Features and benefits

• Flexible support and soothing comfort for the lower back section
• Exclusive Nikken DynaFlux ® technology enables deeper penetration of natural energy
• Uniform, active magnetic field across the entire surface
• Lightweight, slender contour support – for comfort throughout the day, sitting and standing
• Durable flexible – for optimal freedom of movement
• Fresh comfort through perforated surface for comfortable breathability
• For practical combination with the KenkoTherm ® back strap For additional support of the lower back section

Who hasn’t suffered from a tense back in his life?

The supply of pleasant warmth, which exerts a soothing and relaxing effect on tense or strained muscles, has always proved itself. But the Kenko MagFlex ™ can do far more than that – it not only provides a continuous source of pleasant warmth, but also offers flexible support for the lower back section, as well as a magnetic field with deep effect.

The Kenko MagFlex ™ is the only back support in which DynaFlux ® magnetic technology uses the world’s most advanced magnetic technology, which is exclusively offered by Nikken. It ensures a constant, dynamic magnetic field across the entire surface as well as a higher, more effective penetration depth of this natural energy.

The Kenko MagFlex ™ is the only back support.

Flex by NIKKEN

The product comes completely without moving parts and power supply. Rather, the Kenko MagFlex ™ reinforces the effect of a series of combined magnetic fields by the ingenious arrangement of several single magnets, within which the same magnetic poles meet in several places (negative on negative, positive on positive ).

In addition, the Kenko MagFlex ™ makes use of the movement of the surface it is applied to, because this causes a slight tweaking of the opposite magnets, which results in polar shifts a dynamic, three-dimensional energy field Cause.

Whether you are sitting or standing during the day, you will find that the lightweight, slender contour pad is extremely comfortable to wear. It even has ventilation openings for comfortable breathability.

The Kenko MagFlex ™ has been designed so that it can be combined with the KenkoTherm ® back strap of Nikken – it fits perfectly into the small pocket of the back strap, which is designed precisely for this purpose. Although KenkoTherm ® back strap and Kenko MagFlex ™ can be used separately, these two unique products combine to provide a remarkably high level of soothing energy and support for the lower back.

Size: 18.86 cm x 14.45 cm

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