Comparison MagDuo/ MagBoy, MagCreator and KenkoTouch

Which device is suitable for me and my work with magnets?

Nikken offers various magnet products.
Among others the MagDuo (formerly magboy) , MagCreator and the KenkoTouch

All 3 products benefit from the use of Nikken’s patented magnetic technology.
However, all 3 are different in their handling.

Where is the difference with the 3 products?

Comparison MagDuo/ MagBoy, Magcreator and KenkoTouch
in relation to the EmotionsCode


The MagDuo, also known as MagBoy, is very well known from the book “EmotionsCode” by Dr. Bradley Nelson. However, this product was not developed for the book. Dr. Bradley Nelson recommends in his book the MagDuo (when the book was written, there was still the older model named Magboy) and the Magcreator of Nikken, because he himself likes to work with this product successfully. The KenkoTouch did not exist for the publication of the book.

MagDuo is a small, hand-held magnet.

It consists of a housing in which 2 golf ball-sized magnetic balls are attached. The two rotating balls are studded with massage knobs. They have installed the unique Dynaflux magnetic technology. The housing is also a protective storage box. The balls can also be removedin order to be able to work with them on a point-by-point basis. The MagDuo can be easily rolled over the meridians. Also independent to work with the EC, the MagDuo can be rolled over any other regions you want to relax. It helps to relieve muscle tension and relieve stress.

The MagDuo is small and fits in almost any handbag.


In its handling, the MagCreator is very different from the MagDuo.
The Magcreator is much larger than the MagDuo and very beautiful.

The MagCreator is a long rod with 2 non-slip handles and with 2 heavier magnetic balls. It runs very quietly and can be rolled over the body very smoothly.
With the MagCreator you work mainly on other people – preferably while lying down.

With the MagDuo, for example, they can work with themselves and others.
According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the MagCreator is the device of his choice for using the EmotionsCode,as it is a great crafted device that lasts for many years and can most likely be passed on to your grandchildren. It is made of stainless steel with durable roller bearings (our Magcreator has been in use regularly for 20 years and looks like new) and is ideal for massages. Magnets are embedded in the rollers.

In addition, the rollers have small bumps, which massage their body comfortably when rolling out.

With the Magcreator you can make excellent roll-outsin addition to working with the EmotionsCode.

A partner lies on the belly and you roll over your back with the Magcreator. A rollout with the MagCreator makes your back and muscles feel refreshed and revitalized. This feeling of comfort helps to deeply relax the whole body. The Nikken MagCreator is an effective tool to demonstrate, among other things, how the body recovers after a night in the Nikken sleep system.
The balls roll to the right and left of the spine on the meridians. A beautiful, relaxing feeling.

Most of our customers who work with the emotion codestart with the MagDuo and also the MagCreator,as they are both different in handling.


The Kenkotouch is a fantastic product and very different in handling than the articles described above. The MagDuo and MagCreator work through their handiwork and with magnetic balls that are rolled over the body.
The Kenkotouch works, among other things, by pulsating magnets. The Kenkotouch can be charged via USB and accepted anywhere. It is mainly used for sports massages or tension.

They turn on the KenkoTouch and small, circular bumps pulsate out of the device. You place the device where you want to relax. After 10 minutes, the device turns out on its own. The throbbing or pulsating shock is not very firm. You can also set it in 3 different levels.
If you are very sensitive, keep the device over and not on the skin and still enjoy the magnetic energy.

At KenkoTouch it is uniquethat the pulsating magnetic energy can go deep into the skin.
Especially great for athletes and also for people who have fatigues and tensions, who need a point-by-point, deep handling.

Regarding the EmotionsCode and the KenkoTouch, we do not yet have feedback from therapists.

What are the main advantages of the Magduo?

  • Small
  • Handy
  • punctual work possible
  • Exclusive DynaFlux magnetic technology for improved depth effect
  • Massage knobs for a relaxing, stimulating massage
  • Compact and lightweight— for use in any body area
  • Negative ion and long-infrared technology
  • Weight: 106 g
  • Magnetic Strength: 800 – 1,000 gauss per magnet

What are the advantages of the MagCreator?

  • Quiet
  • very relaxing feeling
  • large-scale work possible
  • great dead weight
  • Specially designed magnetic headthat glides down with flowing movements on the spine and soothes tired, tense muscles
  • Bumps on the surface provide an additional massage effect
  • High-quality ball bearings enable flowing, targeted movements
  • Field Gradient Magnetic Technology: A configuration of dipole magnetic elements generates a complex field of magnetic energy that surrounds your body through the variety of poles and flux lines.
  • Weight: 290 g
  • Magnetic Strength: 800 Gauss

What are the advantages of the KenkoTouch?

  • Small
  • Rechargeable
  • 3 fold step-adjustable
  • Deep work
  • Innovative Magnetic Massage
  • Moving massage knobs provide a powerful, purposeful massage
  • Easy to use
  • Auto shut-off
  • Patented DynaFlux magnetic technology with 1,600 gauss
  • Negative ion and long-infrared technology



Electromagnetism is one of the four basic forces of physics that predominate in our environment. In the course of human history, the magnetic field of the earthhas changed considerably. In our modern world, our elekromagnetisches environment is further affected by human-created electromagnetic fields and sources of radiation.
Research in the field of these influences served as an inspiration for the development of the first Nikken magnet products more than 45 years ago,which were intended to help our bodies regain balance in a world where we are increasingly exposed tophysical and mental stressors. Nikken’s magnetic products help to restore the conditions in which humans can naturally live and develop.

For a life in balance

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