Magnetic insoles

have been popular for years and are indispensable in our shoes.
Magnetic insoles, in addition to the magnetic sleeping mattresses, are one of the most popular magnetic productson the market.
It is one of the best-selling products due to the positive experienceswe all have with them every day.

What are magnetic insoles?

These are inserts/inserts for the shoe, which contains magnets.

Why are magnetic soles so popular?

On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that we quickly feel the difference on the other hand, because many professional athletes recommend it.
Athletes depend on rapid regeneration and have a good feeling of what is good for their body and which gives it fast, good energy.

What are the advantages of magnetic insoles?

Magnetic shoe inserts can give the body energies a magnetic boost,especially when they are low.
“When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. Thanks to the Nikken insoles, you can be relaxed and comfortable even when you are on your feet all day long.”

With magnetic insoles they help your feet to relax. And when your feet are relaxed, you can feel better. The goal of using Nikken’s magnetic insoles is to make your feet feel good and make your whole body feel comfortable.

Since when have magnetic insoles been available?

Nikken is a leading Japanese research and development company.
In 1975, Isamu Masuda developed an invention designed to relax and energise millions of people who experienced one of humanity’s most common strains: foot stress and fatigue, as well as energy deficit that extends throughout the body.
The magnetic soles were Nikken’s first product.

What makes the difference to other magnetic soles?

Nikken has 2 different models.
The mSteps and mStripes

Both give your foot a very good magnetic cover over the entire surface.

Why is all this coverage so important?

The patented DynaFlux magnets create a magnetic field that goes deeper than a normal static magnet. This means that the magnetic energy penetrates deeper into your body for greater effectiveness.

You can test this by placing an office needle on the magnet. It will remain vertical, as the magnetic force goes both in width and depth.

The magnets are embedded in such a way that they create a shifting magnetic field when walking. This dynamic magnetic field greatly improves the advantages of insoles. This Dynaflux technology is unique and also makes Nikken magnetic insoles a unique product.

The difference between the two magnetic soles:


The mSteps are thinner than the mStripes. In addition, the mSteps have small bumps. The purpose of the unevenness is to stimulate the soles of the feet. The raised surface points provide the refreshing feeling of a foot massage while walking, standing or even sitting – all day long. Shock-absorbing materials promote increased comfort. The materials are robust and durable.


The mStrides are slightly thicker than the mSteps and offer them a little more cushions and have no bumps. They are especially suitable for soft sports shoes that offer more indulgence – sneakers, tennis shoes, golf ball shoes, hiking shoes, etc. They may not fit comfortably in evening shoes or other shoes that are usually tight. The mStrides have the same Dynaflux magnetic technology as the mSteps.

Both insoles have the same magnetic technology in place to benefit from the depth effect.

More information on magnetic insoles:

  • The insoles can be cut tofit comfortably into your shoes without losing the advantage of the magnetic field.
  • The magnetic insoles are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Features of a good pair of magnetic insoles

Some of the best features of a magnetic insole are the technology:

  • DynaFlux Magnetic Technology: This is one of the latest technologies in magnetic insole technology and has been patented with Nikken magnetic insoles, where the magnets are so spaced that the generated magnetic field is amplified.
  • as well as the 100 magnetic, full-surface cover
  • and longevity (price-performance: we have worn our soles for 15 years )
  • Magnetic insoles can allow you to enjoy the natural and effortless way while walking as well as new vitality and comfort.

Who can benefit from magnetic insoles?

  • If you want more lightness because you:
  • are on the road a lot,
  • Athletes are,
  • lots of sitting
  • a lot of standing
  • lots of running
  • feel heavy on her feet
  • want to provide themselves with more energy
  • are separated from the earth’s magnetic field: working in buildings, driving in the car, wearing rubber soles, etc.

Happy Feets with Nikken magnetic insoles.

Customers often ask if magnetic insoles work and what they do. What I can tell you is that my feet feel greatwhen my mSteps are in my shoes and I notice when they are missing. The best answer I get from my customers who use one of these magnetic insoles is that their feet feel good. I can be on my feet for 8 or more hours without any problems without feeling heavy or tired.

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