeably stressed after the 18 hole round,
  • nor were we, as usual, extremely exhausted.
  • there was no muscle soreness
  • Shoulder, arms and hands were not like pudding.
  • our body was naturally stressed but not exhausted. We had a fantastic time with sensational, sporting results


  • We know that by using the insoles, we are “more stable” and less shaky. This is extremely important for every blow. The magnets provide our body with good energy, which it can implement one-to-one on our athletic, physical performance. This is positive feedback blow by blow and of course this is also noticeable in the stroke length.
  • The use of the soles had another advantage: by having more energy available, we are no longer exhausted after half the lap and do not suffer a significant low as usual and thus escape the classic drop in performance.
  • With every little kind of exhaustion in the muscles, e.g. in the arms,we rolled each other off briefly with the magnetic scooter – of course we could have done this alone with us – but we had more fun to give each other the short power massage. I’m really just talking about a few seconds in the upper shoulder area.

Our balls fly much further.

  • During training we had it tested again. Our trainer has created a stroke analysis on which, among other things, the width was measured. When using the Magduo, a length increase of a few meters was measurable each time :-). For us golfers a huge success.
  • We only have the tape tape in the bag as a precaution. During a tournament, my son hit the ball in the ground with full momentum and full power instead of the ball. You can imagine how it hurts. And in order to be able to provide emergency aid for accidents, we have always stored it in the bags.
  • The filtered water from the sports bottle is not a renewal in our golf equipment. This, of course, has been with us since the beginning. Since I have become aware of what is in the tap water in garbage, the purchased water is only the most prepared tap water and this is 1000 times more expensive than the polluted water from the tap and in plastic bottles also microplastics swirlarounds around, we only use the water filter in the portable sports bottle on the go. With 600ml capacity, the bottle has a good volume and can be replenished regularly on the golf course. Thus, our body is supplied with clean, living water and can retrieve its performance much better or the cells are supplied with energy much faster, as our body can process pure water more easily.

In conclusion, I can say in summary:

All golfers know the challenge of the low during the round, from being completely exhausted after the round (not only mentally but also physically). The treatment of physiotherapists, warm baths, massages on arms and calves have been snow since the integration of the 3 products of yesterday.

We can be completely painless after the round and really recovered.

Just try it out. It is as simple and easy as drinking coffee.

1.) Put soles in your shoes once and leave them there – they work for you all by yourself while you walk across the square :-)

2.) magduo into the golf bag and roll briefly just before the blow – easy and fast

3.) Water you pack anyway to drink it: at the Sportsbottle you don’t even have to go to the supermarket anymore. Do yourself the favor and drink clean water and take a sip after sip with energy.

Playing golf can be so easy ;-)

Beautiful game


Due to high demand:

Do magnets help with the famous golfer’s elbow or golfer’s arm?

I am not a physician and I cannot judge this.

Our experience is that we have never had inflammation in the arm, shoulder or elbow area or tendons due to the many (permanent) loads and we never had any problems to tackle the racket firmly. Only once when my son hit the ground with full force and not the ball ( above ) : He had hellish pain and had to cancel the tournament because he was not in physical condition to hit a ball. We wrapped his wrist in the wrist bandage and put the SuperMini between the wrist and bandage – all fixed so that the wrist or fingers are not moving and the “package” is spared for 2 weeks over the holidays. After that he could start again without any problems and play us pain-free.

And if you’re not sure:Go to the sports doctor and check it out.

… and now off on the pitch and enjoy life and no longer wonder how you get more power in your game every time you hit. You have just read the solution. :-)


He wants to get out – out to the fresh air and out into nature.
Spring is here :-)

The first flowers awaken, the days get longer and the time of the year comes when we are out again a lot. Our leisure activities, activities with the family and our fitness program can finally take place outside again. Golfing, cycling, hiking, … Refuel ing enamours.

Go out and get the power the world has to offer there: outdoor movement, natural daylight and fresh air. Daily movement drives your mood and drives away the winter blues. A healthy self-esteem, especially when they take place outdoors, is the thanks.

Because we are so happy about the beginning of spring, we have put together some suggestions for leisure activities in spring:

Go for a walk. Circumnavigate a lake or walk a bit in the forest, where you can feel the feeling of well-being caused by the negative ions in the atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be a long walk. Only a few minutes outdoors can do real miracles for your mental well-being.

Go hiking. Let the walk lead to a hike. It is an excellent way to relax, enjoy a break from everyday life and feel the closeness to nature again. We are naturally fascinated by places that show us how small we actually are – places that remind us that we are part of a larger whole.

Go camping. This is a great way to deepen relationships with other people. You may have promised your children to camp with them once. Do it – try it us. Become an adventurer. Because when camping, it is necessary to trust the other participants and to be able to rely on them. Outdoor activities can show us what we can do, which is often far more than we expected.

