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Nikken magnetsPimag Water, the Sleep SystemMagnetic Jewelry, Kenko Support, SkinCareKenko Air and Nikken nutritions.

All products are available like: MagDuoKenko MagFlexWaterfallPidrogen, Replacements, Kenko Air, Nikken water filterCiagaGreenZymes,

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Sustainable life

Sustainable living is the practice of reducing your need for natural resources by ensuring that you replace what you use to the best of your ability. Sometimes this can mean that you do not choose to consume a product that is made with practices that do not promote sustainability. In other cases, this means that you are changing the way you work so that you become more of an active part of the lifecycle.

Whether you have chosen to become environmentally friendly to help the environment, save money or just see how easy it is, every step you take towards a sustainable lifestyle helps us all.

Living more sustainably does not have to be difficult or expensive. Eco-friendly decisions you make can actually save you money.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in your home at any time:

1. Less power consumption.

One of the easiest ways to be more sustainable in everyday life is to reduce household energy consumption. Turn off the light and air conditioning when you leave the room and add dimmer switches so you can control how bright the light is. Unplug the power plug (or turn off the power outlets), such as the TV, if you are not using it. These make up a significant portion of your bills, and if you follow these steps, you can significantly reduce them!

2. Prepare the food carefully.

Preparing food at home can help you avoid waste. When cooking at home, make sure you cook and pick up any leftovers. Try to reduce the amount of waste you produce and compost certain foods such as vegetables and fruit. This not only helps to produce a natural fertiliser and keep your garden green, but also reduces the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills and does not result in a build-up of methane gas.

3. Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Growing your own vegetables is not only a great way to save money, but also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly. Don’t have a place outdoors? Window sill boxes are a great way to brighten your surroundings, filter the air flowing into your home and provide plenty of space for herbs and small vegetable beds.

4. Reduce your water consumption.

Water waste increases your water bill, but also has a much greater negative impact from the point of view of sustainability. Clean water is a valuable resource in many areas. According to the Energy Saving Trust, every household in the UK consumes an average of 330 litres a day! Fortunately, saving water is pretty easy. Just let full loads run through your washing machine and dishwasher. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Check to see if you can reduce your shower time by a few minutes, and be careful when pouring your lawn.

5. Reduce plastic consumption.

Plastic probably never goes away. However, you can reduce your plastic waste in a few simple steps: use reusable bags when shopping and, if possible, avoid products or packaged in plastic. The biodegradable PiMag ® water bottle of Nikken is made of patented BioGreen materials. These materials allow the bottle to completely decompose into biomass in landfills and compost heaps, which feeds the soil and biogas that can be harvested for energy consumption.

Another way to reduce plastic consumption is to cut out the mineral water purchased in the store. Invest in a very good water filtration system for your home. The PiMag ® Wasserfall-Schwerkraftsystem von Nikken waterfall gravity system can help you and your family contribute to environmental well-being by drinking filtered water instead of bottled water.

Let’s all live a more sustainable active wellness lifestyle!

These are the advantages of the Waterfall water filter.

Advantages of the massage roller

Anyone could use a massage from time to time or not? The discomfort and sore muscles caused by long running, hard workouts or just sitting at work is something everyone wants to get rid of. Sometimes I had up to 3 days of heavy legs after the sport and felt rather “older” (I hardly got up a flight of stairs) than fitter.

Good massages are expensive and you need an appointment and do not have the massage available immediately when the body actually needs them. Also, not everyone has a partner at home who helps.

Thanks to self-massage tools such as massage roller, it is easier than ever to find relief. These tools help to instantly relieve muscle soreness and discomfort at any part of the body, while increasing blood circulation, range of motion and overall flexibility. You can massage fascia, pamper your face with individual massage balls or perform foot massages. Her partner’s back or back will be grateful after he has enjoyed a magnetic massage with massage rollers.

We have 3 different massage roller. Each one is unique and designed for different requirements.

Get deep tissue massages at home

Gone are the days when you had to book a masseuse to get a deep massage. Our massage consultants are ideal for virtually all areas of the body and allow you to massage large muscle groups yourself or focus on knots or trigger points in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. For additional intensity, they stand on the wall (back) or on the floor (foot massage)

Massage roller MagDuo

Here are some of the unique benefitsthat our massage scooters offer:
Kenko MagDuo ®

Take your masseuse with you!
With a body weight of only 106 grams, the massage scooter is light and small enough to fit in a handbag,sports bag or carry-on luggage to relieve stress on the go! This is ideal for long flightswhere your requirement is due to a longer sitting for trips on the bus, train or as a passenger in a car or for rolling out noticeable spots after a hard workout. The magduo has also proven itself super with many golfers and hockey players, who were able to achieve relaxation in such a short time in order to be quickly powerful again.

Practical magnetic technology for dissolving voltages

Easy to use

The Kenko MagDuo® consists of two rotating balls studded with unique DynaFlux® massage knobs in a protective storage box. Nikken has found that a field is all the more effective the more complex it is, and the MagDuo ® is probably the most effective and fastest-acting magnetic product of Nikken. It helps to relieve muscle tension and relieve stress.

The balls can also be taken out of the box and applied individually or together.


