NIKKEN Body Lotion true Elements ®

Moisturizing Body Lotion
Nourishing Care for Radiant skin

• Shea butter, seaweed extracts and palm kernel oil nourish the skin intensively
• Laminaria (Fingertang) ensures a fresh appearance of the skin and an increased moisture content
PH-neutral to protect the skin
• Non-greasy – you can put on the skin right after applying the cream

The non-fatty, nourishing body lotion with organic marine plants and shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin and provides the upper layers of the skin with moisture. Ulva algae support the improvement of the clamping force of the tissue. The body lotion contributes to a radiant skin and leaves an invisible, moisturizing protective film on the skin.

Filling Quantity: 200ml

True Elements ® Skincare series/skin care from NIKKEN.

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