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Law of Attraction – Affirmations

Your positive thinking moves mountains

Affirmations are a very effective way to make changes successfully.
With them you can influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The affirmative sentences help you to make wishes a reality.

The world of thought is closely related to feelings and actions. So if we change our thoughts, we also change our feelings and actions. This is positive as well as negative, because you can direct your thoughts in both directions.
The aim of affirmations is to dissolve negative thought patterns and anchor positive beliefs and thus give his subconscious a new orientation.

How and when do I best apply affirmations?

Recommended is morning or evening. On the one hand, your subconscious is then well able to absorb things, on the other hand it is most likely the time when you have time for yourself in peace.

Just in bed in the morning: come to rest, concentrate on your affirmations,breathe in and out calmly, lay evt. put your hands on your stomach and feel you. Speak loudly or in your thoughts your affirmative sentences. Try to feel and visualize them. Repeat your sentences or phrases a few times in a row in peace. The same goes well in the evening before falling asleep.

You can also write down your affirmations and stick them where you often see and read them. I sometimes write them to myself on the mirror – a place where 100 more often a day are ;-) and is confronted with it.

Positive affirmations are very important for generating and emitting positive vibrations.
Through the constant repetition of affirmation, she will wander into your subconscious.

How do I formulate affirmations?

First of all, every affirmation should be formulated in the present and positively.
Effectiveness depends on whether the chosen sentence fits your goal. You should be open positive affirmationto change, because that’s what you want to do with affirmation. If you are not convinced that affirmations are effective, they cannot do much.

Avoid: the word “not” has a huge meaning,because the universe knows no no. It ignores your No. So you’re the affirmation: “I’m not unhappy” – a very different sentence arrives: I’m unhappy. So please avoid negative things and that definitely includes the word no. Formulate it positively instead: I’m happy.

The law of attraction brings you what you want. Direct your thoughts to it.

What could be affirmations?

With your affirmation, you will remember every day what you want to achieve – until you finally give it faith. Here are a few examples for you:

  • I am beautiful as I am,
  • Every breath gives me new strength,
  • I pay attention to the needs of my body,
  • I have the opportunity to achieve everything I want,
  • It’s easy for me to keep my weight,
  • I am proud of the successes I have already achieved,
  • I draw into my life the people who are good to me,
  • I deserve a loving and honest relationship,
  • I am valuable
  • I am ready to change my life,
  • I am successful
  • There is always enough money
  • Love fills my life
  • I let go and say goodbye

In summary, it says:

  • find the right set for your goal
  • be open to change
  • Build your affirmation daily at a fixed time
  • start with a few clear sentences and focus on it


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