What are magnetic patches

A magnetic patch is a patch or tape that is provided with permanent magnets. The permanent magnets generate a permanent magnetic field. Nikken’s magnetic patches use permanent magnets that create a unique, three-dimensional magnetic field for more work in depth (and not just superficial).

Like “Acupuncture without Needles”

For which areas do I use magnetic patches?

Magnetic patches are very popular to support various challenges.
According to the “Deutsche-Apotheker-Zeitung”, an estimated 85 of all people suffer from discomfort in their backs at some point in their lives, and according to a recent American study, three-quarters of the affected people who see a doctor for this malaise have already had their symptoms for more than a year.

Often the offers of relief are unsatisfactory, so that more and more people are dealing with alternative solutions.

Especially in the area of the back, the motives can be manifold.

Above all, it is always recommended to drink a lot of water in a supportive way.

Water? Yes, exactly. You may have expected something different as the first solution, but water is extremely important as an accompanying step.

Why is water so important (see blog post “Our Back”) ?

Water is important not only for the back, but for our entire body.

Our water balance is directly related to our intervertebral discs.

Dehydration or a persistent lack of water can have a direct impact on our backs. Muscles canalso harden if they are not supplied with sufficient water.

A hardening on the back is usually always very unpleasant. Therefore, it is recommended, no matter what challenges, to look at how much pure water our body gets every day.
In addition to the water, you can also support your body with the energy of the magnets.

Magnets have a wide range of applications:

for challenges on joints, head, bronchi, abdomen, back, neck, ears, general nt tension, etc. …
Wherever you want more balance and well-being, the magnetic patches can be used. Very handy especially if you want to have them at a certain point and a large magnettaler is too uncomfortable. For example, that face, neck, hands and smaller areas of the body.

Magnets with unique technology

There are many magnetic patches. In America and Asia, they have been an integral part of the world for a long time. A big plus of Nikken’s magnetic patches is the unique magnetic technology. The Dynaflux technology is able to create a three-dimensional magnetic field and thus support you in depth.

Why Nikken magnetic patches?

  • Punctual supply directly at the origin
  • Good skin compatibility
  • inconspicuous and small
  • easy handling
  • skin-coloured
  • Waterproof
  • practical storage box for magnets and patches
  • well transportable and light
  • unique Dynaflux technology
  • 750 Gauss each
  • leading the research in magnetic technologies for 45 years
  • The Nikken Kenko PowerMini (magnetic patch) is in a pack of 12 magnets with 24 self-adhesive patches. The shell is very practical for transport and they are not lost. The magnetic units can be reused as often as desired without loss of function.

My tip: If the patches are too small or used up, we use tape tape to stick them.

What confuses our physical balance?

Stress, physical and mental, as well as our diet are the main reasons.

Problems with sleep, skin, immune system, stomach and intestines, cardiovascular, head, energylessness, fatigue, mood,and so on usually all have the same origin: (continued) Stress and no balanced diet.

How can we support our body and mind?

In order to give the body again energies, to come to rest and to balance itself again, we can supply it with the energy of the magnets.

Depending on the product, we give it as:

Magnets can support you in well-being

Magnetic patches have no magic effect. Magnets help your body get back in balance. The magnetic patches can help our body quickly have more energy available.
We are not getting stronger. The magnets have a balancing result on the bodyso that each individual cell can function optimally.

Where do I use the magnetic patch?

The field of application for magnetic patches is manifold.
Glue the magnetic patch to the appropriate place and it will support you by itself.

If the magnte pflaster is too small for you, we have another alternative: the PowerMini still has a big brother: the PowerChip, that’s our bigger magnettaler.


Since we are not doctors, we are not allowed to make medical statements or medical statements. We are not allowed to say that magnetic patches could be used to treat pain or disease. Please talk about it with your doctor.

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