What product experience have our customers had with Nikken products?

Again and again we are asked what the products “can” or “do”.

The use of Nikken products can lead to excellent results and yet we are not allowed to make medical statements and we are very happy to abide by this.

Nikken develops products with the aim of imitating nature. They provide balance and promote an active wellness lifestyle. The technologies can help us to live healthy and active lives. They promote well-being and help to restore balance.

Our customers are happy to send us their personal testimonials,which we are allowed to publish:

here is a small selection:

Experience MagDuo:

  • Hello, I have been using the MagDuo Magnetfor some time. I’m learning from the method of Bradley Nelson’s EmotionCode. So far, I’m excited about how this works with the magnetic scooter. Class, thank you very much. Greetings Monica M.

Experience MagFlex

  • My wife has been wearing a Kenko Magflex for about 18 years because of back problems. We are very satisfied. Hans K.

Experience water, animals, plants and MagDuo

  • At my home, a few years ago, PiMag to filter water, every day I take water into the office, my Dogs and cats and also the plants get this filtered water, it is simply much better in taste and it is very soft when it flows down the gurgle.
  • Furthermore I have two so holders with the 2 magnetic balls. I use these for the body in case of tension and also the dogs love this. Also I use these magnets for an energetic work to solve blockages. Greetings. A.

Experience Bandage

  • Hello, I have knee bandages from you. I damaged my left knee while skiing 50 years ago. Yes, rather get operated to shame. An acquaintance drew my attention to your products. That is a blessing for me. I also have a waist corsage, which I only need when gardening.
    Sincerely, Margot M., Keitum

Experience Sleep, Water, Soles

  • I was energyless for a variety of reasons. I can no longer saywhat was the first trigger for my situation. I worked a lot (too much), had little to no compensation, didn’t take time to eat in a balanced way, I had a lot of coffee, cola and sugar in any form. I slept restlessandly and badly. Basically, I was trapped in a “hamster wheel.” I knew that things weren’t going well and that I urgently needed to change something and was so restless and under power during the day that I couldn’t change anything. My wife learned about magnetic products in the pharmacy and after a long research we decided on the company Nikken. This was due to the long time that the company has been on the market and the technology. But basically the greatest thing for me was that the products I had chosen could easily be integrated into my everyday life without me having to change anything. Eventually I bought the sleeping package,the water filter and the insoles. My experience is absolutely a dream: I was able to sleep through after a while and that was a blessing for me, because this allowed me to gradually have relaxation phases again during the day. My head was much less “rattled.” Over time, my wife ordered the grounding mat. We work a lot on the computer and that has helped them to be much less electrified. My general condition has improved with me. Matthias S.-D., Wuppertal

Experience soles

  • Our whole family wears the insoleswith enthusiasm. They were recommended to me because I have many intolerances to pollen, grasses, etc. I always spent the summer by the sea or mostly in the house. Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable and insanely restricted. Today I feel better after using the Insoles and can easily walk through flowering meadows. Holger B., Cottbus

Experience water

  • Since I have the water device (for over 10 years) my mood has improved. Maren Z. , Tannheim

Experience dietary supplementation

  • I have been an avid user of lactoferrin and barley grassfor years. They help me restore my balance. Bettine K. , Hamburg

Experience edition

  • For me and my family, no other bed is in question or is it a pad that is placed on the existing mattress. We all sleep very well and in addition we have had other experiences and almost everyone else. In the beginning it was a very big investment, but it was definitely worth it for us. My husband and I sleep deep and firm and wake up resting. That was not the case before. In my husband’s case, the nocturnal nose noises have also set in. Our two children have always slept quite well, but we were able to remove the allergy protection with our older son, because he no longer needs it. Our younger daughter no longer has the tingling in the spring in the nose and should it be stronger (we notice it clearly when the stress level rises again through the school), then we remind her to wear the soles again. We are free of medicines. A blessing for us. Katharina v.H. , Berlin

Experience MagDuo, Magcreator

  • I am a physiotherapist and work with the products. Especially with the massage roller and the magnet talers as well as bandages. I have great experiences and am glad that my customers can regenerate quickly. Personally at home I still use the water filter and offer my customers the water also in my practice. That’s always a good thing. It is much cheaper for me to filter the water than to buy expensive water. Well, it’s healthier anyway. Sandra Z.-M., St. Pölten

Experience Magnettaler, Wellnesshome

  • Good morning, my name is Christian v.D. (Cologne) and I heard about the products through my naturopath. Actually, I only used the magnettaler at first. In the meantime, I call the wellness home my own and am grateful to come back to my oasis every day. I’m recovering and I’m doing well.

