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My experience with magnetic products in children and during pregnancy

When I became a mother, it was a matter of course for us that our son would also enjoy the sleeping system from the very beginning. We had a little cradle for him at the beginning. The Nikken sleep system is available in many sizes but in very mini there was not yet ;-) So we have a mattress that we had left, appropriately cut.

From his first day at home, he slept in the cradle or in our bed on the mattress of NIKKEN. From the beginning, it was surrounded by the magnetic products. Our son has always slept well and especially for a long time. We never had a topic with sleep, even with our 2nd child.


There was the filtered water in the vial.

When they both got their first shoes, other Nikken products moved into their lives and their first magnetic soles were added to Gr. 19-21 cropped :-) Mini small, totally sweet and 100 grounded.

My older son was a little older than 1 year when he started walking free and alone. In the spring, he scuritmed through our garden over our hill. He fell and fell very unhappy. Since he could no longer perform, we went to the hospital. According to the X-rays, no clear fracture was detected. However, the doctor wanted to gips the leg.

We were not particularly pleased about this. We had no clear result, a break was ruled out. Maybe a crack/a fracture.

His 2nd suggestion was that we could try to keep the leg calm, but with a 1-year-old child he did not see it as a success.

We know our son and everything in me resisted this plaster. That would mean that after weeks he could only run again when he had just started. We refused, put the Super Mini in our sock at home and occupied him for almost 3 days with a lot of reading, cuddling and walking in the buggy – all accompanied by the Super Mini in the stocking.

On the 3rd day it grabbed our son and he really wanted to move. He actually drove Bobbycar. We had an unbelievably bad conscience: we had to keep him quiet for weeks. But he drove without pain and rolled off his foot as normal. (as normal as it is for a beginner in the race). Nevertheless, we went to our friendly orthopedist, who confirmed to us that such young children would have a very natural feeling and if there was still any impairment there, he would not drive Bobbycar. He was quite amazed that his accident was only 3 days ago. We too, but from the day on I had had another beautiful experience with magnetic products.

Furthermore, the Magflex helped me wonderfully with my constant back pain during the pregnancy and she was my constant companion after the births.

I had 2 unplanned caesarean sections, each with a gr. Scar as a reminder. The MagFlex helped me to make the wound healing extremely fast and that I was able to go to the hospital again the next day.

During my pregnancy I use the insoles every day and of course I still slept on the mattress. For me, it was a boon. (Nikken recommends that the products should not be used during pregnancy due to the magnets).

Another “favourite product” for my children is the scarf. Whenever a cold crept in with a cough, I wrapped my children’s neck and chest with it. A long-range infrared thread is spun in the scarf, reflecting the body’s warmth. This helped incredibly well that they recovered quickly.

Nikken’s wide range of products has been with my children for 14 years now. For them, they are “anyway” products. It is normal for them to lie on the requirement to have the soles in their shoes, to drink the water and also to use the MagFlex or the sleep mask on occasion. The powerchip always sticks to the refrigerator at hand, in case anyone has something. Especially due to sports-related injuries, which unfortunately now sometimes arise, the combination powerchip with a bandage has become a good support for them.

Our children are healthy almost all year round and sneak in a (sports) injury, we have natural remedies at hand that allow us to recover quickly.

What experience have you or your children had with NIKKEN products?

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