The MagBoy was one of the most famous and popular products of Nikken and is known for its positive qualities. The MagDuo has replaced the MagBoy. The new MagDuo could improve the characteristics of its predecessor, incorporating the more advanced technology.

The MagBoy: A special massage roller or magnetic roller from NIKKEN.

Magnetic energy for your well-being.

Nikken Magboy and the Emotion code

A book by Dr. Bradley Nelson entitled The Emotion Code explains how magnets can be used to unleash “trapped emotions” or the emotional baggage that causes misfortune in our lives.

What is a MagBoy used for?

This is what the MagBoy can be used for.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the MagBoy can be used not only for releasing something he describes as “trapped emotions,” or emotional energies that have become trapped in the body but can also be used to relieve discomfort in many cases. The MagBoy is also used as a magnetic roller to reduce stress and help to support the body with more energy.

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