PiMag MicroJet® hand shower: The filter should be changed every 18,930 litres or every three months (with average use).
When changing the filter, please make sure that you do not screw the effervescent too tightly after inserting the filter.
Order number: 1342

Replacement parts/accessories for the PiMag shower head from NIKKEN

You can order the following spare parts at (shop).
Autoship – order regularly at a discounted price.
We know how much value our customers attach to eating well every month. and to provide them with good water. Therefore, you can order Nikken consumables directly to your home via an automatic delivery service! With autoship you have the opportunity to buy these products at a lower price. Of course, the ordering program is completely flexible, i.e. you can change your permanent order at any time as required.
If you would like to have an autoship set up, please contact us.

Order the replacement cartridge for the NIKKEN shower head now

Order the barley grass powder safely and directly from NIKKEN

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