NIKKENs mStrides

New, improved version with our Advanced DynaFlux ® technology
Exclusive DynaFlux ® Magnetic voltage technology with 800 – 1,000 Gauss
• Durable, light and air-permeable materials
The Nikken mStrides represent our latest innovation in a product range that goes back to our 1975 introduced KenkoInsoles ®. They take advantage of the Advanced DynaFlux ® magnetic technology, which increases the field complexity through opposite polarities. In addition, they offer a certain amount of dynamic field variability, which is due to the fact that each magnet has a precise controlled freedom of movement at every step that you make.
In motion, DynaFlux ® magnetic technology generates an active or dynamic magnetic field with 100% magnetic coverage and a greater depth effect.
In order to benefit from the positive effects of mStrides, you carefully cut them into your shoes and put them into your boots-and you can go!

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Kenko MSteps ® by NIKKEN

With DynaFlux ® technology
• Exclusive 900-Gauss DynaFlux Magnet Technology
• Nikken Massage Effect
These unique inlays with stimulating massage knobs and Nikken DynaFlux ® Magnettechnolgie offer extraordinary comfort and act like a magnetic field generator inside your shoe. As you go, the Integrated DynaFlux ® components change their position and generate a dynamic energy field. The specific arrangement creates multiple angles that achieve a complete magnetic coverage.

The special surface of the mSteps creates the refreshing feeling of a foot massage. The mSteps are comfortable and flexible, but stable and durable.

The MStrides and the mSteps are available for men and women:
Sizes: Suitable size to be cut.
Ladies Sizes S (35 – 40)
Men Sizes L (40 – 46.5)

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