Experience Sleep, Soles, Nutrition

  • I am a personal trainer and in my job I have to be fit and healthy every day. To achieve this I use the soles, dietary supplement and the pad. Healthy sleep is hugely important to me. Conny, Berlin

Experience MagDuo, water

  • I work very successfully with the MagDuo. First to myself and then with my clients. Incredibly good and above all continuous successes. Otherwise I still know the water system and this also tastes excellent. I don’t have the pad long enough to give an experience. The carafe on the water machine broke at some point and could be easily replaced. Thank you. Rebecca W. , Vienna

Experience soles

  • My mother basically had to convince me to try the products, that’s almost 20 years ago now. She bought me the soles at the time because I refused. My skin was constantly itching and I was just trying around and honestly tired of it. Not immediately but with time, my itching stopped and I was never confronted with it again. Today I am very grateful to my mother for your tenacity. I like the new soles better today than I did then. Kati A. , Oberstdorf,

Experience Mattress, Water

  • After 2 herniated discs, several attemptswith physiotherapy, syringes and massages, my last attempt before an operation was the mattress. That was 11 years ago and today I am almost free of complaints. In addition, I drink a lot of water from the filter. Anyone who has ever had herniated discs knows what I am talking about. You lie there – there’s no going back and forward … the way to the toilet is unthinkable. Turning seems impossible … at some point you’re in a situation where you’re in a situation where you’re in a situation where you’re in a no matter what the doctor gives you, the main thing is you are again master of your body. I was a young father, 31 years old. today I can live healthy and active. I even dare to skate. Florian K. , Ahrensburg

Experience products for dog

  • Moin, moin. Our dog gets the water in combination with the barley grass. We have also had good experience with the magnetic roller when our dog has tension. You notice the changes immediately – animals are very honest testers. She sleeps on the magnetic petpad and wears the sports band. We have a very balanced, healthy dog. Sigrid

Experience holistically

  • We are now enthusiastic users in 2 generations. We are often in contact with Ricarda and Alexander and get detailed advice. We feel in good hands and find ourselves well in the holistic concept. It is a pity that the air filter does not exist at the moment, then everything would be round again: sleep, water, nutrition, regeneration and air. Family Schmidt, LK Taunus

Experience grounding, soles, sleep

  • My motto is always to gain your own experience than to hear what others think. I’m doing well in all areas of my life, because that’s the pers. Being in a different way is always different from the other. I am highly sensitive and immediately feel things that are good for me. energy predators or energy dispensers. I am an absolute fan of the Groundingpad, the soles and the edition. The feeling is like a small, gentle massage. The purchase was worth it! The pillowis actually too high for me. You can take the filling out – I have to give it another chance. Tini H.

Experience soles, water, sleep

  • I can’t exactly caption what I have/had, because no one can tell me exactly. I am insanely sensitive to pressure, I often had heavy and swollen legs, I often had oppressive thoughts and it was hard for me to find peace. I am a very tall woman and put some weight on the scales. I first bought the soles. I like the site better without bumps. Then I bought the water system. My experience was very positive and I was happy and everything was kind of easier. Afterwards I decided to lay in bed and had to realize enthusiastically that I was very stable and that the bumps did not cause me any problems. on the contrary, I always say it’s like a little holiday. Becci from Wiesbaden

Experience Regeneration, Water, Sleep, Nutrition

  • I’ve been doing a lot of sports since Childhood. I jog, play a lot of hockey and like golf. These sports will eventually become noticeable in the joints and feet. My physiotherapist told me about the products and I use the soles, the bandages in combination with the PowerChip,the power bracelet and the sports bottle. For the fast regeneration on the pitch I always use the MagDuo. Depending on the tournament season, the Kenkotouch for a deep massage. I sleep on the mattress and use Ciagaover the winter. I combine my basic diet with the Greenzymes. Kai-Julian F. , Dusseldorf

Experience MagFlex

Once a month, the large magnetic plate supports me very much that I have unravelled my menstruation. Susanne D., Bavaria





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