Single water bottle with filter for basic, pure and soft water – to go.

Our drinking bottle “Pimag Sport” is not just a normal bottle.
The PiMag® water bottle is easy to use and also extremely environmentally friendly.

The water bottle gives you alkaline and pure water wherever you go.

Healthy water source to take away

Normally we always take filtered water from home from our Pimag Waterfall. However, the water is not sufficient for a whole day.
We can fill the drinking bottle anywhere and always have purified water at our disposal and do not have to drink on overpriced, dirty and microplatic water.
Extremely practical I find this bottle is on travel. I’m never quite sure what the water quality is on our travels. It starts on the plane. There and also on Cruise ships the water is almost always very chlorinated. Also, I am not allowed to take water through the control at the airport, but I am allowed to take my filter bottle with me and can then replenish my Pimag bottle and have immediately filtered water available.
A brilliant thing as we find.
When we travel as a family, we used to have high costs from drinks.
In the meantime, we save a lot – everyone has their filter bottle with them and we can actually have them replenished anytime and anywhere for free.
Our children always take them to school, to sports, to the golf course … and also accompanies us as soon as we are out of the house.

We are very happy and happy that we have a healthy water source to take away and that we are always supplied with good water – just like at home.


The PiMag Sport Bottle has a unique, patented microfilter that is able to filter out microplastics, including the nanofilter. The PiMag sports bottle is not only recyclable, but also biodegradable, i.e. it decomposes into natural biomass components. It can’t be more environmentally friendly!

The BioGreen bottle is:

Suitable for contact with food (made from food-grade plastics)
• DEHA- and DEHP-free
The PiMag® water bottle with its filter meets and exceeds NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of aesthetic chlorine as well as undesirable taste and smell

Plastic bottles have become an absolute environmental disaster – it is nice that there are much better alternatives and that everyone can easily play their part in protecting the environment.

The filter:

is interchangeable,so you always have a very good water quality available.
It is a very special filter – it offers filtering, alkalizing and de-clustering

PiMag® water bottles contain a special alkalizing medium that increases the pH of the water from 7 to 8.5 (basic), as well as four neodymium magnets, which contribute to the declustering of the water molecules and make the water more bioavailable for the cell structure of our body.

The new filter is state-of-the-artwith nanotechnology. And the capacity of the filter to remove potential contaminants,including pathogens (bacteria, protozoa and viruses), from drinking wateris significantly increased.

The filter can also filter out harmful pathogens. These include bacteria such as E. coli and microbial cysts in water such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which have developed chlorine resistance (disinfection).

There are other filtration services: In addition to the filter performances described above, the filter medium is also characterized by exceptionally fine activated carbon particles. In contrast to other filters, the activated carbon is detected without the use of a binder in the filter medium. Thus, the entire surface of the activated carbon particles is available to absorb organic impurities. This design maximizes the performance of the activated carbon.

The bottle:

can be easily cleaned and is definitely an absolutely economical, smart decision, because unlike purchased bottled water, filtered tap water is much cheaper even if you change the filter every 3 months! Apart from the fact that the water from the supermarket is no more than minimally treated tap water.

Is the filter patented?

yes. :-)
The CLM filter medium is patented. ES was originally developed for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

What does Pi water mean?

Pi water is the water that is very similar to their body water (living energy).
Living energy means “the energy to life“. People with a strong life energy usually recover quickly and are rarely ill. Pi water has the same function (energy) as your body water.
According to the book “Origin and Future of Science”, Pi Water improves energy in the body, improves the condition of severe and chronic diseases, makes plants grow faster and healthier and keeps food fresh era for longer.

In summary, one can say about the Pimag sports bottle:

It is the only water bottle with a filter that provides a comprehensive filtration performance while producing basic water. It thus combines three important properties: filtration, alkalising (through the filter) and de-clustering (by the magnets in the neck of the bottle).
Clean, pure and living water is the essence of all life! Ideal for home, gym, cycling, hiking, vacation, car and other outdoor activities such as golfing! High-performance athletes also benefit greatly from drinking the Pimag water.

We wouldn’t want to go anywhere without them!

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