  • Helps to relieve tension and relieve stress during stressed muscles and joints
  • Massage knobs for a relaxing, stimulating massage
  • Compact and lightweight – for use for every body area
  • Exclusive Dynaflux® magnetic technology for improved depth effect
  • Fits in almost any bag – the optimal stress killer on the go
  • Storage box serves as a case for both Kenko MagDuoTM balls during roll massage
  • Durable, durable components designed for long durability

A massage can provide relief when tense muscles and stress are causing us. However, the Kenko MagDuo carries this simple idea even further – by combining its compactness and ease of use with today’s most sophisticated natural energy technologies, it offers an even better relaxation experience.

The practical Kenko MagDuo consists of two balls studded with massage knobs that can be easily rolled over the tense muscles – anytime, anywhere. Due to its compact size and low weight, the product can be applied to any body part that is
Massage is required.

The well-designed storage box serves as a handle for the two balls, which can be mounted on an axis when the protective cover is removed. This way, they can be rolled over the body with ease. (Of course, the Kenko MagDuoTM balls can also be used without a housing– individually or together.)

What makes the Kenko MagDuoTM particularly unique are the exclusive technologies it uses. Dynaflux® magnetic technology ensures uniform, consistently intense magnetic coverage. Dynaflux ® is based on a specific arrangement of several individual magnets, within which the same magnetic poles meet in several places – that is, positive poles meet positive and negative poles for negatives. This creates a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field when the Kenko MagDuoTM is rolled over the body.

Target-specific muscles for trigger point relief

Foam rolls are on everyone’s mouth today, but with the massage scooters you can massagehard-to-reach areas such as the underside of your feet (plantar fascia), your chest, shoulder muscles, gluteal muscles and knee tendons. This ability to offer a trigger point massage improves your freedom of movementby massaging tight “knots” that could limit a muscle’s contraction ability.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve muscle soreness after a long day at work or in the gym, the Kenkotouch or MagDuo is for you. It hardly takes up space noticeably and is available quickly at any time.

Kenkotouch – Magnetic massage

KenkoTouch offers you an innovative magnetic massage

  • Moving massage knobs provide a powerful, purposeful massage
  • Easy to use-three settings and auto shut-off
  • Patented DynaFlux®magnet technology with 1,600 gauss
  • Automatic switch-off at 80 °c
  • 10 minutes per massage treatment
  • Internal Battery
  • USB port

A massage is a proven and effective treatment for aching and inflamed muscles. A good massage can provide positive results even in people who enjoy the best health.

This massager is charged at home or on the go


  • Our third massage scooter product is the MagCreator®
    Experience a new dimension of relaxation
  • Specially designed magnetic head that glides down the spine with flowing movements and soothes tired, tense muscles
  • Bumps on the surface provide an additional massage effect
  • High-quality ball bearings enable flowing, targeted movements
  • Massage and magnetic effect in a product


The relaxing magnetic back massage with our popular MagCreator® is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Try it for yourself! Give yourself and others a relaxing massage – the treatment is very simple.
We always give our customers a so-called “roll-out”. They love it (and we also ;-) ) How to roll out I have described here in the blog post.

The stimulating effect of the slight rolling motion, which is caused by the gentle sliding down of the MagCreator® on the spine, will make you feel fresh and strengthened afterwards. You don’t need to exert great pressure – the product brings a pleasant heaviness and can be “butter-soft” and “whisper-quiet” glide over the body.

The “rollout” massage, for which Nikken is so famous, offers you the opportunity to experience how soothing and relaxing it can be to sleep every night on the Nikken sleeping system!

We are often asked why we work in network marketing …
First of all:
Network Marketing is a tool. No more and no less. This can be abused by people or it can get people to build their own small to large business.

Network Marketing offers us a lot. Above all, it allows you to live in freedom. You deserve what our personal work is really worth.

Network Marketing is a wonderful form of distribution to help people work/act independently andindependently in order to gain their personal freedom.

Network marketing is a way for everyone to build their own existence.
You can do a bit,you’re not forced, like franchises, to pay that much or to make a certain turnover, or you’re building a big business.

The initial investment is very low. Any other self-employment endows more start-up capital.

With Network Marketing, everyone can freely decide:

  • where I want to work: you are free locally and temporally, and if you want to be successful accordingly, you also have the opportunity to be financially free. Free for the rest of life. Which is not possible at all in many employees’ relationships.
  • You are free to decide who you want to work with: it is 100 voluntary. This affects you, your (future) business partners and your (future) customers.
  • Network Marketing is an opportunity to decide, to develop and to grow beyond itself.
  • Network Marketing is age-independent.
  • It is suitable for everyday use. We can talk about it anywhere and with anyone.

Network marketing can be a catalyst.

Network Marketing allows you to build a passive income.
And there is nothing reprehensible about that.
Every author, composer, real estate investor creates a passive income through his work.
Money is not the most important thing in life,but it is the case that we spend most of our lives earning enough living. Thus, the freedom factor is very important in finances and passive income can now support us in this.

You’ll love network marketing if you:

  • really understand what it is
  • professionally working and
  • allows you to achieve great and lasting success
If you are interested in becoming an independent Nikken consultant, click on the link“Let’s work together”(please click on “Possibility”) or contact us at

Life is great – the rest is just details


If you are interested in why we decided to work with NIKKEN, you can read it here.