NIKKEN KenkoSeat ® II

KenkoSeat ® II
Powerful magnetic energy while sitting

Exclusive SpyderRAM ™ Magnet Technology
• High-density massage knobs for superior supporting comfort
• Natural latex Base
. Durable and breathable external cover
• With TriPhase ® technology
• Elastic Strap for secure hold

The KenkoSeat ® II is ideal for the office or at home and offers you the opportunity to benefit directly from our magnetic technologies. The KenkoSeat ® has a similar structure to the Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® and has a soft, durable and breathable polyester cover as well as a naturally anti-bacterial latex base.
The result is a stylish seat pad that provides comfort and ideal support.

Within the new SpyderRAM magnet configuration A number of larger spherical magnets rest in a flexible, net-like matrix. SpyderRAM Magnetic technology is based on the original RAM ™ magnetic disc, but the individual magnets are spread out in a shielded arrangement. Just as in the original Ram arrangement, the magnetic axes of the individual magnets are offset against each other in order to achieve a overlapping of the adjacent magnetic fields. Each SpyderRAM magnetic socket has an attachment on the inside, which, according to the key-lock principle, fits into a cavity in the magnetic surface and fixes the magnet in a precise angle. The magnetic balls are embedded in a special version made of silicone in medical quality, which is extremely flexible and allows for slight shifts of the spherical magnetic nodes in response to movements of the body. The use of a “spider web” configuration instead of a configuration within a disk ensures that the combination of overlapping magnetic fields extends over a larger surface. This ensures a 100% magnetic cover.

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seat Pad by NIKKEN

SpyderRAM magnetic units are especially suitable for utility articles in which they are inflated near the surface – the field strength achieved with them is comparable to the field strength of a Naturest ® product!

In addition to SpyderRAM technology, the latex base is another product advantage – it has antimicrobial as well as hypoallergenic properties and prevents dust mite activity. Due to its open cell structure, Latex has a natural self-ventilation system that prevents moisture from accumulating. The latex-reinforced foam tips of the upholstery provide the same massage effect that the Nikken sleep system offers.

Dimensions: 105 cm x 47 cm (H x W)
Magnetic Strength: 800 – 1,000 Gauss

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