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Everyday weight Management on bio-based

There are so many reasons for organic products…
• You know what’s inside!
-Genetic engineering-free agriculture
-Reduced use of antibiotics
-Fewer pesticides
-Avoidance of most artificial color & preservatives
• Animal Friendly
• Better for wildlife
• Better for the environment
• Production in harmony with nature

Everyday weight Management on bio-based
Eat Well & Live well Everyday
NIKKENWELLNESS The Everyday Difference

3 Simple steps:

• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid harmful foods
• Eat more green leafy vegetables and other fiber-rich food

Support your body in cleaning
There is a correlation between digestion and metabolism. If the body cannot properly process the food supplied to it, i.e. absorb nutrients and remove waste products from the system, the metabolism cannot be carried out efficiently.
• Reduce your carbohydrate consumption
• Eat protein in the form of fish and seafood, legumes and lean meat
• Avoid saturated fats

Support the stabilization of your appetite
What you eat affects your metabolic rate. Protein stimulates metabolism and carbohydrates slow it down. As proteins are digested more slowly, they reduce your appetite. They feel more tired and therefore eat less.

• Pay attention to healthy, full-fledged organic snacks and drinks
• Sleep adequately
• Daily exercise at least 30 minutes

Movement and Sleep
Carrying extra pounds around can be tiring. Therefore, people who start a diet often lack the energy. Daily exercise can boost the metabolism and therefore burn calories. A value snack can counteract energy lows. And remember, plenty of sleep! Studies show that the body with too little sleep increases the production of the appetite stimulating hormone Ghrelin. Therefore, good sleep in weight management is considered an important factor.

The development of a healthy nutritional approach requires the support of a ActiveWellness lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. When it comes to weight management, it doesn’t have to count on calories. Just stick to a healthy diet that gives you the energy and nutrients you need and helps you achieve and maintain your dream weight.
Before you start a weight loss program of any kind, you should seek advice from your doctor

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