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Every crisis is an opportunity

It is our duty

While most fill their cars with toilet paper,
we focus on informing our fellow human beings.

In times of crisis as well as in these times, we have all the more the obligation to tell you what great possibilities the wellness home offers us.
The products and our business.

The current crisis presents us all with major challenges.
Many people are anxious and insecure at the moment. They don’t know what to do:
Health and professional.

In addition to the usual and well-known measures such as hygiene, fresh air and vitamin D, many people are also aware of finally taking responsibility for their own health again.
They want to PREVENT diseases and not treat them.


We want to inspire more people to take care of their immune system and their general life situation, so that we can be strengthened holistically. Not only today, but a lifetime.

What we do when there are challenges:
– First of all, live a healthy lifestyle. We have been doing this for many years. Living in a wellness home is a great advantage.
– Stay calm and destress: Anxiety is a stressor and stress exposes our immune system.
– Stay healthy:
Drink plenty of water, breathe clean air, sleep well and care for our immune system: Pimag water system/ Sportsbottle, Greenzymes (barley grass), lactoferrin and ciaga as well as our Kenkopad (sleeping in the magnetic cocoon) give us the necessary support. Meditations also help to relax.
positive thoughts, dealing with loving people

Nikken offers us great products with state-of-the-art technology that can be easily integrated into any home and everyday life:
We would like to support you and offer our know-how. We are sitting right at the source.

In times like these, we are all the more grateful that we have the opportunity to work from home and be there for our children. Without stress, everything can be easily reconciled.

The economic consequences will be obvious.

In crises like this, the economy suffers greatly and, unfortunately, many jobs are lost. This is an unpleasant truth that we must accept. But even this is not a cause for panic, but an incentive to overcome this crisis so quickly, calmly, effectively and above all TOGETHER.

We want to open the doors to you. A global wellness community is waiting to be discovered by you. With very little investment and an excellent support system, there is a good opportunity to survive these times of change.

It is a time to learn, grow and discover.
Every crisis is an opportunity. An opportunity for something new and for change.

Let us therefore be responsible and relaxed.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you.

If you need input on a wide variety of topics, please browse our blog. Here we write about all topics around the 5 pillars of health.

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