KenkoDream ® quilt

The ideal blanket for all seasons
• Contributes to temperature regulation
Increases the feeling of wellbeing
• Inner and outer cover of breathable natural fibres
· Ecologically harmless materials suitable for people with allergies
Machine washable

Blanket of NIKKEN.

NIKKEN Blanket Optimum temperature for sleep

The KenkoDream ® blanket is made of heat-reflecting ceramic fibres and has a natural, antibacterial and breathable cotton cover. Thus the KenkoDream ® blanket offers a relaxing sleeping environment and supports the restful sleep that our body needs.

The magnetic configuration inside the quilt complements the magnetic field of the Kenkopad ® optimally. Your body is completely surrounded by an energy field.

The Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® and the Naturalest ® Pillows offer the ideal complement to the KenkoDream ® blanket.
The KenkoDream ® blanket is available in various sizes-even in overlength. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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FAQ about the NIKKEN quilt:

What is RAM ™ technology in the quilt?

Our RAM ™ (radial axis magnetism) technology uses small magnetic spheres that generate a series of overlapping magnetic fields. This means that the field lines or field energy include every object within range. Regardless of how you are positioned in this magnetic field or how you move in it, the magnetic cocoon always remains intact.

Can I have the covers washed or cleaned?

To remove stains, use a mixture of water and vinegar, a mixture of water and baking soda or, for stubborn organic stains, a stain remover with enzymes. For larger wet stains, such as B. Urine, it is recommended to dab off as much liquid as possible. Then add baking soda to the wet stain to absorb more liquid. Then let the area dry. Then vacuum up the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner and treat the stain with vinegar water to neutralize the ammonia contained in the urine. Then let the stain dry again. There are also numerous biological stain removers on the market. Since Nikken's Naturest® products are made of natural materials, we do not recommend the use of chemical cleaning agents.

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