Emotion code self-treatment with magnets

The emotion code is a method of freeing ourselves from emotional entanglements and blockages that can affect our well-being. By using magnets, the emotion code can be used even more effectively and support the body’s self-healing powers. In this article, you will learn how to perform the emotion code yourself using magnets .

What is the emotion code?

The emotion code is a method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is based on the assumption that every person can be affected by emotional entanglements and blockages, which are stored in the body in the form of “energetic entanglements”. These entanglements can affect our well-being and even cause physical discomfort. The emotion code offers a way to detect and solve these entanglements in order to improve well-being.

How does self-treatment with magnets work?

Self-treatment with magnets involves the use of small neodymium magnets placed on specific acupuncture points. By applying magnets to certain acupuncture points, blood circulation in the affected area is stimulated and the body’s self-healing powers are supported.

First, you need to determine which acupuncture points are relevant to your specific ailments. This can be done by using a body-meridian map or by consulting with a therapist. Once you have identified the relevant acupuncture points, place the magnets on these points and leave them in place for a period of time (usually 20-30 minutes).

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