How magnetic therapy began over 2000 years ago.

More than 2000 years ago, people began using magnetic therapy. According to historians, it was first used in China as a healing method, with the inhabitants of the country treating their diseases and ailments with magnets.

But magnetic therapy was not only popular in China. Magnets have also been used as remedies in India and Greece. In India, for example, the magnets were placed directly on the skin to relieve pain. In Greece, on the other hand, the magnets were used to treat various internal organs.

In recent years, magnetic therapy has become a very popular healing method. Nowadays, it is used by many people as a gentle and natural method of relieving pain and discomfort.

It is amazing that magnetic therapy was already used over 2000 years ago. With this ancient healing method, people today can still relieve their pain and discomfort and wish for a healthier life.

The development of magnetic therapy throughout history.

Magnetic therapy is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to heal and relieve pain and discomfort. It is a natural healing method based on the use of magnetic fields.

There is evidence that the use of magnets to heal and alleviate ailments was known many centuries ago in Chinese, Egyptian and Greek culture. In ancient times, it was even believed that magnets had healing powers and that they could help cure diseases.

In the early nineteenth century, researchers began to study the effects of magnets and magnetic fields on the human body. In 1841, Dr. Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval published an important paper on the effects of magnetic fields on the human body. He noted that the use of magnetic fields could help alleviate various ailments.

Since then, magnetic therapy has been continuously developed and is now an established treatment method. Magnetic therapy is now offered in many medical facilities, clinics and doctors’ offices and helps patients relieve pain and inflammation.

The results of magnetic therapy are impressive and it can be an effective alternative to many other treatment methods. It is gratifying to see that this old practice has now become a modern, effective method of treatment.

Why magnetic therapy has become so popular in recent years.

In recent years, magnetic therapy has become increasingly popular: many people enjoy the potential benefits it has to offer them! What is special about magnetic therapy?

In recent years, magnetic therapy has become increasingly popular as an alternative form of therapy. It involves the application of weak magnetic fields to improve blood circulation and relax the body. There are many potential benefits it offers, from pain relief to improving overall health.

People of all ages report on their successes with magnetic therapy. It can be seen as a type of wellness treatment that can help relax and regenerate the body. It can help reduce stress and improve overall quality of life.

In addition, there are also some scientific studies that support the potential benefits of magnetic therapy. These investigate the effects of the magnetic field on the body and the associated health benefits.

It is clear that magnetic therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people discover the benefits it offers – and it’s easy to see why! If you’re on a journey to improve your health, you can consider magnetic therapy – it can be a wonderful support!

The scientific basis of magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy is a promising new form of therapy that is enthusiastically received by people. It is based on scientific research showing that certain magnetic fields can alleviate some of the symptoms associated with various diseases.

The basis of magnetic therapy is the assumption that magnetic fields can influence bodily functions. Researchers believe that magnetic fields influence electrical activities in the body and thus different physiological processes can be stimulated. These include cell regeneration, blood circulation and the release of certain neurotransmitters.

Magnetic therapy has been shown to be very effective in relieving certain chronic pains. Some studies suggest that magnetic fields may be useful in treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Magnetic therapy can also help with headaches, sleep disorders and other neurological diseases.

Magnetic therapy is completely safe and has no known side effects. Many people report rapid and lasting relief from pain and other symptoms. With this new form of therapy, people can alleviate their symptoms without medication and lead a better life.

The different types of magnetic therapy and their applications.

Magnetic therapy is a relatively new technology that is used for a wide variety of medical applications. It is becoming increasingly popular because it is a natural and gentle treatment method that does not require chemicals or drugs.

There are many different types of magnetic therapy, but the main ones are: pulsed magnetic fields, static magnetic fields, and intermittent magnetic fields. Each has its own areas of application and advantages.

Pulsed magnetic fields are the most commonly used type of magnetic therapy. They are often used to treat muscle and joint pain, arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments. They can also be used to prevent disease by supporting overall health and the immune system.

Static magnetic fields are used to improve circulation and relax the body. They are often used in patients with sleep disorders, stress, irritable bowel, chronic pain and even depression.

Intermittent magnetic fields are mainly used in pain management, but they can also help treat inflammation and other medical problems.

Overall, magnetic therapy is an effective and natural treatment method that can help with many different medical problems. It is a safe and effective treatment that does not require chemicals or medication. If you are looking for a safe and gentle treatment method, you should think about magnetic therapy.

How magnetic therapy can help people today.

Magnetic therapy can help people today to improve their health and increase their well-being. Thanks to the positive effects of the magnetic field, magnetic therapy is a safe and effective treatment method that has proven itself in many areas.

Many people use magnetic therapy to relieve chronic pain, boost their immune system, and improve their overall well-being. This treatment can also help reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of injuries.

Magnetic therapy is a simple and painless alternative to many other treatment methods and can be performed directly in a doctor’s office or at home. There are several types of magnetic therapy, and the choice depends on the patient’s condition and desired outcomes. Many people experience immediate relief of symptoms after treatment, while others need a few sessions to achieve the desired results.

Magnetic therapy is a safe and effective treatment method that helps many people improve their well-being and increase their health. Thanks to its positive effects, it is a wonderful option to relieve pain and increase well-being. With magnetic therapy, people can lead a life of joy and health!

How magnetic therapy can be used in the future.

Magnetic therapy, also known as magnetic resonance therapy, could help us solve a variety of health problems in the future. More and more scientists are dealing with the effect of magnetic fields in order to develop new treatment methods.

The potential of this technology is enormous because it can be used for both physical problems and mental illness. Researchers are working to develop new devices that make magnetic therapy more efficient and cost-effective.

It is expected that magnetic therapy will offer many different benefits in the future. Thus, it could be used to combat pain, both acute and chronic, but also to treat depression, anxiety disorders, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition, magnetic therapy could also be used to treat muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders and other disorders of the nervous system.

It is also to be expected that magnetic field therapy will also be used in cosmetics and thus completely painlessly eliminate wrinkles or blemishes.

It is obvious that in the future, magnetic therapy will be a valuable treatment method that can solve a wide range of health problems. So we can look forward to a happy future with more health options!

Interesting facts about magnetic therapy from all over the world.

Magnetic therapy is a promising technique that is becoming increasingly popular in modern medicine and alternative healthcare.

There are many different types of magnetic therapy used all over the world. Most techniques are aimed at irradiating the body by magnetic fields, but there are others based on the use of magnetic bracelets, insoles and other magnetic products.

It is interesting to see how magnetic therapy is used in different parts of the world. In the United States and Canada, it is widely used as a treatment for pain and inflammation. In China, it has been used for many years to alleviate the effects of stress and fatigue. In Japan, it is used as a wellness technique to increase overall well-being.

In Europe, magnetic therapy is widely used in the treatment of pain and inflammation. In Germany, for example, it is used in the treatment of arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. In Italy, it is widely used to treat osteoporosis and other bone and joint diseases.

It is amazing to see how magnetic therapy is used in so many parts of the world. If you want to learn more about this technique, you should check the Internet about locally available providers. There are many different ways to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy. Maybe it’s just right for you!

Earth’s magnetic field: how it is formed and how it affects life

Earth’s magnetic field is a very complex force that affects our planet and our lives. Did you know that it arises because our planet is constantly spinning? It is an incredible and important force that we are far from fully understood.

It’s a bit like an invisible force field that stretches around the entire planet. It is created by the movement of the planet’s liquid iron core, which is constantly spinning. This movement creates a magnetic field that extends around the entire planet.

Earth’s magnetic field is important because it protects us from harmful rays from space. If it weren’t there, it would hit the Earth’s surface with much more radiation, endangering many forms of life on our planet.

But that’s not all! The Earth’s magnetic field also influences the weather. It affects the winds and currents that propel our oceans and can also affect our sunset.

It also helps us to orient ourselves. Thanks to the magnetic field, we can use compasses to orient ourselves and find our way in an unknown environment. It is a truly wonderful force that reliably navigates us through life!

All in all, Earth’s magnetic field is a wonderful and magical gift that protects us from harmful rays, affects the weather, and helps us navigate. It’s an incredible power that we should never underestimate!

Investigation of the Earth’s magnetic variability and its effects

The Earth’s magnetic variability is a fascinating phenomenon. Researchers are excited about how the Earth’s magnetic field changes over time and what impact it has on our lives.

There are many ways in which the Earth’s magnetic field can change. Some of these changes are very rapid and can have short-term effects, while others are slow and only fully unfold over many years.

For humans, these magnetic changes can affect our lives in many ways. For example, they can interfere with the functioning of compasses and make it harder to orient yourself. It can also become more difficult to establish satellite links, and our satellites may find it harder to stay in their orbits.

But Earth’s magnetic changes can also have positive effects. Some researchers believe they can help humanity observe and understand climate. We can also be warned of solar storms and other dangerous events that can be triggered by changes in Earth’s magnetic field.

It’s exciting to see how the Earth’s magnetic field is changing and what impact it has on our lives. Researchers continue to work to understand the magnetic changes and how we can best use them. So let’s celebrate the wonders of Earth’s magnetic variability and make the most of it!

Effects of climate change on the Earth’s magnetic field

Researchers have been researching the effects of climate change on the Earth’s magnetic field for many years and have found that some things could change. Scientists have found that Earth’s protective magnetic field could potentially change more than expected over the next few years.

This means that the Earth’s magnetic field could deteriorate more than expected due to climate change. This weakens the magnetic shield, which can lead to more solar storms and other dangerous atmospheric events.

But there’s also good news: Since Earth’s magnetic field is still changing, it could also be used for new technologies, giving humanity many benefits. For example, scientists could find new ways to use the magnetic field to store and harness energy, which could lead to a greener future.

Even if some changes are not always good, there are many ways in which the positive effects of climate change on the magnetic field can be used. Therefore, we should all prepare for the new challenges and opportunities that climate change offers us. With a positive attitude and knowledge of the effects of climate change on the Earth’s magnetic field, we can all contribute to a better future.

The influence of solar storms on the Earth’s magnetic field

What is a solar storm? How does it affect the Earth’s magnetic field? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the impact of solar storms on Earth’s magnetic field – and it’s going to be a lot of fun, too!

A solar storm is a strong eruption eruption at the sun’s surface. These explosions can emit energy and electrically charged particles, which then move through the solar system at incredible speed. When they hit Earth, they can affect the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from harmful cosmic rays and keeps us warm. It is a complex force generated by the movements of the Earth’s core. When a solar storm reaches Earth, it can disrupt the planet’s magnetic field and change direction.

Some solar storms are so strong that they can disrupt the geomagnetic field lines, which can lead to local power outages, communication problems, and other disruptions in modern technology. These events are called magnetic storms and can have serious consequences.

Fortunately, we can rely on the scientists and technicians to help protect us from the effects of solar storms. They develop and use satellites to observe and track the storms, providing us with forecasts and warnings whenever a solar storm threatens.

The impact of solar storms on Earth’s magnetic field is a serious issue, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Thanks to the advanced technology and the hard work of our scientists and technicians, we can feel safe. So we can sit back and enjoy ourselves on our beautiful planet – and be sure that the magnetic field protects us from harmful solar storms.

Question 1: What is the Earth’s magnetic field? Answer: The Earth’s magnetic field is an invisible force field generated by the dynamic processes inside the Earth. It affects the movement of electrically charged particles near Earth.

Question 2: Why does the Earth have a magnetic field? Answer: The Earth’s magnetic field is created by the movement of electrically conductive material inside the Earth, especially in the outer core, which is made of an alloy of iron and nickel.

Question 3: How does the Earth’s magnetic field affect our lives? Answer: Earth’s magnetic field protects us from dangerous particles from space by forming the Van Allen radiation belts. It also allows navigation with compasses.

Question 4: Can the Earth’s magnetic field weaken? Answer: Yes, the Earth’s magnetic field has changed over time and may continue to weaken or even invert for a short time in the future.

The difference

Again and again we are asked about the difference between the magduo and the magboy.
The magboy is the predecessor model of the magduo. The magduo is the same in handling. He is the significantly improved successor.

The Magduo uses Dynaflux® magnetic technology. Dynaflux® magnetic technology ensures uniform, consistently intense magnetic coverage. Dynaflux® is based on a specific arrangement of several single magnets – that is, positive poles meet positive and negative poles meet negative ones. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy fieldwhen the Kenko MagDuo is rolled over the body for massage.


The magnetic roller consists of two rotating balls,which are provided with massage knobs.
The balls sit in a kind of box, which serves as a casing for the balls when massaging.
So you can massage body parts individually and selectively, or if both balls are anchored in the case, they can be rolled over the body together with ease.

A soothing roll massagethat can be carried out quickly and always and everywhere.

In addition, you can close the case with a lid so that your massager remains clean and easy to transport.

Where do I use the magboy or the magduo?

  • Roll over the parts of the body affected by tension (neck, back, hands, wrists, feet, calves, etc.).
  • If you want to do a self-treatment with the massage scooter and want to create a relaxation with individual balls, you can massage your underside of the feet, for example. The bumps stimulate their skin and also stimulate blood circulation.
  • Because the magnetic scooter is compact and lightweight, an application is suitable for every area of the body. With yourself or with a partner massage.
  • Nikken has found that the more complex it is, the more complex a magnetic field, the more effective a magnetic field is, and the MagDuo® is probably Nikken’s most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product. It supports to release muscle tension and relieve stress.

What is a massage good for?

It is common knowledge that a massage can provide relief if tense muscles and stress are created.

  • The Magduo helps you to relieve tension in stressed muscles and joints and relieve stress
  • Massage knobs are helpful for a relaxing and stimulating massage
  • by using Dynaflux® magnetic technology, the depth effect is improved.
  • thanks to its ease of use with today’s most sophisticated natural energy technologies, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

Where can I buy the magnet?

You get the magduo in the shop

Natural solutions

Finally we can travel again and redeem the incentive from Nikken:
We love to discover the world and we were invited to a 14 day trip with our children. The joy is so great.

Our goal:

We chose the Costa Blanca and chose 3 wonderful 5 star resorts.
1. Destination: Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa in Finestrat
2. Destination: SH Villa Gardens in Altea
3. Destination: Las Arenas Balneario Resort i n Valencia
For me as a mother, being on the road with children for 14 days also means taking precautions in case you don’t feel so well.
Our natural holiday pharmacy is manageable and above all an all-rounder = can be used for a wide variety of aches and pains. :-)


Water supply:

It starts with the fact that we have our Pimag bottles with us for our excursions and the flight. The water bottle has an integrated water filter and thus we can always drink clean water no matter where we are. We don’t need to buy water anywhere – most importantly, we can avoid plastic waste. This is really great and the replenishment starts right after the security check at the airport.

Back meets airplane:

In Valencia we rented a rental car ( Sixt was very easy to reach, price-performance was right and it was uncomplicated).
The route to the Costa Blanca is picturesque. On the right the mountains, on the left the sea and in between the path is decorated with the most lush orange and lemon trees.
That was a gift for my eyes – but the ride not for my back.
Sitting in really uncomfortable places on the plane for a long time and then continuing your journey in the car is usually not pleasant.
I use the magnetic back plate, the Magflex, right from the start and can arrive at the holiday resort completely carefree. Perfect.

Are we in Bali?

The Asia Gardens Hotel is pure balm for the soul. We are there for 4 days. Kids and parents have their own rooms :-) and we are spoiled from the first minute. Wow… that’s what a holiday feels like after such a long time.
From morning to evening we can relax at the beautiful pool landscapes, walk for hours in the green garden and eat absolutely great. There is something to discover everywhere. Kois, banana trees, squirrels… Yes, we are in Spain and not in Bali… however, here we are in a certain microclimate that simply attracts wonderful flora and fauna. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a monkey had jumped through the palm trees ;-)

Nutrition on holiday:

On the subject of food: even on holiday I try to stick to the routine: i.e. barley grass juice ( natural green ;-) ) is available for the whole family. I then take this with me in the finished portion bags. This is super convenient.
At the latest in the SPA it completely blew me away. This peace, this beauty – a place to BE. This is exactly the place I wanted.

Feet conquer the mountain:

Continue to Altea and there you can walk and hike.
The mountain that starts behind the hotel is very tempting. In the daypack, of course, comes the filled water bottle,a snack to eat, plasters, a magnetic thaler, the rest is there anyway: we all always have the insoles in the shoes = our energy booster for the day and wear either a chain (relaxation for my shoulder) or magnetic bracelet.

Here we go:

A small tour becomes a big mountain hike that ends in 21000 steps. Certainly it is exhausting but our feet are doing well all the time. No burning or stinging. Juhuuuu… That’s a great experience with the soles.
After 5 hours uphill, downhill and through (yes exactly “through”) crawling a hole in the mountain and empty water bottles, was actually at the end of the mountain a fresh water source where we could all fill cool water again :-) . Oh, paradise can always be like that.

Sore muscles, that was clear, wasn’t it?

I, as a completely inexperienced hiker :-), of course had an animal muscle soreness in my calves the very next day, our oldest in the thigh.
I now had the choice between lying down and doing nothing ( and whining at every step ;-) ) or doing good for myself to be fit again quickly to discover the area further. We really had some great spots on our wish list.
So what else does our first-aid kit have to provide: We have the Magduo for a magnetic massage. So we rolled ourselves off again and again for a few minutes and then the sore muscles quickly disappeared again.

Sleep in foreign beds:

The hotel in Altea is beautifully located on the beach, but for my taste the beds are expandable and I always miss my mattress very much – maybe it is also some peace, because this time we share a family room. So I use my plan B ;-): the Back plate and the sleep mask. So my body center and my head gets complete relaxation and I am the closest fit and in a good mood.
The sleeping glasses darken everything and bring me to rest very quickly, as others can still be awake in the room. In addition, it does my sinuses good.
There are constant air conditioners running in the hotels and neither my head nor my nose likes that… is that also the case with you? With the eye mask I get energetic support right on the head, because there are also magnets inside. This is a real blessing.

Nature, Nature, Nature

Highly recommended are also the waterfalls in Altea. The sound of running water, the clear air, this beautiful nature makes us ground again and again and breathe deeply. Again, pure balm for the soul and fresh water for our bottles ;-)
The day was just to be happy :-)



Holiday blues:

After a week we continue to Valencia.
The hotel is an absolute dream. In front of us is a wide, long sandy beach. We again have 2 fantastic rooms and a wonderful view of the sea.
What do you do in such a great place.. correct: run, discover … and yet I’m not doing so well on the first day.
My stomach is getting in touch, I have a headache and I just don’t feel well. My 3 men then went out to eat alone the first evening and I made myself comfortable in my bed.
The Magflex the magnetic plate – now came on the stomach, the sleep mask on the eyes and the magnet taler on the middle of the chest ( KG17). On this point, it relaxes me within minutes and brings me back into balance.
The next day starts fresh and lively and we discover the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. Even parents are amazed.
Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences is a must. In the middle of the city and yet in the green nature and surrounded by a lot of water. Again a place to take a deep breath and relax.

Conclusion: Power gift

The connection to nature gives us strength, energy, lets us relax at the same time. Or how is it with you?

Why aren’t we always in these places?

Simply because we just can’t. But what we can do is bring this nature home.

holistic solutions:

NIKKEN offers solutions for exactly this. And that’s absolutely brilliant. This has brought us so much relief and reduced our “classic” medicine chest to ZERO.
We have simply turned our home into a wellness home where we can live healthy for 24 hours.
Our holiday pharmacy offers a natural solution for all occasions and that is very, very important to me.
We can connect holistically with nature, even if we are not directly on site.
How exactly does that work?
What is good for us in nature is the connection to the earth ( Earth’s magnetic field), the sun ( far infrared) and the good air (negative ions).
We need this to relax and to recharge our batteries. Simple but unfortunately not always feasible.
And that’s exactly why NIKKEN has integrated these elements into all its products, so that we can always have the feeling of “vacation”, so that everyone can always live in the best environment. A place to regenerate, a place to recharge, a place that preventively takes good care of us and reconnects us with nature.

– by guest blogger Dave Balzer

All Nikken technologies are based on our natural world. Whether it’s magnetic energy, far-infrared or negative-ion technology, Nikken has been watching nature closely and developing ways to reap its benefits for you.

There is nothing more natural than magnetism. Basically, the Earth itself is a huge dipole magnet that transfers its energy flow to every living being on the planet. This flow of energy forms a shield over the globe known as the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects the surface of the planet from harmful solar radiation. The shield itself essentially acts like a filter that allows biocompatible light energy to pass through. Without the protection provided by Earth’s magnetic flux, life as we know it would be destroyed.

Many animals are able to feel the Earth’s magnetic field. This applies to birds, insects, but also plants and even humans. All living things that react to Earth’s magnetic energy possess a protein known as cryptochrome. It is this molecule that reacts to magnetic energy. Unfortunately, NASA has reported that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and even developing irregularities. Nikken has chosen to use dipole permanent magnets in many of its products to slow down and counteract the degradation of Earth’s natural magnetic energy.

The energy of the sun reaching the surface of our planet is composed of visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. The visible wavelengths of light are those that man can perceive with his eyes. They account for 40% of the light energy that reaches the Earth’s surface. Ultraviolet light cannot be seen by mammals and accounts for 7% of total radiation. This means that infrared light energy accounts for 53% of the solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface. Infrared light is fundamental to human life. The tissues and cells in the body are tuned to the infrared energy. They absorb, use and even emit infrared energy.

Nikken manufactures several products that contain special reflective ceramic fibers. These fibers are able to absorb light energy and reflect it back to the user as infrared energy. As a result, Nikken is able to support and balance the natural far-infrared energy in the environment.

Negative ions are all around us. Nature holds them in abundance in the forests and near waterfalls. They are a key element for the well-being and relaxation experienced during a walk in nature. It sounds like irony, but negative ions have a positive impact on well-being, while positive ions do the opposite. Household appliances, electronics, and other home furnishings in the city give off positive ions and can cause fatigue and depression. Consequently, the environment must be enriched with new sources of negative ions to compensate for the poor effects of the positive ions.

Some examples of Nikken magnetic products with the patented DynaFlux® magnet technology are the Kenko mSteps and mStrides insoles and the KenkoTouch®handheld massager. Reflective ceramic fibers can be found in all Kenko Sleep products such as the KenkoDream® blanket and the Naturalst® pillow.

Our guest blogger Dave Balzer is a technology consultant and international consultant in the areas of product development, design engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and regulatory compliance for new equipment. In the last three decades he has worked with Nikken on many projects gearThat is what we are against. Since 2012, he has been running his own medical technology company, which manufactures special diagnostic kits.

Bedroom pool or magnetic mattress

Most people who are considering getting a waterbed often do so because of their well-being.
You want comfort for your back – better to fall asleep and sleep through. They promise more luxury – because a night’s sleep is unfortunately an unfulfilled dream for millions of people.

Why we think waterbeds aren’t the best choice:

  • very high acquisition costs and time, depending on the quality for this long durability
  • Maintenance costs
  • Daily electricity costs
  • Maintenance and care
  • heavy weight
  • not breathable
  • increased sweating
  • simple disadjusting not possible
  • difficult to get up from the water cave
  • turning around at night is harder
  • Environmental aspect: electricity / electrosmog
  • no support for the body

in detail, this means:

very high acquisition costs and time:

depending on the quality, the costs are very high, for this there is often a long shelf life as thanks (with proper care).

The effort involved in setting up takes a lot of time.
A waterbed doesn’t even stand like that. 2-3 hours you should plan for at least the set-up and filling, plus the waiting time until the water is warm. That can take another 24 hours. It is important to note that the hoses are also cleaned during filling, so that no bacteria and dirt enter the water chamber. Otherwise it could start to mold.

Daily electricity costs:since waterbeds are heated so as not to cool down, the bed needs electricity and permanently: energy and money. Depending on the installed heating system, there are also different daily costs

Maintenance costs: Not only are electricity costs incurred, but the water inside also needs care – this is not unusual with the pool ;-)
Nobody wants the water in their bed to tip over and it starts to smell or algae start to form. .. Your bed or water needs care products on a regular basis. The shell in which the water is located should also be regularly maintained with special means. That takes time.

heavy weight: up to 800 kg weighs a waterbed. When changing the water must be drained beforehand (pump or external company) and before such a bed is placed, one should check your insurance and know the load capacity of the floor.

