NIKKEN Sleep Mask

Kenko PowerSleep ® Sleep Mask

Perfect relaxation for a restful sleep
• Ergonomically shaped and made of soft breathable fabric-for comfort even over several hours
Small, compact and lightweight-with practical protective bag for on the go
• DynaFlux ® Magnetic Technology increases the effectiveness of the Natural energy field
• DynaFlux ® magnetic technology ensures a higher penetration depth of the magnetic energy
• Ceramic fibres offer gentle warmth and natural temperature regulation

Healthy, restful sleep with the magnetic sleep mask of NIKKEN.

Innovative Relaxation Technology

Innovative Energy Technology
The main advantage of the Kenko PowerSleep ® Sleep Mask is that the innovative energy technologies of Nikken can act directly on the head and on the eyes in a comfortable and practical way. Often the eye area is affected by stress and tension, which can lead to premature skin ageing and wrinkles. With DynaFlux ® magnet technology, the Kenko PowerSleep ® Sleep Mask contributes to calming the mind and thus ensures a deeper feeling of relaxation.

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