The emotion code

“The mind and body are inextricably linked, with thoughts and emotions having a strong impact on our health.”

Dr. Bradley Nelson

What is the emotion code?

The emotion code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and featured in his book of the same name. In his 18 years as a chiropractor, he discovered that the physical ailments he treated often stemmed from unprocessed emotions.

According to Dr Nelson, negative emotions, if not processed effectively, can get stuck in the body. He calls these “captured emotions.” These captured emotions can cause both physical pain and illness as well as emotional pain such as depression, anxiety, PTBS and phobias.

Our subconscious archives and remembers all our life experiences. If these experiences are negative, they can cause emotions to be “caught” within us.

The emotion code is an energy healing techniquethat helps us identify and literally release these captured emotions. Prisoner emotions can cause depression and anxiety, deter people from love and happiness, and make them feel disconnected from others. Since captured emotions, like the rest of the body, consist of energy, they exert an influence on the physical tissue and can cause acute pain and disease.

What do trapped emotions do?

They can be a heavy mental and emotional burden for you, affecting your mindset, the choices you make, and the level of success and fullness you can achieve. Perhaps the most intolerable of all captured emotional energies can gather around your heart and impair your ability to give and receive love.

When you release trapped emotions, the conditions for the body can cure, so that physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or are much better managed.

“Consciousness makes up only 10 of the entire brain, the subconscious 90!”

The emotion code is therefore a simple techniquein which muscle tests are usedto communicate with the subconscious. In this way, people can let goof the captured emotions that have blocked their health and happiness.

The Emotion Code is a powerful and easy way to get rid of this invisible baggage. Dr. Nelson’s method gives you the tools to identify and release the captured emotions in your life, eliminate your “emotional baggage” and open your heart and body to the positive energies of the world.

Dr. Nelson is the founder of The Healer’s Library and author of “The Emotion Code”.

In seminars you can be trained as a certified emotion code practitioner. In German-speaking countries, this is offered by Dr. Susanne Hufnagel.

The Book by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Of course, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book also serves to learn this privately. It is described in great detail and is easy to understand. In this way, it can also be used as a method of self-help.

The book explains step-by-step how to apply the charts and how to express the right questions to the body or subconscious. The emotion code tables are mapped several times.

Various techniques are also described for testing the body.

In many case studies, he explains his experiences and how he was able to dissolve the trapped emotions.

The book is very popular and available in many languages. In the meantime, more and more people can be trained to solve with fixed emotions in your clients.

In addition to technology, his book will also describe exactly which magnets he personally prefers to work with and very successfully.

In the last section of the book he explains why he recommends the magnets of Nikken for his method.

If used correctly, the blockages can be solved with a magnet.

The emotion code has the advantage that people quickly and effectively find help to dissolve their trapped emotions.

Can all trapped emotions be resolved at once?

That’s what your body decides. Questions reveal whether the subconscious is ready to dissolve further emotions. Your subconscious can also tell you when it is ready again.

What method can be used to question one’s subconscious?

There are different ways to test this. Kinisiological muscle tests are used for this purpose.

Is it possible to test animals?

Yes – even in animals, fixed emotions can be resolved

Can children be tested?

Yes, even children. This should always be done with the consent of the parents.

Are there any other books?

Yes, there’s the book: The Body Code

Does Nikken EmotionsCode offer seminars?

no. Nikken is a Japanese health research institute and since 1975 has specialized in helping our bodies to regain balance with magnet products in a world where we are increasingly exposed to physical and mental stress. Nikken’s magnetic products help to restore the conditions in which humans can naturally live and develop.

Seminars are offered by Dr. Susanne Hufschmmidt.

What are the causes of trapped emotions?

We are emotional beings and were born to express feelings freely and openly. They affect us all our lives. At some point along the way, however, many of us learned to suppress emotions, especially those that were classified as “negative” to adapt, to earn love, and to be accepted. Often emotional expressions are not allowed:at home, among friends, at school, in the job. Often many also do not learn to process emotions and how to deal with them. Unfortunately, there is often shame and fear is not taken seriously. Pain is buried deep within oneself, one feels invisible, ashamed, angry, alone and unable to ask what one needs. You try to hide the pain from others and yourself, you start building walls and you put on masks.

The pain is buried so deeply – and trapped emotions arise.

Why dissolve fixed emotions?

They consume our energy, which can lead to burnout, emotional imbalance and/or even illness. When we chronically suppress emotions, we create toxicity in the body, mind and heart.

Does it always work?

You have to be ready to get rid of your blockages. It’s a process – a journey. Step one is recognizable. Take on the challenge and face your emotions. Step 2: Allow them. Give them expression. Step 3: Be mindful and strive for a life in Blance.

Can a dissolved emotion settle down again?

No, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson, this is not possible. It may be that something else is fixed in the same place.

Who can support me?

Certified emotion code instructor, trained EC or body code therapists. It is also used in psychotherapies and also some, trained naturopaths work with the Emotions Code.

We are happy to help you.

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