How do I build barley grass?


Barley grass can be an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. It is rich in minerals and trace elements and contains plenty of vitamins and important phytochemicals such as flavonoids. In addition, barley grass juice is rich in fibre due to its fibres. The advantage is that barley grass can be grown on its own all year round without any problems. As a result, fresh barley grass of high quality is always available.

Seed selection

The quality of the later barley grass is highly dependent on the seeds. In the case of cereals, special attention is paid to the fact that certain ingredients are present in high concentrations for different uses, while other ingredients may only be present in small quantities. When used as barley grass, it is important that the ingredients are present in a balanced mixture. This is usually the case with seeds which can be designated as barley grass. In any case, the seed should come from organic farming. Due to the type of use or the short growth time, it is usually not possible to break down the existing traces of plant protection products, as they are common in conventional cultivation. These traces of plant protection products can then possibly be absorbed indirectly via the grown barley grass.

Planting barley grass

Commercially available flower or garden soil is also suitable in organic quality as a substrate. Before planting, the seeds are watered for at least 24 hours. This facilitates germination and saves a few days until the barley grass grows. The watered grains are then scattered onto a well-watered substrate. It is important that the grains are not too close together so that they do not hinder each other’s growth. The grains are then slightly pressed, which makes it easier for them to root.

Care of barley grass

After the grains have been planted, the shell with the grains is placed in a bright place at the window. Sufficient light is important for the barley grass to develop a strong green. The green comes from chlorophyll, also a healthy ingredient that the barley grass only forms if it gets sufficient light for several hours a day.

In the germination phase, it is particularly important that the substrate remains constantly moist. However, no waterlogging should form. An atomizer is used for casting, in which normal tap water is filled. After about ten days, the barley grass can already be harvested.

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