Hydrogen water, mitochondria and energy…

Scientific mechanisms of action of hydrogen water

Science is now revealing the manifold mechanisms of action of hydrogen water. They refer to the potential to increase antioxidant activity, modulate immune regulation, and regulate autophagy, circadian rhythm, and mitochondria. 1 (Autophagy is the body’s method of cleansing damaged cells to regenerate new, healthier cells.) Each of these beneficial anatomical activities is believed to help boost overall energy levels and health.

Hydrogen Molecule

Because hydrogen is such a small molecule, the lightest in the periodic table, it can dissolve more easily in cells compared to traditional antioxidants. 2 Hydrogen has the property of protecting nuclear DNA and mitochondria and can penetrate biomembranes to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related problems caused by oxidative stress. 3 In other words, drinking hydrogen-rich water can improve our overall functioning, which increases our quality of life.

Mitochondria and hydrogen water

Mitochondria are specialized structures that perform various tasks within cells. They are membrane-bound with two different membranes. These membranes have the task of the mitochondria to generate most of the chemical energy needed for the biochemical reactions of the cell. 4 Mitochondria are therefore the power plants in our cells.

Energy is generated by converting chemicals within the cell. These chemicals go through pathways to be converted. The conversion process produces energy in the form of a small molecule known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Different cells have different amounts of mitochondria depending on how much energy they need. For example, the muscles have many mitochondria, as well as the liver and kidneys, and to some extent the brain, which lives on the energy these mitochondria produce. 5

What do these energy-producing mitochondria have to do with hydrogen water? Clinical studies on hydrogen-rich water show that it contributes to the improvement of mitochondrial function. 6 When the mitochondria function at high or optimal levels, our energy levels are correspondingly high. An abundance of energy makes all the difference in how we feel. It affects our moods, our activity level, and essentially creates a domino effect of Active Wellness. When we are full of energy, we tend to be happier and more active. When we are more active, every internal organ (heart, liver, lungs, etc.) is trained, which helps fight oxidative stress.

Clinical studies on the effects of hydrogen water

There are ongoing clinical trials on the effects of hydrogen water. From improving athletic performance to relieving muscle fatigue, 7 of the support in the fight against metabolic syndrome 8 (a disease characterized by high blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels) up to the positive influence of the intestinal microbiome 9 , these research studies appear to support the use of hydrogen water for a variety of reasons, most of which are related to increasing antioxidant activity, which helps reduce inflammation and regulate our immune system.

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