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Improved golf play through the use of magnets

How our golf game has improved significantly with magnetic products

We are passionate golfers. Our whole family. Often we spend our time together on the golf course.

Our preparation for the game starts at home.

We pack everything important for the round of golf:

  • Healthy snacks such as muesli bars and bananas as well as glucose
  • the Sportsbottle , so that we always have filtered water with us
  • Sunscreen
  • Relaxation cream for the muscles
  • Tape tape
  • Patch – have you ever had a bubble under the glove?
  • our magduo / (magboy)
  • and of course our soles we shoes (whereby these are now permanent guests in the shoe ;-) )

Of course, there must also be plenty of golf balls, tea and maker as well as the glove. Golfcap, towel, sturdy golf shoes and rain or umbrella is a matter of course.

As you can read, this is a lot of equipment – for a golfer his “quite normal stuff”. Those who travel 4-6 hours on the golf course should be well prepared.

I would like to tell you why we attach so much importance to Nikken products when playing golf:

Our golf game is solid that game our kids outstanding (was clear or ;-) ). We have been using Nikken products for 21 years, but they have never consciously used them in sports. An acquaintance spoke to us and was horrified why we miss “the good results” when we forgo the Nikken products while playing golf.

We all tried it out on the next round and, although we have of course already had many personal experiences with the most diverse products from Nikken, we were amazed again on this day about the great effect of the products:

  • Neither the feet were noticeably stressed after the 18 hole round,
  • nor were we, as usual, extremely exhausted.
  • there was no muscle soreness
  • Shoulder, arms and hands were not like pudding.
  • our body was naturally stressed but not exhausted. We had a fantastic time with sensational, sporting results


  • We know that by using the insoles, we are “more stable” and less shaky. This is extremely important for every blow. The magnets provide our body with good energy, which it can implement one-to-one on our athletic, physical performance. This is positive feedback blow by blow and of course this is also noticeable in the stroke length.
  • The use of the soles had another advantage: by having more energy available, we are no longer exhausted after half the lap and do not suffer a significant low as usual and thus escape the classic drop in performance.
  • With every little kind of exhaustion in the muscles, e.g. in the arms,we rolled each other off briefly with the magnetic scooter – of course we could have done this alone with us – but we had more fun to give each other the short power massage. I’m really just talking about a few seconds in the upper shoulder area.

Our balls fly much further.

  • During training we had it tested again. Our trainer has created a stroke analysis on which, among other things, the width was measured. When using the Magduo, a length increase of a few meters was measurable each time :-). For us golfers a huge success.
  • We only have the tape tape in the bag as a precaution. During a tournament, my son hit the ball in the ground with full momentum and full power instead of the ball. You can imagine how it hurts. And in order to be able to provide emergency aid for accidents, we have always stored it in the bags.
  • The filtered water from the sports bottle is not a renewal in our golf equipment. This, of course, has been with us since the beginning. Since I have become aware of what is in the tap water in garbage, the purchased water is only the most prepared tap water and this is 1000 times more expensive than the polluted water from the tap and in plastic bottles also microplastics swirlarounds around, we only use the water filter in the portable sports bottle on the go. With 600ml capacity, the bottle has a good volume and can be replenished regularly on the golf course. Thus, our body is supplied with clean, living water and can retrieve its performance much better or the cells are supplied with energy much faster, as our body can process pure water more easily.

In conclusion, I can say in summary:

All golfers know the challenge of the low during the round, from being completely exhausted after the round (not only mentally but also physically). The treatment of physiotherapists, warm baths, massages on arms and calves have been snow since the integration of the 3 products of yesterday.

We can be completely painless after the round and really recovered.

Just try it out. It is as simple and easy as drinking coffee.

1.) Put soles in your shoes once and leave them there – they work for you all by yourself while you walk across the square :-)

2.) magduo into the golf bag and roll briefly just before the blow – easy and fast

3.) Water you pack anyway to drink it: at the Sportsbottle you don’t even have to go to the supermarket anymore. Do yourself the favor and drink clean water and take a sip after sip with energy.

Playing golf can be so easy ;-)

Beautiful game


Due to high demand:

Do magnets help with the famous golfer’s elbow or golfer’s arm?

I am not a physician and I cannot judge this.

Our experience is that we have never had inflammation in the arm, shoulder or elbow area or tendons due to the many (permanent) loads and we never had any problems to tackle the racket firmly. Only once when my son hit the ground with full force and not the ball ( above ) : He had hellish pain and had to cancel the tournament because he was not in physical condition to hit a ball. We wrapped his wrist in the wrist bandage and put the SuperMini between the wrist and bandage – all fixed so that the wrist or fingers are not moving and the “package” is spared for 2 weeks over the holidays. After that he could start again without any problems and play us pain-free.

And if you’re not sure:Go to the sports doctor and check it out.

… and now off on the pitch and enjoy life and no longer wonder how you get more power in your game every time you hit. You have just read the solution. :-)


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