KENZEN ™ Cleanse

Kenzen ™ Cleanse is based on a mixture of 100% organically grown ingredients that can help support and maintain a normal liver and digestive function.

In addition, the combination of ingredients can have a positive effect on weight management.

Kenzen ™ Cleanse contains roasted BioZichorienwurzel and Marie Thistle extract, extracts of turmeric (turmeric) and hare ears plant (Bupleurum) as well as Schizandra and Ashwaghanda. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Do not use when taking Gerinnungshemmern or antidiabetic drugs. Not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Kenzen ™ Cleanse holds: 90 Capsules (5.3 g). Three (3) capsules a day are recommended.

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