Assembly instruction NIKKEN Water Filter

Here you will find a guide to how to assemble or build up the NIKKEN Waterfall water filter.

Compare the components of your PiMag Waterfall® gravity water system with the component graph before assemly, to ensure that all components are present. A recording of all the components can be found at the bottom of the picture.

Step 1:

Wash the filling tank (E), the dispenser tank cover (F) and the dispenser tank (G) with water and mild detergent or soap.

IMPORTANT: Do not use a scrubbing sponge or paper towels to wash. Rinse both tanks thoroughly. • Place the dispenser tank on the socket (H). • Remove the mineral stones from the packaging and place them in the dispenser tank after thorough rinsing under running water.

IMPORTANT: Do not place the mineral stones in the round recess in the middle of the dispenser tank. The filter column is inserted into this recess. The tap (I) is completely assembled and delivered mounted on the tank.

Step 2:

Set the dispenser tank cover (F) on the dispenser tank. Insert the filling tank (E) on the dispenser tank cover.

Step 3:

Remove the packaging from the filter insert (B, C, D). Remove the cap of the filter insert and set it aside. Remove all 5 pre-filter pads (C).

Step 4:

Place the filter cartridge upright with the top facing up in an empty container (pot or jug). Now slowly fill the vessel with cold water.

IMPORTANT: Do not use hot water. Do not use soap or detergent to clean the filter cartridge.

  • Fill the vessel just below the top of the filter cartridge. Be careful not to pour too much water. The top of the filter cartridge must not be covered by water.
  • Add the 5 pre-filter pads to the vessel as well. Soak all pads and the filter cartridge for at least eight hours. Pour water if the water level in the vessel drops. Make sure that the top of the filter cartridge does not dip into the water – this could affect the filter function.

Step 5:

After watering the components, reassemble the filter cartridge. Remove all 5 pre-filter elements, press them individually under water to remove air bubbles. Reassemble the 5 pre-filter pads and the filter cap. Place the composite filter column in the Waterfall unit.

Step 6:

. Remove the cover (A) from the top of the Waterfall tank and fill the filter system with cold water. Pull the tap lever outwards until it is in the open position to drain water.

• Fill the system twice when the tap is open and let the water pass through completely.

Components of the NIKKEN water filter / Waterfall:

Filling the NIKKEN water filter:

Do not overfill the water filter. If the lower (donor) tank is half filled, the upper (filling) tank should not be filled more than half. Overfilling of the tank may cause the device to overflow

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