Naturest ® Magnetic Pillows

The ideal supplement for your sleep cocoon
• Revolutionary RAM ™ technology (radial-axis magnetism)
Supports correct spinal alignment
· Latex filling material suitable for allergy sufferers whose filling volume can be adjusted individually
· Natural, ecologically harmless materials that are suitable for allergy sufferers and comply with fire safety standards without the use of inhibitors or chemicals
-Breathable cover of natural fibres

The pillow of NIKKEN

The NIKKEN cushion to support a natural sleeping position

The filling material of the Naturalest ® pillow consists of naturally fixed latex flakes, which ensure that the pillow retains its shape. In addition, the filling volume is individually adjustable by removing filling material. A specially shaped headrest inside ensures the best and most comfortable position of the head, neck and spine. The unique ventilation and temperature regulation of the natural fiber reference from bamboo and cotton fibres ensures that the pillow remains pleasantly cool.

Deep, restful sleep

What makes the Naturalest ® pillow really different from other pillows is the innovative Ram ™ technology from Nikken. They sleep deep as the brain regenerates and supplies them with new energy for the coming day. The pillow is easy to transport and you can also take advantage of the benefits of relaxing natural magnet technology when travelling. Use the Naturalest ® pillow alone or – to maximise the benefits of your sleeping environment – in combination with the KenkoDream ® blanket and the Naturalest ® Kenkopad ®.
The Naturalest ® Kenkopad ®, the NIKKEN sleep Mask and the KenkoDream ® blanket offer the ideal complement to the Naturalest ® pillow.

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FAQ about the NIKKEN magnetic Pillow:

How many magnets are there in the Naturest® pillow?

There are three RAM ™ magnetic disks in the pillow.

What is a RAM ™ magnetic disk?

RAM ™ technology is a revolutionary step in the application of magnetism due to its radial-axis magnetic action. The patent-pending design of the RAM ™ magnetic disk is based on the circular arrangement of spherical 3,200 Gauss neodymium magnets. Each individual magnet within the group is positioned so that its axis between the plus and minus poles is rotated by 60 degrees to that of the adjacent magnet. This generates a series of overlapping magnetic fields that extend over 360 degrees in three dimensions. These magnetic disks were integrated at strategic points so that they match the acupuncture meridians. Each RAM ™ magnetic disc has a diameter of approximately 3 cm. It contains six spherical neodymium magnets with a strength of 3,200 gauss and has three small holes in the middle. The use of six magnets maintains the symmetry of a complete circle (360 degrees) - the concept on which the patent is based. For the magnets in the disc, the plus-minus axis is rotated by 60 degrees to that of the neighboring magnet: 0 (360) degrees, 60 degrees, 120 degrees, 180 degrees, 240 degrees, 300 degrees.