Natural solutions

Finally we can travel again and redeem the incentive from Nikken:
We love to discover the world and we were invited to a 14 day trip with our children. The joy is so great.

Our goal:

We chose the Costa Blanca and chose 3 wonderful 5 star resorts.
1. Destination: Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa in Finestrat
2. Destination: SH Villa Gardens in Altea
3. Destination: Las Arenas Balneario Resort i n Valencia
For me as a mother, being on the road with children for 14 days also means taking precautions in case you don’t feel so well.
Our natural holiday pharmacy is manageable and above all an all-rounder = can be used for a wide variety of aches and pains. :-)


Water supply:

It starts with the fact that we have our Pimag bottles with us for our excursions and the flight. The water bottle has an integrated water filter and thus we can always drink clean water no matter where we are. We don’t need to buy water anywhere – most importantly, we can avoid plastic waste. This is really great and the replenishment starts right after the security check at the airport.

Back meets airplane:

In Valencia we rented a rental car ( Sixt was very easy to reach, price-performance was right and it was uncomplicated).
The route to the Costa Blanca is picturesque. On the right the mountains, on the left the sea and in between the path is decorated with the most lush orange and lemon trees.
That was a gift for my eyes – but the ride not for my back.
Sitting in really uncomfortable places on the plane for a long time and then continuing your journey in the car is usually not pleasant.
I use the magnetic back plate, the Magflex, right from the start and can arrive at the holiday resort completely carefree. Perfect.

Are we in Bali?

The Asia Gardens Hotel is pure balm for the soul. We are there for 4 days. Kids and parents have their own rooms :-) and we are spoiled from the first minute. Wow… that’s what a holiday feels like after such a long time.
From morning to evening we can relax at the beautiful pool landscapes, walk for hours in the green garden and eat absolutely great. There is something to discover everywhere. Kois, banana trees, squirrels… Yes, we are in Spain and not in Bali… however, here we are in a certain microclimate that simply attracts wonderful flora and fauna. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a monkey had jumped through the palm trees ;-)

Nutrition on holiday:

On the subject of food: even on holiday I try to stick to the routine: i.e. barley grass juice ( natural green ;-) ) is available for the whole family. I then take this with me in the finished portion bags. This is super convenient.
At the latest in the SPA it completely blew me away. This peace, this beauty – a place to BE. This is exactly the place I wanted.

Feet conquer the mountain:

Continue to Altea and there you can walk and hike.
The mountain that starts behind the hotel is very tempting. In the daypack, of course, comes the filled water bottle,a snack to eat, plasters, a magnetic thaler, the rest is there anyway: we all always have the insoles in the shoes = our energy booster for the day and wear either a chain (relaxation for my shoulder) or magnetic bracelet.

Here we go:

A small tour becomes a big mountain hike that ends in 21000 steps. Certainly it is exhausting but our feet are doing well all the time. No burning or stinging. Juhuuuu… That’s a great experience with the soles.
After 5 hours uphill, downhill and through (yes exactly “through”) crawling a hole in the mountain and empty water bottles, was actually at the end of the mountain a fresh water source where we could all fill cool water again :-) . Oh, paradise can always be like that.

Sore muscles, that was clear, wasn’t it?

I, as a completely inexperienced hiker :-), of course had an animal muscle soreness in my calves the very next day, our oldest in the thigh.
I now had the choice between lying down and doing nothing ( and whining at every step ;-) ) or doing good for myself to be fit again quickly to discover the area further. We really had some great spots on our wish list.
So what else does our first-aid kit have to provide: We have the Magduo for a magnetic massage. So we rolled ourselves off again and again for a few minutes and then the sore muscles quickly disappeared again.

Sleep in foreign beds:

The hotel in Altea is beautifully located on the beach, but for my taste the beds are expandable and I always miss my mattress very much – maybe it is also some peace, because this time we share a family room. So I use my plan B ;-): the Back plate and the sleep mask. So my body center and my head gets complete relaxation and I am the closest fit and in a good mood.
The sleeping glasses darken everything and bring me to rest very quickly, as others can still be awake in the room. In addition, it does my sinuses good.
There are constant air conditioners running in the hotels and neither my head nor my nose likes that… is that also the case with you? With the eye mask I get energetic support right on the head, because there are also magnets inside. This is a real blessing.

