Naturest ® Kenkopad ®

Turn your traditional mattress into the ideal sleeping environment
· Latex pad Suitable for allergy sufferers, which adapts to the contours of the body for optimal support comfort
· Non-allergenic latex from ecologically harmless and renewable sources
• Pimples with reinforced tips act gently stimulating like a massage
• Latex transports moisture and improves ventilation
• Natural materials that conform to fire safety standards without the use of inhibitors or chemicals

Healthy, relaxed sleep.

Innovative Relaxation Technology

The Nikken Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® is a latex pad whose surface has an “egg carton” structure with reinforced tips. This surface provides a relaxing massage effect while allowing the air circulation and the dissipation of perspiration. Pressure points are avoided – for ideal sleeping comfort. The circulation is also naturally hygienic, since latex has inherently antimicrobial properties and is resistant to dust mites.
By using the unique magnetic configurations of Nikken RAM ™ technology, the Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® generates a specially developed magnetic field that promotes relaxation and sleep quality.
Natural, renewable materials
The Naturalest ® Kenkopad ® consists of a latex mixture suitable for allergy sufferers. The upholstery is a fabric made of natural cotton from renewable sources, wool and bamboo fibres that were produced without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It supports the discharge of moisture and provides improved ventilation for a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment.

The Naturalest ® Kenkopad ®, the Naturalest ® Pillow and the KenkoDream ® blanket complement each other and offer you the ideal environment for relaxed, restful sleep.

The Naturest ® Kenkopad ® is available in many different sizes. Please talk to us about it. We are happy to help.

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FAQ about the magnetic pad by NIKKEN:

What materials is the Naturest® Kenkopad® ?️ made of?

The Naturest® Kenkopad® consists of natural Dunlop latex, certified organic cotton, bamboo, and wool. Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).

What properties and advantages does natural latex have over Rubberthane foam?

It offers excellent breathability. The temperature and moisture balance are well regulated and the Kenkopad® always stays fresh and dry. Latex foam is highly elastic and offers optimal elasticity and support on the entire sleeping surface of pillows and mattress pads. It is characterized by many years of comfort, regardless of your body weight, your stature or your height. The special comfort is that latex adapts to the contours of your body and allows the body to take a natural position during sleep. The natural curvature of the back and spine is gently supported, which ensures a more relaxing sleeping position.

How many magnets ? are in the Kenkopad®?

Sizes from 74 x 185 cm to 90 x 200 cm: 13 RAM ™ magnetic disks. Sizes from 100 x 200 cm to 140 x 200 cm: 19 RAM ™ magnetic disks. Sizes from 160 x 200 cm to 180 x 200 cm: 26 RAM ™ magnetic disks. The pattern has a RAM ™ magnetic disc.

Are there tests that prove the durability and longevity of the Naturest® Kenkopad® when used continuously?

The Naturest® Kenkopad® was subjected to durability tests during its development. In comparison to polyurethane foam, natural latex is inherently hard-wearing and, moreover, shows less tendency to sag or compress under pressure. No other foam can offer such a resilient and consistently supportive base material.

Is the new Nikken Naturest® Kenkopad® organic certified?

Even if numerous suppliers advertise organic latex / organic latex, there is currently no official organization (such as ECOCERT or USDA) that can bio-certify latex.

I would like to place my Naturest® Kenkopad® on my KenkoDream® Deluxe mattress. Do I increase the magnetic effect by combining the magnets of the mattress and the mattress pad? Do I get too much magnetic energy?

The Naturest® Kenkopad® can be placed directly on the KenkoDream® Deluxe mattress. The Gaussian strength of a magnet is inversely proportional to its distance. This means that the greater the distance to the magnet, the lower the magnetic energy. The Naturest® Kenkopad® is 7.5 cm thick. Then there is also the mattress cover, the bed sheet and the pajamas in between - the distance to the dipole magnets in the KenkoDream® Deluxe mattress is so great that the effect of the magnets in the mattress is minimal.

Why natural latex?

As already mentioned, no other foam can offer such a resilient and consistently supportive base material. We have tried all sorts of materials, but there is simply no substitute for what nature offers us and which also lasts. Natural latex contains no petroleum distillates, is a renewable raw material and thus makes a positive contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem.