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Finally take a deep breath again

More quality of life through clean, clean air

Especially smoke, pollen and animal hair, which accumulate in the air, can lead to allergies or make life very difficult for allergy sufferers. The Eyes tear, itchy, are swollen. The sneered nose is a classic part of it. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

It is not only allergy sufferers who suffer from polluted air.

Each of us needs clean air to live. Air is vital for us to survive. We worry about healthy food and try to buy organic quality, we pay attention to clean, living water. But what about the awareness of clean air? We breathe continuously – for 24 hours – these are huge amounts of air that inhale and exhale our lungs. With each breath we supply our body with the important element of air and we have it in our hands how pure this air is.

Shouldn’t our air be of the very best quality?


Air purifiers help to improve the air in the apartment and thus lead to more well-being.

Where are we most at?

Exactly: inside. In the office, school, at home. Especially in the bedroom, because this is the room where we spend most of our time at a time and that’s why pure air is especially important there.

Unfortunately, our air is no longer clean. Depending on where you live, our air is polluted for a variety of reasons. z.B. By

  • Cigarette smoke/ chimney smoke/ smoke odour and cold smoke
  • Mold or fashion odour
  • Dust/ fine dust/ house dust
  • Spores
  • Pollen
  • generally bad odours
  • Food odours
  • Formaldehyde
  • Bacteria
  • House dust mites/ mites
  • Dog Hair & Dog Smell
  • Cat hair & cat smell
  • Hair
  • Nicotine or nicotine smell/ tobacco smell – smokers who smoke outside, still exhale nicotine indoors afterwards.
  • Ozone
  • Smog
  • Viruses

Depending on where we live, what our everyday life is like, the air we breathe at home is burdened differently.

Who needs an air purifier?

Basically everyone.

Our interiors are also polluted by “ourselves”. Our furniture “breathe” through is inferior building material. This also often affects carpets, curtains and also cleaning agents are not “pure” but leave poisons in the air, as well as body “care” means, air fresheners, heat sources (TV, computers, hetongues, air conditioning systems, etc.)

We unconsciously bring endless air polluters into the house. Our living pets and ourselves also contribute to this. Due to diseases, viruses and bacteria are in the air, too well or too little insulated houses have mold, mildew or smell fashionable. Air exchange is too rare or irregular and is sometimes not wanted due to large-scale sites (fine dust, road dirt, exhaust gases, etc.).

This is how our air becomes a real problem.

Can this be solved?


Good air purifiers clean the room air by filtering the pollutants. Impurities such as house dust, particulate matter, soot, pollen and much more in the air are filtered out. Thanks to air purifiers, allergic reactions can be prevented in one’s own home and generally increase well-being. Animal owners and allergy sufferers in particular benefit from an air purifier, as the devices reduce the allergens in the air. Depending on the type of allergy, sufferers can feel rapid relief.

Reasons for using the KenkoAir Purifier – the nikken air filter:

Air filters for your rooms at home

Dust collectors can help you remove dust and other air pollution from your room, allowing you to breathe more freely. These are air purifiers with dust filters, which can hold back even the finest particles. HEPAFilters that can remove small particles from the air up to 0.03 microns are very effective.

The advantages offered by the Nikken air filter:

  • In the bedroom, for an undisturbed sleep, they need a quiet operation with dimmed lighting.
  • for allergy households: Not only dust, but also pollen, animal hair and mold spores trigger allergic reactions in many people. The filtering of the room air is therefore especially necessary for allergy sufferers in order to be able to breathe carefree in their own home. Allergy sufferers are already sensitive to the smallest amounts of allergens in the air. It is therefore not only crucial to reduce their proportion, but also to adjust such a high cleaning performance that they can virtually no longer be detected.
  • The KenkoAir Purifier has several levels of air filtration to solve most of the air problems that can occur in your home. It refreshes the air without the harmful ozone.

A modern air purifier with HEPA filter reliably filters 99.95 (H13) of all particles up to 0.3 microns in size from the room air and ensures clean, healthy air in your home.

The Kenko Air from Nikken thus achieves an extremely high level of performance.

In addition, the KenkoAir cleaner includes the generation of clean ions, another proprietary technology.

Only Nikken has the production of clean ionsthat produce negative ions (to create a refreshing, invigorating atmosphere) without giving up harmful ozone layers.

Nikken’s KenkoAir Cleaner offers all these features in one product. Now you can enjoy the air in your house with every breath, every day.

Although its price is comparable to many ordinary air filters, the KenkoAir air purifier offers you much more:

  • No other air filtration system for the household achieves this level of performance
  • Based on negative-ion technology
  • Clinically clean, naturally fresh
  • Advanced filtration in professional quality
  • Ozone-free operation
  • Compact design, automated operation, competitive price
  • Quiet
  • different volume setting, by selecting the power power.
  • Filter change indicator, etc.
  • low in power consumption


only every 6 months. A digital display shows you when it’s back to that point.

Its design is classy and lightweight, and with an Energy Star rating, the KenkoAir offers lower operating costs and contributes to the preservation of the environment.


Get your green oasis home and take a deep breath again.


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