Nature, Nature, Nature

Highly recommended are also the waterfalls in Altea. The sound of running water, the clear air, this beautiful nature makes us ground again and again and breathe deeply. Again, pure balm for the soul and fresh water for our bottles ;-)
The day was just to be happy :-)



Holiday blues:

After a week we continue to Valencia.
The hotel is an absolute dream. In front of us is a wide, long sandy beach. We again have 2 fantastic rooms and a wonderful view of the sea.
What do you do in such a great place.. correct: run, discover … and yet I’m not doing so well on the first day.
My stomach is getting in touch, I have a headache and I just don’t feel well. My 3 men then went out to eat alone the first evening and I made myself comfortable in my bed.
The Magflex the magnetic plate – now came on the stomach, the sleep mask on the eyes and the magnet taler on the middle of the chest ( KG17). On this point, it relaxes me within minutes and brings me back into balance.
The next day starts fresh and lively and we discover the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. Even parents are amazed.
Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences is a must. In the middle of the city and yet in the green nature and surrounded by a lot of water. Again a place to take a deep breath and relax.

Conclusion: Power gift

The connection to nature gives us strength, energy, lets us relax at the same time. Or how is it with you?

Why aren’t we always in these places?

Simply because we just can’t. But what we can do is bring this nature home.

holistic solutions:

NIKKEN offers solutions for exactly this. And that’s absolutely brilliant. This has brought us so much relief and reduced our “classic” medicine chest to ZERO.
We have simply turned our home into a wellness home where we can live healthy for 24 hours.
Our holiday pharmacy offers a natural solution for all occasions and that is very, very important to me.
We can connect holistically with nature, even if we are not directly on site.
How exactly does that work?
What is good for us in nature is the connection to the earth ( Earth’s magnetic field), the sun ( far infrared) and the good air (negative ions).
We need this to relax and to recharge our batteries. Simple but unfortunately not always feasible.
And that’s exactly why NIKKEN has integrated these elements into all its products, so that we can always have the feeling of “vacation”, so that everyone can always live in the best environment. A place to regenerate, a place to recharge, a place that preventively takes good care of us and reconnects us with nature.

We have done something very good even better for you.

Our KENZEN TRUE elements® skincare range has reached another, even more demanding level of organic certification and our packaging has been made more environmentally friendly.
Why KENZEN? Kenzen is the Japanese word for “healthy”. KENZEN TRUE elements® has an even higher proportion of natural ingredients in organic quality – making it a great nutritional supplement for your skin.

Organic certification… EcoCert® was our first award. Now we have also received the “COSMOS ORGANIC” awards. The COSMOS-ORGANIC signature is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics.

It defines the criteria that companies must meet to reassure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced according to the highest possible sustainability practices.

ECOCERT: On average, Ecocert certifies products with 99% ingredients of natural origin.

The focal points …

A beauty care product is only certified as COSMOS ORGANIC if:


  • At least 95% of the herbal ingredients are “organic”
  • At least 20% of organic ingredients are contained in the entire formulation
  • Use of environmentally friendly and harmless manufacturing and production processes
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Elimination of : parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes, pesticides, polyethylene glycol (PEG), silicone, flavors, controversial ingredients, gluten, alcohol and aluminum salts ..
  • Waiver of GMOs
  • Free from animal testing
  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging

We take our commitment to the environment and natural organic skin care very seriously.

Harvesting the plants: Because we respect the ocean and its precious inhabitants, the algae for KENZEN TRUE elements® are extracted by hand and by boat from the Iroise Sea in French Brittany, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Just as important as sustainable fishing is the responsible sourcing of algae and other marine plants. Harvesting methods by hand or by boat help to conserve resources and leave a smaller ecological footprint.

The products… The first products we have introduced are the Moisturizing Face Cream and the Active Serum for youthful skin,complemented by the absolutely NEW Revitalizing FacialSerum.

Moisturizing Face Cream

  • Organic sea fennel : intensively prevents premature skin aging, stimulates cell renewal and acts against dehydration of the skin. Gives more moisture and more protection. Sofficial smoothing effect.
  • Organic Shea Butter: excellent protective properties and prevents dehydration of the skin. Vitamin A and E
  • Organic Babassu Butter:Has been shown to inhibit inflammatory processes and blemishes of the skin. The butter is also said to have a positive effect against age spots. Protects dry skin from moisture loss. Antioxidants that slow down natural cell aging.
  • Macromolecular
  • Hyaluronic acid: elasticity and smoothing, hydrating depot effect
TRUE elements® Nourishing Face Cream (50 ml) for partners from € 35 and for customers from € 46.80

Active serum for youthful skin – premature aging defense

  • Organic sea fennel: intensively prevents premature skin aging, stimulates cell renewal and acts against dehydration of the skin. Gives more moisture and more protection. Sofficial smoothing effect.
  • Ulva lactuca (sea algae): precious from the sea: high content of minerals and vitamins, protects the skin from external influences, stimulates collagen: plumping
  • Low Molecular
  • green macroalgae: vitamins E and C, strengthens the skin
The skin can regenerate and is strengthened.
Helps to reduce the appearance of pigment spots / age spots.
TRUE elements® Active Serum for youthful skin (30 ml) for partners from € 33.00 or for customers from € 44.10
Revitalizing facial serum – invigorating moisture booster
  • Organic sea fennel: intensively prevents premature skin aging, stimulates cell renewal and acts against dehydration of the skin. Gives more moisture and more protection. Sofficial smoothing effect.
  • Low Molecular
  • Organic -Ulva Lactuca ( seaweed): Precious from the sea: high content of minerals and vitamins, protects the skin from external influences, stimulates collagen: plumping
  • Marine Magnesium Concentrate: Sea salt: It is rich in minerals and trace elements and has a vitalizing and purifying effect on the skin.
Skin is invigorated and provides energy.

Makes the skin look youthful and supple.

TRUE elements® Revitalizing facial serum (30ml) for partners from € 33.00 or for customers from € 44.10
Did you know?
Hyaluron is not the same as Hyaluron
There is high molecular weight and low molecular hyaluronic acid. The smaller the hyaluronic acid chains, the deeper hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid therefore works more effectively than high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
At a glance:
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is located on the skin. However, it is moisturized and improves elasticity and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore quite nourishing and beneficial.
  • only works for a short time
  • forms a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin. It provides additional moisture, which not only makes the skin plumper and firmer, but also visibly reduces wrinkles. The moisture is stored sustainably in the skin.
  • has a long-term effect
  • is stored in the connective tissue of the skin
  • has a lasting anti-wrinkle effect
In our moisturizing face cream is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in our two facial sers
An absolutely complementary care that combines both advantages of hyaluronic acids.
The serum is applied after cleansing and before face cream.
Our organic and natural cosmetics are good for you and sustainable for nature.

Grounding/Grounding is a practice that lasts all the time and modern new discovery at the same time… Earthing means nothing more than living in contact with the earth’s natural surface charge – that is, being grounded.

We all live and function in an electric way on an electric planet. Each of us is a sum of dynamic electrical circuits in which trillions of cells continuously transmit and receive energy as part of their programmed biochemical reactions. Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems working in your bioelectric body. The fact is that all your movements, behaviors and actions are only made possible by electricity. 1

Kenkoground - EarthMost people are not even aware of their bioelectric nature or the energetic connection between their body and the earth’s surface. Many of us don’t even realize that we’re now decoupled from Mother Nature. Our feet and the rest of our body rarely touch natural ground. We insulate ourselves with layers of clothing, rubber soles, mattresses, various chairs and other things.

Through science, we know that Earth’s electrons are inherently negatively charged. We need to stay in touch with The Earth so that our bodies can absorb these electrons naturally and charge with them. When we are “grounded,” we have absorbed these useful electrons that “reduce electrical imbalances in the body.” Since our body, like the earth, consists mainly of water and minerals, we are electrically conductive to each other.