Whether you plan to spend just one day or several days at a time in the wild, Nikken offers numerous products to support you in your activities…

The PowerChip®with a magnetic strength of an incredible 900 to 1,000 Gaussais is the perfect size for your outdoor activities. Off into the pocket (or hung on the eyelet around the neck) and prepared for any eventuality. Blue spot or bump? PowerChip on it and the adventure can continue carefree. Targeted energy :-)

Another portable magnetic product, particularly suitable for on-the-go PowerMini™, which due to its small size can be applied virtually anywhere on the skin. It is small enough to accommodate in every bag and purse. The powermini ™’s adhesive discs are waterproof and the magnetic units are reusable.

Also think of yourKenkoInsoles®, with which your feet benefit from the massage effect at every step and you walk step by step of your path with full energy.

Our fresh GreenZymes®(organic barley grass) powderis an excellent source of natural nutrients – even when travelling. Super practical available in small portion bags and therefore ideal for on the go!

Last but not provide you with pure water. The Sportsbottle, our portable bio-water bottle, with integrated water filter even filters out, thanks to nanofilter, microplastics. 600ml capacity, enough to be able to drink enough until the next stop and therefore not too heavy.

Have fun refuelling and tell us about your adventure. :-)

I have reached the great sleeping system of Nikken and other products via detours.

But I have to go a little further for understanding.

I was about 7/8 years old and in 2nd grade when I was suddenly mugged in the spring with horrible runny noses, itchy eyes and tingling. The diagnosis followed quickly: hay fever and all possible allergies to grasses, pollen, trees. My body reacted so violently that I could not go to school for 2 weeks because my eyes were always so swollen and I felt extremely limp. My entire schooling was affected and I suffered greatly from my allergies. We lived in rural-beautiful. But the spring and summer were a pain for me. I never got into the green in the afternoon to play or to the outdoor pool, as I felt sick. The way in the morning to school through the Meadows went on–around noon it got worse. Everything itched, my eyes watered and at noon at the latest I was so flat that I often lacked the concentration for much. There was no thinking about going out again in the afternoon. Sometimes I did it and often had to cancel the appointments due to the violent reactions of my body. Especially becoming was not. Through the many nose brushing my nose was always red and the eyes swollen by rubbing. As far as I remember I took “only” special nasal spray and eye drops.

During puberty I was in treatment for a long time with a naturopath. I got a liquid from ampoules and some pills. That helped well when I took it regularly. Outside, especially when the lawn had been mowed, I still could not be.

During the summer holidays my parents always travelled with me for a long time to the sea. There I was excellent-no pollen, clear air.

So my life was up to the beginning of 20. Due to the many allergies it was often tiring and cumbersome. Then I got to know my current husband and as it is, I then stayed with him at some point;-).

It was mid-February and he wanted to travel with me for the first time. To the sea–“phew,” I thought. Since I will have no problems-I would have found it rather unromantic if I have to travel with him and be inside, due to the many pollen and best still with a red nose. The year took its course and I was so in love and distracted that I didn’t waste any thought on my allergies. Over the course of the months and the acquaintance I told him about my difficult past through my allergies. Past… Yes right: past. That was the moment when I realized that they no longer showed up in this year 2003. I did not take any medication, I did not get any in the spring, I did not make a long holiday on the sea this year, but I stayed at home. Why were you gone? That didn’t interest me at first, the main thing no longer there.

At some point my husband told me that he is an independent consultant at Nikken and showed me some products. In fact, the products had been in our lives all the time, as he used them on a daily basis. So it was also that I learned what I slept so wonderfully all the time. My husband had Nikken’s sleeping system and he used their insoles.

Since then, I wear the soles as often as possible, use the sleeping system or the edition of Nikken every day, and have a Super Mini near me and am: without problems!

Looking back, the year 2003 is a turn. Since then, I have no complaints. Quite the opposite. We live in the green, have a garden and the lawn mow I. I often lie on the lawn with my children and I don’t have to sneeze, nor do I have swollen, itchy eyes. I sleep with the window open and don’t need medication.

A few years ago I had another allergy test done to me to know if the allergies are gone or just not noticeable. In fact I have them all still, especially I am allergic to birch, grasses and hazelnut. The good thing is that they are no longer a burden for me. Quite the opposite: Meanwhile I love the smell of freshly mown grass and even play for hours of golf without which I am restricted.

In my pregnancies and also when I am really stressed, I notice that the tingling is coming back. Then the PowerChip/Super Mini helps me. A person once told me that in the middle of the chest (right in the middle of the bras) some point is sitting. I do not know what a point, but I have tried it and it helps me so that I can also calm the first arrivals of the tingling quickly.

So I was not told at the time: take these products for your allergies. My husband knew nothing about my allergies when we met in the winter and I didn’t know any magnetic products at all. I came to this by pure chance and luckily I was able to make my experience with magnetic products, which have such a positive effect on my life to this day, and above all give me the QUALITY of LIFE again.