When does the filter or the NIKKEN water filter cartridge and the mineral stones have to be changed?
After 90 days or 900 litres (whichever is earlier), the filter cartridge is changed.
The mineral stones once a year.

Instructions for changing filters: or first use of the cartridge from NIKKEN

1. Remove the packaging from the filter insert. Remove the cap of the filter insert and set it aside. Remove all 5 pre-filter pads (white) .
2. Place the filter cartridge upright with the top facing upwards in an empty vessel (pot or jug). Fill the vessel slowly with cold water. IMPORTANT: Do not use hot water. Do not use soap or detergent to clean the filter cartridge. • Fill the vessel to just below the top edge of the filter cartridge. Be careful not to pour too much water. The top of the filter cartridge must not be covered by water. • Also place the 5 pre-filter pads in the vessel. Soak all pads and filter cartridge for at least eight hours.
(best overnight) Drain water if the water level in the vessel drops. Make sure that
the top of the filter cartridge does not dip into the water – this could affect the filter function.
3. After watering the components, reassemble the filter cartridge. Remove all 5 pre-filter
elements, express them individually under water to remove air bubbles. Set the 5 pre-filter pads
and the filter cap reassembles. Place the composite filter column in the Waterfall unit.
4. Remove the cover (small grey lid) from the top of the Waterfall tank and fill the
Filter system with cold water. Pull the lever of the tap outwards until it is in the open position for draining water. • Fill the system twice when the tap is open and let the water pass through completely.

Resistance of the filter cartridge

The resistance of the filter cartridge may vary depending on usage and water quality. Some filters turn brown, yellow or gray. Others have stones, glibbers and other deposits, after some filtration processes, in the upper container. Doesn’t sound delicious and that’s why we should definitely filter the seemingly clear tap water. Discoloration and pollution failures vary depending on the country and area.
It is recommended to replace the mineral stones at least once a year.

Replacement parts/accessories: from NIKKEN

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