If you are electrically grounded, you will most likely feel more centered, stronger, more balanced, more relaxed and less stressed.

The most effective way to ground yourself is to feel the connection between your soles and the earth by standing barefoot on the earth, in the sand, or even on the seabed. We are moving towards the winter half-year with its shorter, darker and colder days. Surely you too would like to stay more in your own warm and comfortable four warmths now. No problem, because you can also eat at home. 2

In order to help us stay in doors in contact with the Earth, Nikken has developed its KenkoGround®. The product must be plugged into a grounded socket and has a conductive fabric. When we place it on our bare skin, it reinforces the effect that direct contact with the Earth, our source of natural energies, has on us.

With the KenkoGround® you can ground yourself at any time of the day, but at night in sleep is the best time. By grounding in sleep, the body benefits from 6 to 8 hours of continuous grounding at a time when it experiences most of its healing and regeneration. When you sleep on kenkoGround®, tap a stream of useful electrons from the earth. For an optimal result, make sure that your bare skin is in contact with the KenkoGround®.

1. Ober, Clinton etal, Earthing, Basic Health Publications, Columbus, OH, 2014, p.8.

2. Further literature: Earthing – the most important health discovery ever! Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. Martin Zucker

Purity through water treatment

It’s so simple: water is absolutely necessary for our lives. The fluid intake is crucial for health and well-being. Many people do not consume enough fluids every day. About 60% – 70% of the body is made of water, and about 71% of the surface of the planet is covered with water. To function properly, all cells and organs of the body need water. Pure, living water.

Some benefits of a good fluid intake for the body:

1. Increases energy and relieves fatigue. Since the brain is mainly made up of water, drinking helps you focus, concentrate better and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels will also be increased!

2. Improves the complexion of the skin. A good moisturizing provides the skin with moisture, keeping it fresh, soft, radiant and smooth.

3. Helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva formation, nutrient transport and maintenance of body temperature.

4. Water stimulates your muscles. The right balance between water and electrolytes in your muscles helps them to perform at their best. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water before training and to keep the fluid intake high during and after the workout. For this purpose, we recommend the water bottle with integrated filter.

5. Water helps your kidneys. Your kidneys cleanse your blood and remove waste products from your body by directing them into your urine. As long as you are fully hydrated, your kidneys will remove highly effective toxins such as nitrogen from your body.

How much water should you drink daily?

Opinions vary between 2-over 3 litres per day. Depending on whether a woman or a man, circumstances (e.g. competitive athletes) and include in the figures not only drinking water but also the total amount of liquid – including all drinks and water-rich foods.

Drinking with the filtered water of Pimag is an essential aspect of an active wellness lifestyle.

Nikken’s PiMag ® water systems are designed to absorb tap water and create the experience of drinking fresh, vibrant water. This is done through a multi-stage process of cleaning, mineralizing and energizing the water in your home or office.

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall ® is an advanced filter systemthat produces water with additional minerals in a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5. Normal tap water often has a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5, with anything below 7 considered acidic.

Since the PiMag Waterfall works ® without electricity or attachment to water pipes,it can be used anywhere. Also in a motorhome or on holiday.

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall ® complies with NSF* standards as follows:

NSF Standard 42 – Reduction of chlorine, chloramine, taste and smell
NSF Standard 53 – Reduction of mercury, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
NSF Standard 372 – Lead compliance


Find out moreabout why the Nikken water filter is the perfect solution for you.

The magboy

known today as magduo – is a small, compact and easy-to-use massage scooter.

It is used a lot for self-massage and for massage on others.
He gets a lot of attention in the book of EmotionsCode or EmotionCode by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

There, the magduo is used for self-treatment in order to free itself from negative emotions.

Enclosed emotions can affect the flow of energy. This can create all sorts of challenges:

  • Diseases
  • physical discomfort
  • Fears
  • learning difficulties, etc.

A highly exciting topic.

