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Does a waterbed really make sense?

Bedroom pool or magnetic mattress

Most people who are considering getting a waterbed often do so because of their well-being.
You want comfort for your back – better to fall asleep and sleep through. They promise more luxury – because a night’s sleep is unfortunately an unfulfilled dream for millions of people.

Why we think waterbeds aren’t the best choice:

  • very high acquisition costs and time, depending on the quality for this long durability
  • Maintenance costs
  • Daily electricity costs
  • Maintenance and care
  • heavy weight
  • not breathable
  • increased sweating
  • simple disadjusting not possible
  • difficult to get up from the water cave
  • turning around at night is harder
  • Environmental aspect: electricity / electrosmog
  • no support for the body

in detail, this means:

very high acquisition costs and time:

depending on the quality, the costs are very high, for this there is often a long shelf life as thanks (with proper care).

The effort involved in setting up takes a lot of time.
A waterbed doesn’t even stand like that. 2-3 hours you should plan for at least the set-up and filling, plus the waiting time until the water is warm. That can take another 24 hours. It is important to note that the hoses are also cleaned during filling, so that no bacteria and dirt enter the water chamber. Otherwise it could start to mold.

Daily electricity costs:since waterbeds are heated so as not to cool down, the bed needs electricity and permanently: energy and money. Depending on the installed heating system, there are also different daily costs

Maintenance costs: Not only are electricity costs incurred, but the water inside also needs care – this is not unusual with the pool ;-)
Nobody wants the water in their bed to tip over and it starts to smell or algae start to form. .. Your bed or water needs care products on a regular basis. The shell in which the water is located should also be regularly maintained with special means. That takes time.

heavy weight: up to 800 kg weighs a waterbed. When changing the water must be drained beforehand (pump or external company) and before such a bed is placed, one should check your insurance and know the load capacity of the floor.

Non-breathable: Due to the lower bed, the moisture cannot escape down over the mattress, but upwards.

increased sweating
If a bed is not breathing, it is almost pre-programmed to sweat. Sweating always causes restless sleep. You are taken out of your important sleep phases. So if you are already a nocturnal sweater one way or another, it is doubly worth considering how useful it is to buy a waterbed.

simple disadjusting not possible; as with the weight ;-)

difficult to get up from the water cave: the waterbed is held by a fixed frame. Water has the habit that if you want to sit down for example, the heaviest part,in this case, the buttocks, “down” hangs. The legs then hang on one side from the bed, the butt lies in the waterbed. Especially elderly people, people with a stressed back,who want one way or another little strain, have it not easy to get out of bed in the morning. The dressing in the bed or on the edge of the bed is also eliminated.

turning around at night is harder : A waterbed does not support. Always the heaviest body parts are down. Turning around is much harder than in a bed with a supporting mattress. Many believe that turning at night is important and good for the body or spine. In the deep sleep phases, we don’t even get to know how often we actually turn. This natural turning is not to be confused with the nightly rolling back and forth due to poor sleep. This can be avoided by the right sleeping environment.

Environmental aspect: electricity / electrosmog

With a waterbed? It makes the sum. People are consuming more and more energy, using more and more energy … In order for us to have these energies available in the form of electricity, huge quantities of fossil fuels are burned. This is detrimental to the environment.

no support of the body: the wonderful floating feeling deceives over time, because your body also wants to be supported. Even if you initially think that the spine is being relieved, the opposite is the case. The strong sinking can strain the spine and also hinder the important rotation.
Since as described above always the heaviest body parts sink down, one usually lies like in a hammock. In the long run, this is precisely the attitude that we are trying to avoid.

Due to heat:
If you want a waterbed because it freezes, there are great alternatives: warming bedding, dehumidified, warmed rooms, blankets that use the far infrared technologies (neither freezing nor sweating!) , warm nightwear and also hot water bottles.

What is the sensible alternative?

You want:

  • sleep through
  • recovering
  • Supporting the body
  • something breathable
  • high-qualitye-materials
  • long shelf life
  • Energetic support
  • Regenerate
  • be in balance
  • allergic friendly
  • stable yet easy to handle
  • without electricity
  • Easy

Our Naturest Kenkopad offers you all these advantages and more.

The magnetic mattress pads transform their current sleeping environment into a luxurious relaxation oasisin no time. Due to the balanced degree of hardness, a stabilizing “egg shell structure” layer and a precise support as well as technological (magnetic energy) on the state of the art,your body weight can be optimally distributed on the entire latex lying surface and your back as well as your general well-being weigh in balance. In addition, you can choose with the appropriate Pillow under the Duvet with long-range infrared technology.

You can find out more about our popular magnet mattress pads in our health guide and blog.
We are also happy to advise you personally on the topic of sleep.

A good day starts the night before.

We wish you a relaxing, quiet night!

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