NIKKEN Nourishing Face cream true Elements ®

Nourishing Face Cream
Rich formulation of natural ingredients for intensive care of your skin

• Contains shea butter, sunflower oil and trace elements – all natural ingredients
• Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes the skin
PH-neutral to protect the skin
• Aloe Vera soothes and supports the restoration of suppleness

The nourishing face cream provides intensive moisturizing and helps to protect your skin and reduce premature skin aging. The formulation of shea butter and marine minerals supports the skin in its function as a protective barrier and nourishes by moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid serves as a moisture reservoir – for a fresh and supple appearance of the skin throughout the day.

Filling Quantity: 50 ml

True Elements ® Skincare series/skin care from NIKKEN.

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