More quality of life with pure, lively water

Living water

Why is water so important to us?
Why isn’t every water optimal for us?
Water helps you lose weight.

The topic of water is far-reaching and infinitely interesting. We are trying to bring you closer to the water area in a clear and understandable way and hope to arouse your curiosity and encourage you to do something good for your body.

The water is “good” for us, is obvious:
– it quenches thirst
– it is low in calories
– it is sugar-free
– it keeps you, your body and mind fit.

Water is our base.

In many physical processes, water influences us.
For example:
– when sleeping
– at work
– in sport
– in our diet
.. just everywhere.

And there are more reasons to drink filtered, clean water.

Background knowledge water:

Water has a high binding energy. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to create large molecular chains.
You know these molecular chains under the name water clusters. How large these clusters are depends on the temperature and the dissolved ingredients such as environmental toxins, salt, lead, bacteria, germs, chlorine, etc. ( .. yes, you read correctly! That and much more is in our tap water!)
The more substances from the water are added and dissolved, the more disorderly the cluster patterns become.

Exciting to know:

So when you filter your water, you filter out the ingredients. So far so good. BUT: Water has a memory – it is an information carrier. The water is now clean but the molecular chains/clusters are still the same as before. The (pollutant) information is still present in the water.

In order for our body to be able to use the water optimally (more on this at the bottom of the text), we need clean water AND water that is broken down into finely ordered, small clusters.

Mother nature shows us: The key to this is a turbulence.
Flowing spring water, streams and rivers have natural turbulences, thus dissolving large clusters and deleting the pollutant information. The clusters are arranged by themselves into fine, small new clusters. The result is delicious: water with small clusters tastes soft and “natural” and without you not realising a documented, blunt film. It is much easier to drink.

This very fine structure of the water molecules is largely lost when water is treated or pressure is exposed (as in the case of bottling).


Why can we use water well only with small clusters?

It is now clear that we all want to erase the negative pollutant content.
Small clusters are important because they get into your cells much faster, so you can power even faster and your cells can do their job.
Water regulates all functions of the organism, e.g. body structure, metabolism, digestion, cardiovascular and much more.

Many small clusters together result in a larger surface area than a large cluster. This allows your body to absorb and remove (deposited) pollutants faster and better. The water is also responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients from A to B and also transporting (poisonous) substances to the excretory organs.

So if you drink live, highly structured water, your body can use it more easily.

The optimal water quality

Not only the amount of water you should drink daily is important, but also the water quality. In order to be able to perform its tasks in the body, water should be clean and pollutant-free, full of energy and enriched with few minerals and have good information.

Too often purchased water is treated and preserved. Either this is done by carbon ACID or by the addition of ozone (transparent gas). The water is no longer alive after that. It’s “dead.” All information is deleted.

Thanks to very good water filters and water swirlers, we are now able to produce excellent and healthy water ourselves.
It is also cheaper than what was bought. To understand this, I have put you an invoice based on current prices and available products ( as of 04.10.2018)
According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, tap water prices are 0.2ct per litre (in Germany).

Cost example water:

The calculation is based on a family of 4 people who drink 2 litres of water per day per head.

Expenditure is, of course, higher in the first year due to the purchase of the filters. But look for yourself, even including these costs, you save money.

Upfront information:
The filters should be changed every 3 months.
Mineral stones and ring 1x a year.

Costs in the subscription (delivery once a year or quarter):
Mineral Stones: € 29,70
Filter: € 35,11
Ring: € 55,80

Expenditure 1st year:
Water filter incl. Filters and mineral stones: € 305,-
Water bubble incl. Ring: € 208,-
3x Filter: € 105,33
makes together: € 618,33

0.2 ct x 8 litres = 1.6ct / day
1.6 ct x 365 days = 5.84 € / year

€ 618.33 + € 5.84 = € 624.17 : 365 days = € 1.71
€ 1.71: 8 litres = 21 ct per 1 litre of water

The following year
4 x Filter: € 140,44
1 ring: € 55,80
1 x stones: € 29,70
makes together: € 225,94 per year

0.2 ct x 8 litres = 1.6 ct / day
1.6 ct x 365 days = 5.84 € / year

€ 225.94 + € 5.84 = € 231.79 : 365 = € 0.64
€ 0.64€ : 8 litres = 8 ct per 1 litre of water


Total costs in the first year: € 624.17 or per litre: 21 ct.
Costs in subsequent years: € 231.79 or per litre: 8 ct
The result is pure, filtered and finely clustered water.

Compared to water from the supermarket:
Costs stood October 2018
Manufacturer Vi.: approx. 60 ct / litre (medium class)
Discounter water approx. 13 ct / litre (cheap water)

Disadvantages of bottled water:

– it is unfiltered
– dead
– treated
– mostly in plastic bottles
– and must still be worn

also here we give you 2 bills on the way, again with a 4 head family. Once a very cheap water of a discounter and once a middle class water.

13 ct x 8liter = 1.04€ per day
€1.04 x €365 = €379.60 per year

€0.60 x 8 = €4.80 per day
4.8 € x 365 = € 1752 (!) per year

Your savings are therefore at least in the 2nd and subsequent years. 148,-€ or 1521,-(and more! Depending on what water you normally buy)

The water comparison is quite clear.

in the first year of purchase, the water is minimally more expensive compared to the discounter ( € 0.13 to
€ 0.21 but also healthy, clean and lively) and in the 2nd year you can see clear differences:
The annual cost of supermarket water varies at least. between approx. 380 or 1752 € (and upwards) whereby the filtered water from home costs about 232,-. So even there again significantly cheaper than to the discounter. But i find it difficult to compare a high-quality water to a cheap product.

In addition, we facilitate the environment / roads and do not support the water industry in this way. We have it at our disposal for 24 hours and do something really good for our body.

Good to know:

Toxins are excreted via intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin and this is only possible in combination with water. Of course, we also lose water as a result. For your organs to do a good job, you should replace your natural fluid loss with drinking.


Water is the carrier of all mental and physical functions. Basically, it acts as a means of cleaning, solution, transport.
All metabolic processes in the body can only take place with the help of water.
To do this, you need clean, filtered and vibrant water.

Give yourself something good, invest in yourself and give your body the water it needs to keep you alive and full of energy.

In the sense: Cheers!

Products in the sample invoice:
Water filter Waterfall from NIKKEN
as well as their PiMag Optimiser


Right in the picture: water filter / water bottle to go

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