Non-breathable: Due to the lower bed, the moisture cannot escape down over the mattress, but upwards.

increased sweating
If a bed is not breathing, it is almost pre-programmed to sweat. Sweating always causes restless sleep. You are taken out of your important sleep phases. So if you are already a nocturnal sweater one way or another, it is doubly worth considering how useful it is to buy a waterbed.

simple disadjusting not possible; as with the weight ;-)

difficult to get up from the water cave: the waterbed is held by a fixed frame. Water has the habit that if you want to sit down for example, the heaviest part,in this case, the buttocks, “down” hangs. The legs then hang on one side from the bed, the butt lies in the waterbed. Especially elderly people, people with a stressed back,who want one way or another little strain, have it not easy to get out of bed in the morning. The dressing in the bed or on the edge of the bed is also eliminated.

turning around at night is harder : A waterbed does not support. Always the heaviest body parts are down. Turning around is much harder than in a bed with a supporting mattress. Many believe that turning at night is important and good for the body or spine. In the deep sleep phases, we don’t even get to know how often we actually turn. This natural turning is not to be confused with the nightly rolling back and forth due to poor sleep. This can be avoided by the right sleeping environment.

Environmental aspect: electricity / electrosmog

With a waterbed? It makes the sum. People are consuming more and more energy, using more and more energy … In order for us to have these energies available in the form of electricity, huge quantities of fossil fuels are burned. This is detrimental to the environment.

no support of the body: the wonderful floating feeling deceives over time, because your body also wants to be supported. Even if you initially think that the spine is being relieved, the opposite is the case. The strong sinking can strain the spine and also hinder the important rotation.
Since as described above always the heaviest body parts sink down, one usually lies like in a hammock. In the long run, this is precisely the attitude that we are trying to avoid.

Due to heat:
If you want a waterbed because it freezes, there are great alternatives: warming bedding, dehumidified, warmed rooms, blankets that use the far infrared technologies (neither freezing nor sweating!) , warm nightwear and also hot water bottles.

What is the sensible alternative?

You want:

  • sleep through
  • recovering
  • Supporting the body
  • something breathable
  • high-qualitye-materials
  • long shelf life
  • Energetic support
  • Regenerate
  • be in balance
  • allergic friendly
  • stable yet easy to handle
  • without electricity
  • Easy

Our Naturest Kenkopad offers you all these advantages and more.

The magnetic mattress pads transform their current sleeping environment into a luxurious relaxation oasisin no time. Due to the balanced degree of hardness, a stabilizing “egg shell structure” layer and a precise support as well as technological (magnetic energy) on the state of the art,your body weight can be optimally distributed on the entire latex lying surface and your back as well as your general well-being weigh in balance. In addition, you can choose with the appropriate Pillow under the Duvet with long-range infrared technology.

You can find out more about our popular magnet mattress pads in our health guide and blog.
We are also happy to advise you personally on the topic of sleep.

A good day starts the night before.

We wish you a relaxing, quiet night!

Advantages of the massage roller

Anyone could use a massage from time to time or not? The discomfort and sore muscles caused by long running, hard workouts or just sitting at work is something everyone wants to get rid of. Sometimes I had up to 3 days of heavy legs after the sport and felt rather “older” (I hardly got up a flight of stairs) than fitter.

Good massages are expensive and you need an appointment and do not have the massage available immediately when the body actually needs them. Also, not everyone has a partner at home who helps.

Thanks to self-massage tools such as massage roller, it is easier than ever to find relief. These tools help to instantly relieve muscle soreness and discomfort at any part of the body, while increasing blood circulation, range of motion and overall flexibility. You can massage fascia, pamper your face with individual massage balls or perform foot massages. Her partner’s back or back will be grateful after he has enjoyed a magnetic massage with massage rollers.

We have 3 different massage roller. Each one is unique and designed for different requirements.

Get deep tissue massages at home

Gone are the days when you had to book a masseuse to get a deep massage. Our massage consultants are ideal for virtually all areas of the body and allow you to massage large muscle groups yourself or focus on knots or trigger points in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. For additional intensity, they stand on the wall (back) or on the floor (foot massage)

Massage roller MagDuo

Here are some of the unique benefitsthat our massage scooters offer:
Kenko MagDuo ®

Take your masseuse with you!
With a body weight of only 106 grams, the massage scooter is light and small enough to fit in a handbag,sports bag or carry-on luggage to relieve stress on the go! This is ideal for long flightswhere your requirement is due to a longer sitting for trips on the bus, train or as a passenger in a car or for rolling out noticeable spots after a hard workout. The magduo has also proven itself super with many golfers and hockey players, who were able to achieve relaxation in such a short time in order to be quickly powerful again.

Practical magnetic technology for dissolving voltages

Easy to use

The Kenko MagDuo® consists of two rotating balls studded with unique DynaFlux® massage knobs in a protective storage box. Nikken has found that a field is all the more effective the more complex it is, and the MagDuo ® is probably the most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product of Nikken. It helps to relieve muscle tension and relieve stress.

The balls can also be taken out of the box and applied individually or together.


  • Helps to relieve tension and relieve stress during stressed muscles and joints
  • Massage knobs for a relaxing, stimulating massage
  • Compact and lightweight – for use for every body area
  • Exclusive Dynaflux® magnetic technology for improved depth effect
  • Fits in almost any bag – the optimal stress killer on the go
  • Storage box serves as a case for both Kenko MagDuoTM balls during roll massage
  • Durable, durable components designed for long durability

A massage can provide relief when tense muscles and stress are causing us. However, the Kenko MagDuo carries this simple idea even further – by combining its compactness and ease of use with today’s most sophisticated natural energy technologies, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

The practical Kenko MagDuo consists of two balls studded with massage knobs that can be easily rolled over the tense muscles – anytime, anywhere. Due to its compact size and low weight, the product can be applied to any body part that is
Massage is required.

