NIKKEN Back Strap

KenkoTherm ® Back Strap
Warmth and support for your back

• Adapts to the body shape of the back
• Optimal combination of support and flexibility
• Hand Washable
• Flexible Adjustable Velcro

NIKKEN KenkoTherm ® Back Strap

The KenkoTherm ® back strap adapts to the body shape and with its special technologies ensures pleasant warmth and natural comfort whenever you need it most. Thanks to the secure, adjustable closure, it always offers the right level of support and flexibility for your back.

The back strap can be used either alone or together with the MagFlex ® and can contribute to the alleviation of discomfort with the exclusive natural technologies of Nikken.

Technology: Magnetic Technology
Sizes: It is available in different sizes. Talk to us.

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