Either certified EmotionCode therapists perform the resolution or, if you have enough background knowledge, you can find out by self-testing which emotions can be resolved.

Resolving old emotions with magnets:

The magduo of Nikken and a table from the EmotionCode as well as the ability to perform a kinesiological muscle test serve as an aid.

You ask your or someone else’s body with special questions using the kinesiological muscle test (“Is the emotion in column A?” When answering no, you know it’s column B. Another question would be: “Is the emotion in line 1?” Test again for Yes or No. You test until you find the emotion. )

Now that you have identified the corresponding emotion using the emotion code table, you roll down the spine about 10 times with the magnet.
I would like to stress that I have explained the method in extreme short form and this is only for illustrative purposes.

Certified therapists offer training to EmotionsCode therapists as well as EmotionsCode seminarsin which you can learn exactly how to practice and use the appropriate tools on how to use the Magduo.



Among other things, it deals with the exciting topics of how to dissolve emotions of the heart wall, what spectacular effects the applications have and how to help oneanother and others to easily free oneanother from fixed emotions.
The Book on EmotionsCode is translated into many languages.

The magnet, which is often purchased for EmotionsCode treatment, can be found here:

magduo (formerly magboy)

Are magnets everything?

While the degree of magnetic coverage is an important factor in magnetic products, it is not the only feature that makes Nikken magnetic technology superior.

As with all Nikken magnetic products, a superior product is created from the right combination of comfort, Gauss strength and technical design in addition to the degree of magnetic coverage. Nikken offers the ideal combination for active products such as the Insoles, as well as the magnetic pads and support bandages.

For every occasion

Nikken has taken a giant step forward in its development of magnetic inserts and designed these products so that they can be used at any opportunity.


  • The mSteps offer you with stimulating massage knobs and Nikken DynaFlux® magnetic technology extraordinary comfort and act like a magnetic field generator inside your shoe. As you walk, the built-in DynaFlux® components change their position and generate a dynamic energy field. The specific arrangement creates multiple angles that achieve a gapless magnetic cover. Stimulate and relaxyour feet as you walk, stand or sit. With a Gauss thickness of 900, the mSteps are ideal for the shoes you need in everyday life. The special surface of the mSteps creates the refreshing feeling of a foot massage. The mSteps are comfortable and flexible, but stable and durable.
  • These insoles also use the negative ion and long-range infrared technology developed for temperature regulation – an important aspect of any shoe!


Kenko® mStrides

With our advanced DynaFlux® technologyInsoles magnetic Nikken

Exclusive DynaFlux® magnetic voltage technology with 800-1,000 gauss

Durable, lightweight and air-permeable materials
Negative ion and long-infrared technology

The Nikken mStrides are our latest innovation in a product line that goes back to our KenkoInsoles® introduced in 1975. They take advantage of the advanced DynaFlux® magnetic technology that increases field complexity through opposite polarities. In addition, they offer a certain degree of dynamic field variability, which is due to the fact that each magnet has a precisely controlled freedom of movement at every step you take.

In motion, DynaFlux® magnetic technology generates an active or dynamic magnetic field with 100-strong magnetic coverage and a greater depth effect.

The soles are designed for active people and are made of a soft, durable material. These insoles also use the long-range infrared technology developed for temperature regulation – an important aspect of any sports shoe! The mStrides have a Gauss strength of about 800-1000.

Are the soles worth their price?

yes. Great product, very good experiences, eternally durable. Hygienic and noticeable difference.

  • Some other manufacturers of insoles claim that the degree of magnetic coverage in their products is high, but the kind of cover they offer simply does not stand up to that of Nikken. Some magnetic inserts purport to offer 100 magnetic cover. Often, however, the entire insert is simply a Unipol magnet. Technically, this can be called a “100”-size cover, but the use of a single Unipol magnet only provides a magnetic field at the edges of the insert. There is virtually no magnetic activity on the surface itself.
  • You can be sure that Nikken DynaFlux’s inserts use ® magnetic technology to provide 100-strong magnetic coverage across the entire surface of the product, providing a durable, even coverage without gaps or weak points. You can rely on the Nikken soles to provide you with 100 actual magnetic cover every time!

Nikken soles are the very first product nikken launched on the wellness market in 1975, revolutionizing it. To this day, for good reason, one of the most popular products.

Step by Step towards well-being :-)

Acid-forming in the diet

Sugar and white flour products: acetic acid

Cola Drinks: Phosphoric Acid

Meat: Uric acid

Cheese and cured: nitric acid

Pork: Sulphuric acid

Nicotine: nicotinic acid

Aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid

Physical exertion: lactic acid

Wine: Wine and sulphuric acid

Coffee and black tea: tannic and chlorogenic acid

Coal acid water: carbonic acid

Stress, anxiety, worry, anger

and fatigue: hydrochloric acid

Acid-forming in everyday life:

  • Stress
  • too little sleep
  • too little relaxation
  • Overload
  • Overload
  • Worry
  • lack of movement in fresh air

The modern diet:

  • Processed food / ready meals
  • Fruit is harvested before it is naturally matured and is then stored and transported
  • Artificial ingredients that are not suitable for our bodies
  • Genetically modified fruit growing


A holistic approach to nutrition for your life

Good nutrition depends on natural supplements. Provide your body with nutrients that your body is naturally created for.

Take the best that nature has to offer – to promote your well-being.

Full food philosophy offers you, for example, barley grass:

  • full-fledged food, not just a vitamin
  • A natural recipe
  • Helps restore natural balance (e.g. balance in acid/base balance: basic diet)

What is Barley Grass Juice Powder?

  • Whole food, not just a vitamin
  • A unique plant-based food
  • Made from cold pressed young green barley sprouts
  • One of the richest food sources, contains a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants
  • Helps restore natural balance

How is it won?

  • Only young barley grass is harvested, at the time of the highest nutrient density.
  • Vital juice is obtained and the porridge is disposed of.
  • Drying at low temperature (cold processing) to preserve the enzymes.

Barley grass juice

The best “green fast food” in nature

What is a satisfied and well-being lifestyle?

Feeling good around is a process. How you can achieve this and which different areas are connected with it, I will tell you here:

There are five crucial aspects of our lives that require balance: Gleichgewicht

Body, mind, family, society and finances. Real well-being begins when we balance in our lives.

A healthy body:

There is the famous saying:“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” How much that is true. Our health is fundamental, and in promoting physical well-being there are three key areaswhere we need to make the right decisions in favor of our health: nutrition, exercise, and mental attitude. Enjoying the general guideline for nutrition “everything in moderation” is probably the best advice. By eating five portions of fruit or vegetables, foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates, lean, light meat and fish, and plenty of natural water, we get everything we need for a balanced diet.

We should move regularly,either on a daily walk, on a fitness video to join in or in a sport that suits us. Moreover, if we stay away from certain things,such as excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, smoking and recreational drugs, we opt for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy mind

A healthy diet, a strengthened body, good quality sleep and a regular exercise program promote a positive mental attitude. By developing your own positive attitude for yourself and surrounding yourself with positive-thinking people, you can build and maintain self-confidence. Many books deal with how a positive attitude not only helps the individual, but also has a positive effect on the people and the world around them.

Think about how you feel when you meet someone who is happy and part-not and who is positive about himself and everything around him. It is true that there can be many stressful situations in life, such as financial burdens, concerns about health or the future. However, a person with a positive mental attitude will “look at the sunny side”, strive for a positive solution and, standing in their regular life, will face ever “lesser problems”. This person will therefore probably be better equipped to cope with stress and stressful situations.

A healthy family

A strong family unit consists of enriching, respectful relationshipsthat require real understanding and serious efforts. In order for the family unit to remain in balance, all family members must be guided by basic values: trust, honesty, selflessness, vision and commitment. These are essential for the unity of a family and can provide a structure that allows more energy, meaning and responsibility. A family that lives these values can become stronger and overcome all the great challenges that can arise, while being a source of inspiration and support for others. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, you can always decide to build your own small family healthy.

A healthy society

For many of us, the term “society” includes family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others with whom we are in regular contact. Our society is undergoing a change. Our government provides (among other things) schools for our children, police on our streets and a health care system. The quality of all these services depends onhow well our communities and (ultimately) our governments do their job. We can make sure we do our best for our communitiesby taking on our small role at the local level and engaging,engaging in local initiatives and using our voice in local and national elections. Also there the tasks are manifold.

I have always been fond of working for the youth in my place in the sports club, motivated them to grow beyond themselves and have worked to ensure that they have their space. I am active in the school of our children and like to participate in actions if I can pass on to others our knowledge about an active feel-good lifestyle.

Healthy finances

Everyone knows that money alone is not a measure of success and does not make you happy; Money can help enable a person to fulfill their dreams. We all strive for financial independencein the course of our lives, we want control over the wages we reap. But in the lives of many people, a lack of money can cause misery. One of the main concerns in Europe is the lack of pension reserves for the baby boomers and the increasing risk of falling deep into a debt trap. The most important goal for most of today’s approximately 600 million adults in Europe is to settle their financial fatein such a way that they can live a pleasant lifenow and in retirement. Whatever that may look like for everyone.

Can I achieve this balance by working with Nikken?

Clearly: Yes! When we met Nikken in 1999, like so many of them through the products, we realized within a very short time that this was a chance to get out of our mammoth hamster wheel.

We work a lot, but the opportunity to decide where, when and with whom gives us a great deal of freedom.

We are in a fantastic position to achieve a more satisfied and well-being lifestyle.

We can all contribute tothe fact that many people own Nikken products and lay their foundation for their life with well-being. This can have a significant impact on people’s overall well-being. Prevention is important and not only for one’s own well-being.

Every year, the cost of health care increasesbecause 1) humanity is getting older but is not “healthy” and 2) technical progress costs. Especially the treatment of chronic diseases is expensive.

That is why it is importantthat we do something preventively so that the economy does not suffer any more. We must all take responsibility for our own well-being.

Nikken products offer different solutions to the most important challenges of modern life:

Lack of energy, sleep disturbances,lack of exercise, poor diet as well as water and air pollution.

All these things that go hand in hand with working for a worthwhile job, that is, helping thousands of people to well-being and a more balanced life, make this the best “job” we could wish for.

We see it as our task to inform our fellow human beings.

And by showing you how you could improve your life, you’re able to generate the income you want to enable the lifestyle you want, both for today and for your time in retirement.

Finding balance – feeling good – relaxing

What is a rollout?

Have you ever experienced a rollout? Yes? Then you know of the amazing, wonderfully relaxing experience I write.

no? Then you have to give yourself one. This wonderful massage enables people to experience what it feels like to wake up after a restful night’s sleep on the Nikken sleep system.

The rollout is used by many wellness consultants to show how you can feel after a deep sleep. Meanwhile, this massage tool uses many, many therapists supporting coaches for their work.

How to roll out with the MagCreator:

You need: Kenkopad, Naturest Pillow, the MagCreator™*and the KenkoDream Blanket.

1. Make sure your partner takes off larger trinkets and, if available, the belt to avoid inconvenience. Find a cheap spot on the floor or couch and spread out the Kenko Pad.

2. Ask your partner to put their face down on the demo pad, their arms resting by his side. He should rest with his forehead on the Naturest pillow or put his head sideways directly on the pad.

3. Next, you determine the three important points on the back:

  • Point 1 is at the top of the spine, just below the neckline.
  • Point 2 is the middle area of the back.
  • Point 3 is the area in the cross of the back (also called sac).

4. Start your application by holding the MagCreator with both hands and rolling from point 1 at the top of the spine to point 3. Be gentle,but determined. Repeat this movement slowly, gliding and evenly 15 times. The slower the movement, the more effective the results. In the beginning you should only work with the natural weight of the MagCreator without exerting a lot of pressure.

5. Ask your partner for feedback and increase the pressure down only to the extent that it feels good for him. Role 15 times from point 1 to point 3.