The well-designed storage box serves as a handle for the two balls, which can be mounted on an axis when the protective cover is removed. This way, they can be rolled over the body with ease. (Of course, the Kenko MagDuoTM balls can also be used without a housing– individually or together.)

What makes the Kenko MagDuoTM particularly unique are the exclusive technologies it uses. Dynaflux® magnetic technology ensures uniform, consistently intense magnetic coverage. Dynaflux ® is based on a specific arrangement of several individual magnets, within which the same magnetic poles meet in several places – that is, positive poles meet positive and negative poles for negatives. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field when the Kenko MagDuoTM is rolled over the body.

Target-specific muscles for trigger point relief

Foam rolls are on everyone’s mouth today, but with the massage scooters you can massagehard-to-reach areas such as the underside of your feet (plantar fascia), your chest, shoulder muscles, gluteal muscles and knee tendons. This ability to offer a trigger point massage improves your freedom of movementby massaging tight “knots” that could limit a muscle’s contraction ability.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve muscle soreness after a long day at work or in the gym, the Kenkotouch or MagDuo is for you. It hardly takes up space noticeably and is available quickly at any time.

Kenkotouch – Magnetic massage

KenkoTouch offers you an innovative magnetic massage

  • Moving massage knobs provide a powerful, purposeful massage
  • Easy to use-three settings and auto shut-off
  • Patented DynaFlux®magnet technology with 1,600 gauss
  • Automatic switch-off at 80 °c
  • 10 minutes per massage treatment
  • Internal Battery
  • USB port

A massage is a proven and effective treatment for aching and inflamed muscles. A good massage can provide positive results even in people who enjoy the best health.

This massager is charged at home or on the go


  • Our third massage scooter product is the MagCreator®
    Experience a new dimension of relaxation
  • Specially designed magnetic head that glides down the spine with flowing movements and soothes tired, tense muscles
  • Bumps on the surface provide an additional massage effect
  • High-quality ball bearings enable flowing, targeted movements
  • Massage and magnetic effect in a product


The relaxing magnetic back massage with our popular MagCreator® is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Try it for yourself! Give yourself and others a relaxing massage – the treatment is very simple.
We always give our customers a so-called “roll-out”. They love it (and we also ;-) ) How to roll out I have described here in the blog post.

The stimulating effect of the slight rolling motion, which is caused by the gentle sliding down of the MagCreator® on the spine, will make you feel fresh and strengthened afterwards. You don’t need to exert great pressure – the product brings a pleasant heaviness and can be “butter-soft” and “whisper-quiet” glide over the body.

The “rollout” massage, for which Nikken is so famous, offers you the opportunity to experience how soothing and relaxing it can be to sleep every night on the Nikken sleeping system!

The magboy

known today as magduo – is a small, compact and easy-to-use massage scooter.

It is used a lot for self-massage and for massage on others.
He gets a lot of attention in the book of EmotionsCode or EmotionCode by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

There, the magduo is used for self-treatment in order to free itself from negative emotions.

Enclosed emotions can affect the flow of energy. This can create all sorts of challenges:

  • Diseases
  • physical discomfort
  • Fears
  • learning difficulties, etc.

A highly exciting topic.

Either certified EmotionCode therapists perform the resolution or, if you have enough background knowledge, you can find out by self-testing which emotions can be resolved.

Resolving old emotions with magnets:

The magduo of Nikken and a table from the EmotionCode as well as the ability to perform a kinesiological muscle test serve as an aid.

You ask your or someone else’s body with special questions using the kinesiological muscle test (“Is the emotion in column A?” When answering no, you know it’s column B. Another question would be: “Is the emotion in line 1?” Test again for Yes or No. You test until you find the emotion. )

Now that you have identified the corresponding emotion using the emotion code table, you roll down the spine about 10 times with the magnet.
I would like to stress that I have explained the method in extreme short form and this is only for illustrative purposes.

Certified therapists offer training to EmotionsCode therapists as well as EmotionsCode seminarsin which you can learn exactly how to practice and use the appropriate tools on how to use the Magduo.



Among other things, it deals with the exciting topics of how to dissolve emotions of the heart wall, what spectacular effects the applications have and how to help oneanother and others to easily free oneanother from fixed emotions.
The Book on EmotionsCode is translated into many languages.

The magnet, which is often purchased for EmotionsCode treatment, can be found here:

magduo (formerly magboy)

Are magnets everything?

While the degree of magnetic coverage is an important factor in magnetic products, it is not the only feature that makes Nikken magnetic technology superior.

As with all Nikken magnetic products, a superior product is created from the right combination of comfort, Gauss strength and technical design in addition to the degree of magnetic coverage. Nikken offers the ideal combination for active products such as the Insoles, as well as the magnetic pads and support bandages.

