NIKKEN PowerChip ®

Versatile, portable, magnetic energy
-Unique DynaFlux ® magnetic technology for 100% magnetic cover · Compact size – fits in any pocket and handbag

-Durable, durable construction with corrosion-resistant outer covering made of plastic

In the PowerChip ®, the Advanced DynaFlux ® magnetic technology from Nikken is used, which makes use of the complexity of magnetic voltage fields in order to ensure a maximised depth of field or penetration depth of the magnetic energy. The PowerChip ® can either be worn as a pendant using the small eyelet or used for a specific energy effect in combination with our support bandages.

Size: Diameter 4 cm
3-Pack (black, green and red)

More energy and well-being.

PowerMini™ von NIKKEN

Instant magnetic Energy on the Go
• Exclusive DynaFlux ® magnet technology with 750 gauss
• Handy case for a complete set of 12 PowerMini ™ magnetic units with adhesive plasters
• Magnet units and adhesive plasters are waterproof
The new PowerMini ™ magnet units, the smallest magnet products from Nikken, can be installed almost anywhere on the skin. Using the patches, which are stored in a special case, you can attach the magnet units to the desired position and thus benefit from the Advanced DynaFlux ® energy even at the smallest and hard to reach places.
The Waterproof PowerMini ™ is so small that you can always carry it with you in your pocket or handbag, and the magnet units can be reused as often as you like without any loss of function.
Scope of delivery: 12 magnets and 24 round adhesive plasters
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