6. Next, the MagCreator rolls up a quarter turn from point 3 to point 2, gently but surely pushing down. Perform this movement synchronously with your partner’s relaxed breathing rhythm.

7. Roll 20 times gently up and down the back from point 3 to point 2.

8. Repeat section 6, but this time from point 2 to point 1.

9. Roll 20 times gently up and down the back from point 2 to point 1.

10. Once you’ve completed Sections 4 through 9, repeat the entire process twice, making sure to get feedback from your partner after each complete rollout.

11. Finally, perform a roll 15 times from point 1 to point 3.

12. Cover your partner now with the Naturest blanket,and let the massage power of the MagCreator work for some time. Ask your partner to turn around and give him some time to rest on the pad and pillow so that he can feel the relaxation and comfort.

With the Magcreator you can also perform a full body massage from the comfort of your home.


Here you can read more about sleep in the magnetic field cocoon.

When I became a mother, it was a matter of course for us that our son would also enjoy the sleeping system from the very beginning. We had a little cradle for him at the beginning. The Nikken sleep system is available in many sizes but in very mini there was not yet ;-) So we have a mattress that we had left, appropriately cut.

From his first day at home, he slept in the cradle or in our bed on the mattress of NIKKEN. From the beginning, it was surrounded by the magnetic products. Our son has always slept well and especially for a long time. We never had a topic with sleep, even with our 2nd child.


There was the filtered water in the vial.

When they both got their first shoes, other Nikken products moved into their lives and their first magnetic soles were added to Gr. 19-21 cropped :-) Mini small, totally sweet and 100 grounded.

My older son was a little older than 1 year when he started walking free and alone. In the spring, he scuritmed through our garden over our hill. He fell and fell very unhappy. Since he could no longer perform, we went to the hospital. According to the X-rays, no clear fracture was detected. However, the doctor wanted to gips the leg.

We were not particularly pleased about this. We had no clear result, a break was ruled out. Maybe a crack/a fracture.

His 2nd suggestion was that we could try to keep the leg calm, but with a 1-year-old child he did not see it as a success.

We know our son and everything in me resisted this plaster. That would mean that after weeks he could only run again when he had just started. We refused, put the Super Mini in our sock at home and occupied him for almost 3 days with a lot of reading, cuddling and walking in the buggy – all accompanied by the Super Mini in the stocking.

On the 3rd day it grabbed our son and he really wanted to move. He actually drove Bobbycar. We had an unbelievably bad conscience: we had to keep him quiet for weeks. But he drove without pain and rolled off his foot as normal. (as normal as it is for a beginner in the race). Nevertheless, we went to our friendly orthopedist, who confirmed to us that such young children would have a very natural feeling and if there was still any impairment there, he would not drive Bobbycar. He was quite amazed that his accident was only 3 days ago. We too, but from the day on I had had another beautiful experience with magnetic products.

Furthermore, the Magflex helped me wonderfully with my constant back pain during the pregnancy and she was my constant companion after the births.

I had 2 unplanned caesarean sections, each with a gr. Scar as a reminder. The MagFlex helped me to make the wound healing extremely fast and that I was able to go to the hospital again the next day.

During my pregnancy I use the insoles every day and of course I still slept on the mattress. For me, it was a boon. (Nikken recommends that the products should not be used during pregnancy due to the magnets).

Another “favourite product” for my children is the scarf. Whenever a cold crept in with a cough, I wrapped my children’s neck and chest with it. A long-range infrared thread is spun in the scarf, reflecting the body’s warmth. This helped incredibly well that they recovered quickly.

Nikken’s wide range of products has been with my children for 14 years now. For them, they are “anyway” products. It is normal for them to lie on the requirement to have the soles in their shoes, to drink the water and also to use the MagFlex or the sleep mask on occasion. The powerchip always sticks to the refrigerator at hand, in case anyone has something. Especially due to sports-related injuries, which unfortunately now sometimes arise, the combination powerchip with a bandage has become a good support for them.

Our children are healthy almost all year round and sneak in a (sports) injury, we have natural remedies at hand that allow us to recover quickly.

What experience have you or your children had with NIKKEN products?