For every occasion

Nikken has taken a giant step forward in its development of magnetic inserts and designed these products so that they can be used at any opportunity.


  • The mSteps offer you with stimulating massage knobs and Nikken DynaFlux® magnetic technology extraordinary comfort and act like a magnetic field generator inside your shoe. As you walk, the built-in DynaFlux® components change their position and generate a dynamic energy field. The specific arrangement creates multiple angles that achieve a gapless magnetic cover. Stimulate and relaxyour feet as you walk, stand or sit. With a Gauss thickness of 900, the mSteps are ideal for the shoes you need in everyday life. The special surface of the mSteps creates the refreshing feeling of a foot massage. The mSteps are comfortable and flexible, but stable and durable.
  • These insoles also use the negative ion and long-range infrared technology developed for temperature regulation – an important aspect of any shoe!


Kenko® mStrides

With our advanced DynaFlux® technologyInsoles magnetic Nikken

Exclusive DynaFlux® magnetic voltage technology with 800-1,000 gauss

Durable, lightweight and air-permeable materials
Negative ion and long-infrared technology

The Nikken mStrides are our latest innovation in a product line that goes back to our KenkoInsoles® introduced in 1975. They take advantage of the advanced DynaFlux® magnetic technology that increases field complexity through opposite polarities. In addition, they offer a certain degree of dynamic field variability, which is due to the fact that each magnet has a precisely controlled freedom of movement at every step you take.

In motion, DynaFlux® magnetic technology generates an active or dynamic magnetic field with 100-strong magnetic coverage and a greater depth effect.

The soles are designed for active people and are made of a soft, durable material. These insoles also use the long-range infrared technology developed for temperature regulation – an important aspect of any sports shoe! The mStrides have a Gauss strength of about 800-1000.

Are the soles worth their price?

yes. Great product, very good experiences, eternally durable. Hygienic and noticeable difference.

  • Some other manufacturers of insoles claim that the degree of magnetic coverage in their products is high, but the kind of cover they offer simply does not stand up to that of Nikken. Some magnetic inserts purport to offer 100 magnetic cover. Often, however, the entire insert is simply a Unipol magnet. Technically, this can be called a “100”-size cover, but the use of a single Unipol magnet only provides a magnetic field at the edges of the insert. There is virtually no magnetic activity on the surface itself.
  • You can be sure that Nikken DynaFlux’s inserts use ® magnetic technology to provide 100-strong magnetic coverage across the entire surface of the product, providing a durable, even coverage without gaps or weak points. You can rely on the Nikken soles to provide you with 100 actual magnetic cover every time!

Nikken soles are the very first product nikken launched on the wellness market in 1975, revolutionizing it. To this day, for good reason, one of the most popular products.

Step by Step towards well-being :-)

What is a rollout?

Have you ever experienced a rollout? Yes? Then you know of the amazing, wonderfully relaxing experience I write.

no? Then you have to give yourself one. This wonderful massage enables people to experience what it feels like to wake up after a restful night’s sleep on the Nikken sleep system.

The rollout is used by many wellness consultants to show how you can feel after a deep sleep. Meanwhile, this massage tool uses many, many therapists supporting coaches for their work.

How to roll out with the MagCreator:

You need: Kenkopad, Naturest Pillow, the MagCreator™*and the KenkoDream Blanket.

1. Make sure your partner takes off larger trinkets and, if available, the belt to avoid inconvenience. Find a cheap spot on the floor or couch and spread out the Kenko Pad.

2. Ask your partner to put their face down on the demo pad, their arms resting by his side. He should rest with his forehead on the Naturest pillow or put his head sideways directly on the pad.

3. Next, you determine the three important points on the back:

  • Point 1 is at the top of the spine, just below the neckline.
  • Point 2 is the middle area of the back.
  • Point 3 is the area in the cross of the back (also called sac).

4. Start your application by holding the MagCreator with both hands and rolling from point 1 at the top of the spine to point 3. Be gentle,but determined. Repeat this movement slowly, gliding and evenly 15 times. The slower the movement, the more effective the results. In the beginning you should only work with the natural weight of the MagCreator without exerting a lot of pressure.

5. Ask your partner for feedback and increase the pressure down only to the extent that it feels good for him. Role 15 times from point 1 to point 3.

6. Next, the MagCreator rolls up a quarter turn from point 3 to point 2, gently but surely pushing down. Perform this movement synchronously with your partner’s relaxed breathing rhythm.

7. Roll 20 times gently up and down the back from point 3 to point 2.

8. Repeat section 6, but this time from point 2 to point 1.

9. Roll 20 times gently up and down the back from point 2 to point 1.

10. Once you’ve completed Sections 4 through 9, repeat the entire process twice, making sure to get feedback from your partner after each complete rollout.

11. Finally, perform a roll 15 times from point 1 to point 3.

12. Cover your partner now with the Naturest blanket,and let the massage power of the MagCreator work for some time. Ask your partner to turn around and give him some time to rest on the pad and pillow so that he can feel the relaxation and comfort.

With the Magcreator you can also perform a full body massage from the comfort of your home.


Here you can read more about sleep in the magnetic field cocoon.