Is good sleep expensive?

According to the WIWO (2015 edition), millions of Germans have trouble falling asleep.

When was the last time you slept many nights at a time?

Typical scenario:

You had a long, exhausting day. Maybe not everything went the way you imagined.
Sleepy, traffic jam, stress in the office, no time for a relaxing lunch.
Much sat. Quickly still to school pick up the children (sitting) , with the dog out (yippieh run briefly) , children to go to the hobby (sitting) , quickly still get things done.

Meanwhile, you can already hear the lawn shouting: “I still have to be mowed”, your flowers need water, you also wanted to shower – really with peace.

Weeks ago, you promised your girlfriend, “I’ll get in touch.” Incitement, haste and to do justice to everyone,determine your day.

The way back went faster than expected and you have 30 minutes break – they are now just for you. But you are broken and everything else has to wait.

Your feet burn and your back reports. Great. Always at the “appropriate” time.

So you just lie there, with the hot water bottle in your back and think for the umpteenth time to do more sport and sit less.
“Next week I’ll go back to the sport…”

In the evening you fall completely broken into bed and it starts again, like most nights:

You lie there, the thoughts are still circling: partly they are in the morning and partly in the last day. You roll from A to B, your back reports again. No position seems to be the right one. You sweat, then you freeze. When you fall asleep, you wake up again and again at night and it takes you back to sleep.

In between the thoughts: why can’t I sleep?

So slowly it gets bright again – and you already guess it… the alarm clock will ring immediately.
The madness starts all over again, but hey, “next week I’ll go to sport”.

do you know that or something similar?

When was the last time you started the day with a lot of energy?

Your body lacks recovery and not because you don’t have “perfect timing” during the day.
Our body recovers at night.
He needs the deep sleep phases to get into regeneration, to wake up in the morning fit and full of energy.

A good day starts the night before.

That is really the case.

Basically, many people know how important sleep is.
We spend most of our lives in a certain place: in our bed
To love our body and well-being, we should pay great attention to this place.
How to pray so you sleep” hits the nail on the head.

How much attention do you give your sleeping comfort?

The magnetic pad offers us a lot of comfort,which our body needs to relax and especially to come to the deep sleepphases.
You can read more about this here:

Even if we have strenuous days, we can rely on our magnetic mat to support us in the best possible wayto welcome the new day with filled energy stores.

We have been able to delight an infinite number of customers with a restful sleep.

Is good sleep expensive?

There are also customers who would very much like to have a magnetic pad for your bed, but believe that it is very expensive.

Yes, I agree with the customer.
At first glance, it may seem high-priced for the first time.

Therefore, one should take a closer look: What advantages does a high-quality mattress have and how much does a night of rest, destress, recharge batteries and rain.

The magnetic support is a high-quality product, state-of-the-art magnetic technology and equipped with many important features that can offer us precisely this execellent sleep.

For example:

  • Breathable
  • is manufactured in Europe
  • it turns its normal mattress into an environment that promotes healthy sleep
    with magnetic technology
  • long-lasting quality
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Wicking
  • Ventilation
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Latex mixture
  • Surface is like an “egg carton” structure with reinforced tips. This surface provides a relaxing massage effect while allowing air circulation and sweat dissipation. Pressure points are avoided for ideal sleeping comfort.
  • Tissue of the cover is produced without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It supports moisture dissipation and provides a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment with improved ventilation.
  • of course hygienic,as latex naturally has antimicrobial properties and is resistant to dust mites.
  • A further increase in comfort is achieved by adapting the latex pad to the contours of your body, thus reducing pressure points.
  • Magnet technology does the job for you to promote a healthy, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

How much does a night in my magnetic bed cost me?

All the pluses listed above together make a huge gift for our prevention and are important advantages for a restful, healthy sleep.

We asked ourselves: What does a night of well-being, including regeneration, cost us for the next day?

We assume that we will be using it for 15 years. This is not uncommon. On the contrary, the mattresses are so high-quality that they could be used much longer.

Prices are inclusive of VAT (as of 14.07.2020)
We have 3 price examples with 3 different sizes.
more sizes are available. Please contact us, we will be happy to calculate the costs per night.

KenkoPad (90 x 200 cm) € 739.87
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
€739.87 : 5475 days = €0.14


KenkoPad (160 x 200 cm) € 1,297.45
when using 2 people
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
€1297.45 : 5475 days = €0.24
0.12 cents per person


KenkoPad (180 x 200 cm) 1,421.24
when using 2 people
365 days x 15 years = 5475 days in use
€1,421.24 : 5475 days = €0.26
0.13 cents per person

15 years of high-quality sleep costs me in a single or double bed as a customer between 12-14 cents per day.
12-14 centsto wake up in the morning
12-14 cents to make my body in balance
12-14 centsto experience multiple deep sleep phases
12-14 cents to regenerate every night
12-14 cents to go through the day with energy and joy.

If you use it for 20 years, the usage per night would be around 9 cents!

We have only one health

What is it worth to you?

If you would like more information about the sleep products such as magnetic pads, pillows and blankets, you will find many articles in our health guide and blog.

We are also happy to send you the current sleep brochure and advise you personally.


Other products that can support your back and heavy, burning feet in addition to the sleeping system are

the magnet-back plate Magflex

and the insoles mSteps or mStridesso you can have the full energy.

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