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Humidity affects our immune system

What is humidity?

Humidity is expressed in numbers. This numerical value indicates how much water is in the air. 0 Humidity is very dry air and 100 means that the air is saturated and very humid/wet. For our well-being, we need a certain humidity. This should be between 40-60 depending on the room.

Optimal prerequisite for mold formation:

– faulty ventilation
– Tree defects, etc. ..

possible health consequences of mold spores:

In addition, in autumn, due to the decay of the arbor of the trees, more and more mould is produced in the outside world. This is a recurring, natural process. Although there are mold spores in the air all year round, especially in autumn and winter this additional strain is very difficult for us and again impairs our immune system.

The temperatures drop, we heat with dry heating air in the interiors, airing often not as regularly as in summer.

Every change of season is a transitional period in nature, and our bodies are also affected, even if we are unaware of this.

Just at this time, the waiting rooms at the doctors are full of snuffed people who are snuffed out and suffer from the above symptoms.

Depending on how we maintain our immune system,it also works reliably over the cold season or suffers from the additional strain.

Typical flu, permant cough and colds are almost “normal”. But that should not be the case!

Phrases like “My child is sick – but at the moment everyone is sick anyway.” or “it’s autumn – I’m sick”, somehow sound “normal”. Normally, an intact immune system would be resistant to the invading things and protect us.

In addition, our digestion may be impaired in the colder season, as the foods that were eaten more often in the summer (such as: increased salads, light dishes, fruits and vegetables) in autumn and winter against heavier, warming foods dishes can be exchanged. The movement in nature is also often more limited.

Unfortunately, autumn is too often the time when more toxic stresses affect our immune and digestive system.

How can I support myself?

In order to be prepared against mold spores and a weakened immune system, we can do something on many levels:

Indoor rooms:

  • Measuring humidity
  • regularly ventilate
  • Do not allow rooms to cool down or overheat them

Inside the body:

Strengthen your immune system not only in winter, but all year round. In addition to a balanced diet and active exercise, you can support your immune system by insertinglactoferrin® 2.0 into your diet. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein. Iron supports the immune system, helps with fatigue and promotes energy metabolism. Lactoferrin provides antibacterial protection. Lactoferrin kills bacteria and protects against infections and inflammation.

Here are some other tips to reduce toxins in everyday life:

1. Try to be exposed to chemical toxins in your environment or in everyday products such as cosmetics, detergents, detergents, plastics, air fresheners, etc.

2. Use non-perfumed detergents and detergents. Perfumed products are often full of artificial ingredients that can strain the immune and digestive system.

3. Read packaging labels and pay attention to products without artificial dyes and preservatives. Processed foods can generally irritate the digestive tract.

4. Store your reusable plastic bags and plastic containers in a cabinet or airtight containers. Plastics contain petrochemicals (based on oil and natural gas) that can be found in the air, especially indoors.

5. Drink filtered water. Often, water is transferred to the municipal water supply with chlorine, an aggressive substance. The PiMag® Waterfallexceeds the standards in terms of chlorine content reduction and can help you filter tap water in the home and use less bottled water for the sake of the environment. PiMag® water also tastes great with KENZEN® Super Ciaga®. Super Ciaga has a 100-strong fruit content and a high ORAC (antioxidants!) and can help you and your family keep your strong immune system strong.

6. In order to support intestinal health, traditional Chinese medicine recommends a diet of moisturizing foods such as tofu, tempeh, spinach, barley, pears, apples, seaweed, mushrooms, almonds and sesame seeds.

7. Protect your skin from dryness,which can be favored by dry air in your environment. Use moisturizing such as the TRUE elements® Youthful Face Creamfor the night and Nourishing Face Cream for the day.

8. Pay attention to enough relaxation and sleepso your immune system stays happy and you can enjoy all 4 beautiful seasons optimally indoors and outdoors.

More about sleep can be found here: Sleeping in the Magnetic Cocoon

Your immune system

Health is the greatest wealth

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