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Hydrogenation is important to be successful

Self-care for your health

Water, the answer to (almost) everything:

Our body shows us how important water is for us in an impressive way.

– Wrinkles or firm skin
– tired or awake
– bad or positive thoughts
– prevent or motivate
– depressed or in a good mood
– unconcentrated or full of ideas
– acne or clear skin
– increase or decrease in weight
– be prone to disease or healthy
– Hold or get rid of slags and poisons

Which of the site do you prefer?

Adequate water supply is directly related to positive physical and mental health.

Whoever takes responsibility for himself,his body and mind, provides himself with pure water.

Do you do that?

Why is pure, living water so crucial?

Table water, bottled water, tap water ….. all are without energy – almost dead, free of minerals, polluted and acidic.

Water filters with activated carbon filters,mineral stones and magnets not only clean the water of pollutants, but also give the water its natural energy back. This will make your tap water clean and alkaline.

Every drink, except pure water, acidifiers your body.
It has negative effects on the body if the ph-value is acidic and not basic.

Filtered water is better absorbed by the body and toxins can be removed much better. This is important if you want to benefit from a healthy body, and it also slows down the aging process.

Don’t like still water?

Here, too, you benefit from a water filter.
– Water filters with activated carbon filter remove unpleasant odours from your water, such as chlorine.

– By using magnets, the water is split into smaller clusters. This leads, among other things, to the fact that the water tastes much softer and is very easy to drink. Children also like to drink still water.

– Water, which is additionally enriched with minerals, is alive and does the body incredibly well. Another advantage is that you no longer supply yourself with unclean water. Filtered, alkaline water is virtually free of pesticides, chlorine, drugs, hormones, lead and other contaminants.
There are now also water filters that remove microplastics by nanofilters.

Even water from the supermarket is not recommended:
– it is expensive
– it is dead and free of nutrients
– it’s sour
– it pollutes the environment: plastic, transport….
– it contains microplastics

Is drinking still water too boring for you every day?

Then enrich your water with
– lemon,
– Strawberries and mint
– Orange or
– Cucumber on
This brings colour and some natural, refreshing taste to your glass.

Drink more water

Easily activate your metabolism,lose your toxins, increase your well-being, tighten your body and experience how you gain fresh radiance.

If it is not easy for you to drink regularly enough water to stay hydrated, set water targets:
There are several ways to remind you to drink water:
– Always carry a water bottle with you. There are also water bottles with integrated water filters on the go. This way you will be supplied with pure Pi water anytime, anywhere.
– Drink a glass of water before meals and after getting up and before bedtime.
– set up a filled water carafe at your workplace at home or in the office.
– set an alarm clock
– Use a water app


In the end, you can be proud of yourself when you reach your goal. This will have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

There is no substitute for pure, living water. We all need it. Day by day.

Water is the most important nutrient for our body. Give him a little more attention and pay close attention to yourself, your body and your mind.
They are worth it.
Hydration is important to be successful.

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